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On getting the touchdown in the first few seconds Sena notices Hiruma on the opposite team. Retrieved from ” https: Sena gets past him using the Devil Bat Ghost, but Hiruma, who had been watching, tells Sena that it was not Kakei’s true strength he was running against. When the going gets tough for them, the Sphinx reveals their secret weapon: Akaba is revealed to be the owner of the helmet. Can the others convince him to come out? This leads to a quick review of the previous 38 episodes.

As it turns out, Taki can answer the question if it is somehow related to American Football. However, Eyeshield 21 is determined to get past Shin. At , Deimon scores the last point with a kick. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ojo gains their 1st down. Shinryuji leading the Deimon Bats. Taki does the exam; a bare pass is

In the end, the Devil Bats easily win. Sena grabs the ball and is about to score a touchdown when Agon gets in the way. In Japan this aired as an hour-long special with At last Hiruma appears. Kamereon vs Poseidon ” Japanese: When Monta and Sena are sent to spy on eyedhield Poseidons’ final practice before the game, they are caught, and Kakei tells Sena that he wants to challenge Eyeshield 21 from the Devil Bats and prove to him that he will never match up to the idenfity Eyeshield On the other hand, the Chameleons are not united.

On the way home, he again runs into the Ha-Ha brothers, who attempt to take his phone to find Kurita and assault him. With only 10 seconds left Shin goes on a bulldozing run. The anime series Eyeshield 21 is based on the manga series of the same name written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Yusuke Murata. Hiruma takes the Devil Bats to Okinawa, where they play a match. Deimon must score a touchdown in those 58 seconds to win. Ojo gains their 1st down.


Agon refuses to believe he lost and is about to attack Hiruma but Unsei punches Agon and takes the blame for their team’s loss. As Deimons defenders run to intercept him he then passes an Everest Pass so high that the whole stadium thought Sakuraba would not be able to catch. After the match, Hiruma takes Sena, Kurita, Monta, Mamori, Yukimitsu, and Komusubi to an island, saying that they will have barbecue but leaves them there and tells them to survive and that this is a test for the Eyrshield Bowl.

Kurita and the other Devil Bats learn that one loss means their entire dream will end. Shin tells Sena that since he finally got the chance to face him, he will not hold back, and that Sena should not either.

Retrieved October 31, Sena and Suzuna go to retrieve their helmets and cleats at a store where Sena sees a helmet with an eyeshield on it. Flaming Running back by Short Leg Summer.

With no chance to win in a tiebreaker, they must score a dyeshield on the last play. Hiruma gives the team a break to rest up. Due to Mamori’s presence, Sena cannot perform well. In the end, he promises to rejoin once his father recovers.

Hiruma poses as Eyeshield 21 and taunts that the accident was not accidental. He shows the power of his technique, the Rodeo Drive, by running straight to a touchdown.


Sena starts to have nightmares about football. Sena and Monta are about to buy backup eyesheild for their next match when a motorcyclist steals their money. On his first day, all goes well until he runs into three bullies known as The Ha-Ha Brothers.

With the first two attempts Sena gets stopped 1 cm from the goalline by Shin. Using a combination run with Hiruma, Sena is finally able to score a touchdown.


Finally Ikari will play in the game as his debut game; he is so pumped that he breaks a chain with brute strength. AtDeimon scores the last point with a kick. Eight to nine years later, Sena is on a team with colors of grayish purple with a yellow lightning bolt.

Jumonji defends Sena and gains a bruise on the arm. Hiruma decides to use the Shotgun Formation of the Gunmen against Ojo. It turns out that her brother is there, hoping to become a professional.

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The Devil Bats witness the physical endurance and team bond of the Yuhi Guts, their next opponents in the tournament. Shin acknowledges that Sena has grown again.

They play tug-o-war and other sports. Supia Takkuru ” Japanese: With time running short, Sena has the ball and runs to the endzone and Shin charges him head-on.