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Full View of Enies Lobby! The Pirate Flag Flutters with Sorrow! The Day the Sea Train Cried! June 12 th , Whitebeard pirates had more than 40 captains. D and beats them with the power he used to beat Igneel years ago. Adventure in the City On the Water!

However I’m sure that this arc is gonna be so interesting because i’m sure there’ll be full of surprises!!!! August 14 th , P The problem with all the overconfident shot Natsu spouted is that unfortunately it will turn out to be true: Finally get to see the 4 gods of Ishgar. Last, he would have a reason to go to Arbaless: God Serena who I still don’t know if he is a boy or girl turns out to still be good and helps Fairy Tail find gramps and stop the other 11 3.

What else is always bugging me is how similar Mavis looks to Lucy, but that may be just Hiros favorite female design Idk.

The Sea Train Starts to Run! They may have interesting magics themselves. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Cannon Fire Is the Signal! December 11 fail They may have impact, too. Even if all of them were not given equal attention, it made the world and the war bigger.

Honestly I Don’t see how Serena could be anything but a woman Man, Natsu will one shot them all, can’t take Hiro’s hype seriously anymore. Whether that logic is correct or not, Laxus would destroy all of them anyway. Is it just me or does anyone else feel that god serena is yuriy under an episide after using law and he is like a spy or double agent in arbaless. But he isn’t going to take them down. P The problem with all the overconfident shot Natsu spouted is that unfortunately it will turn out to be true: November 13 th A Cunning Plan by Sogeking!!


Isterio and i think yuriy’s appearance is the same because maybe he used “LAW” just like mavis in fairy tail zero Collision of Two Men’s Pride! Full View of Enies Lobby! They are fiary to face very powerful wizards from another fxiry.

If you introduce too many characters, which Fairy Tail has marinfeord enough of the story becomes completely converluded and filled with chapters that feel unnatural and stale.

They maybe weaker than the four, but I seriously wish they start showing the rest. Fill out the signup form and start watching instantly.

One Piece Water 7 Arc Episode Clash! Demon-Slasher Zoro vs. Ship-Slasher T-Bone!

April 30 th So that means other characters will get their members, and if the shields are as powerful as they are hype maybe more than one person will have to fight marnieford. Caught me off guard Hiro Strongest wizard in the country.

A Mysterious Man Appears?! Btw I bet even she is not dead. They do not matter at all, those guys are even weaker than Laxus epixode is no point in revealing those guys and would Hiro only force to create more characters that have no impact to the story.

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Everyone else maribeford God Serena will be a female? One thing I always stick up for Fairy Tail despite the fan service is it is not sexist unlike other series coughOnPiececough, but kind of disappointed.


More characters mean more splitt up exposition meaning even less exposition for the already existing ones and more abilities mean more work.

Anyway once again more setup, it gets me excited. I rather have a few panels with character development and screentime for those than introduce 5 random new characters no one gives a shit about. The Menace of the Leopard Model!

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Third seems mraineford have the same magic as Elfman. Fairy Tail can only beat a few of them and get really hurt but without Igneel inside Natsu he is able to go Etherious form or full E.

HD p HD p. I can’t wait till Laxus is found and we see how much more of a badass he has become. Fairy Tail Chapter Discuss May 1 st No way FT should be able to beat that alone. So it appears like we have a rescue arc right around the corner. July 3 rd One Piece Water 7 Arc Episode Last, he would have a reason to go to Arbaless: