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Then I watched the entire episode raw, and I was bouncing of joy everywhere because I had guessed the right time theory since the beginning!!! I’m sure I’ll cry and scream but I’m really hoping this drama has a happy ending. Son Yoo has come to the prison and Young demands to know why he is here with Yuan soldiers in Goryeo territory. I love how they spy on them and giggle, so cute!! Hope everyone in this drama gets the award. If they included this scene, it would have rounded the story out so much better! Ki Chul takes this chance of close proximity and starts to freeze Young, declaring that he will take Young with him to see what is next after this world. Then, each time the portal opens, she goes in, pass by Seoul, and visit another time period.

Thanks very much for another wonderful recap, javabeans! Then, each time the portal opens, she goes in, pass by Seoul, and visit another time period. And god help me, Faith has created a hole in my heart that is hard to satisfy. And take your pledged baddies with you. Eum-ja and Young continue to fight and Young finally kills Eum-ja too. Ki Chul refuses and declares that they will go together. CY, go ask Inuyasha!!! The Daejang conversation interrupted kiss…maybe is the turning point…Then he even got shy when she asked him back if he came to see her.

Eunsoo’s future time travel, the heaven’s door, Young’s hand She is about to lie back down when she eoisode a loud banging outside. Young closes the door again and walks toward Eun-soo. Actually, I think it better we didn’t have a fight scene or something like this, because I surely did not want another epdraka scene like Joo-Seok’s one.

Mind vs Heart, Fatigue vs Duty. I went back to the first two episodes to see what she meant. Suribang sister says that they have to or else, Young is going to live the rest of his life like a ghost again.

He was worried Young would just be wandering around with his current mental state.


Recap: “Faith” Episode 24- FINAL

Young makes a stop to see the Suribang ajumma, who has also been working on finding an antidote. Imagine waiting and raith through the portal again and again in the hope of hitting the right time closer to where her beloved is.

The mysterious 3rd item; I am waiting, it had better be just what the doctor ordered. The sister picks up on jar and starts to say that this one gets rid of the pain. So Gongmin replies that he will question Deok Heung tomorrow early morning. Did he even shed a drop of spdrama Woman in red arrives. But now, my heart hurts the most for her.

A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Open Thread Open Eppdrama by mary. He is taking way their land and their slaves to build an army. Eun-soo is spared from answering by Lady Choi, who calls her aside. There was also a story of someone who lived thanks to her.

And his hand stopped shacking because his heart was finally at ease. It was around the time when she backhugged him and basically confessed how much she wants to be with him So this might have been the turning point. D7 7 days before portal opens she wakes up and gets kidnapped, CY epvrama suribang, they reports of hiding spot.

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To have faith that they would be together, they had faith that they would be together. Their love was never physical.

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That scene was really awesome. I too was doubting how the author would connect all the dots left in the last chapter, but she really wrapped all up. Song Ha Yoon Main Cast.

Waca October 23, at 4: We even confirmed that their captain is seriously wounded. Maybe it’s a side affect of his ki power like Ki Chul. After all, the young king already died when he’s not supposed to, and all the fancy x-men powers and time travel show we need not stick to history. I agree with you Joonni, that it is a form of epic-ness. Looking dangerously ill and psychotic, Ki Chul informs Eun-soo that the door is open.


And what does Eun Soo do when she wakes up at last? Historically Noguk died in childbirth, after which Gongmin basically went crazy. Thank you for accomplishing that! If not, can he kill him right away? In the past, there has been discussions about implied nights together. I’m so grateful to those episoode post the raw ep just 1 hr after korea’s telecast.

Recap: “Faith” Episode 21

There is a promise there. Me too October 29, at And best wishes to all who are dealing with Hurricane Sandy. Young turns around and slams his door open.

The ministers are fighting amongst themselves on whether it is wise epiode enlarge the military and take a stance against Yuan as Gongmin wants to do. Open all year round.

Inside the moving carriage, Eun-soo tells Ki Chul that while she is not completely certain, the notes left in the diary indicate that the portal to heaven has something to do with solar flares.

After Gongmin finishes his drawing, he sits with Young and asks about his talk with Ki Chul. Eun-soo once again counts to three as she watches Young walk away and at three, he turns around. Shi-wool and Deok-man report to Young that soldiers and informants are out following and looking for Eun-soo, her kidnappers, and the Woodalchi spy. Choong-suk offers to sends soldiers with him but Young declares he will go alone.