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I’m only 12 so I have to save up my allowance to buy the dvds: From beginning to end it managed to keep me glued to the computer screen without so much as a blink of the eye. Or F the Olympic games, I dunno. CeltysCat on grandmad phone: Top this off with some bullshit cameo with the E7 movie and you pretty much have a recipe for disaster. BBCode In every age, in every place, the deeds of men remain the same.

They will really pack a lot of shit in last 2 eps as expected I know it’s obvious, but since there’s a different title for ep. Granted, it makes almost no sense, since the show once again pulls magic straight out of its ass, but bringing Ao full circle back to where his story again seems thematically appropriate. But I really want to know what the hell happened, the world that Renton was in looked so devastated: Everything about it was perfect. It’s a shame AO sucked.

More objectively, I’d probably give it a 6. Its kinda iffy whether they should have used the voice actor of Holland or not A mysterious entity called “Secret” suddenly appears and launches an attack on the Scub Coral lifeform on the island.

I don’t know why the heart is missing from the moon, but that was there in the movie too. I think you’re animecraxy about the Seven Swell. Pretty awesome ending with Renton, Nirvash and Seven Swell.

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I was wondering wht the fuck those things were. Notify me of new comments epiaode email. Well, Renton fucking Thurston here he comes! Screw Eureka, Talho is the gekkostate mom.

One of a more cynical persuasion — me for example — would say that this is to give time for a large scale retool from a team running desperately behind and scrabbling for purchase.

Sure he’s grown and that means he’s changed but there is no semblance of what he used to be at all. It’s not Spec V. Also I totally agree, knowing that episode 23 won’t be arriving until November, we all should have guessed this would be a big cliffhanger Renton arrives ep lol just to make the wait even more hard to endure!


Honestly, for all the anger and bitterness the show has caused me, I do hope it does. I’m a sucker for romance and this anime had it at every turn. Visually stunning, but made no sense whatsoever. A last ditch attempt to improve sales. Anyways, so Episodd was partially correct on the fact that he has that “white’ Nirvash and that I guess Ao’s world is causing damage to the original E7 World or the Timeline sevn some extent. She makes up for everything in the series, because she keeps the entire damn gekkostate working properly.

E7 was one of my first anime and everything about the world completely drew me in. So Naru didnt grow horns at all Just watched the raw. I’m thinking eurela rewatching it. I think my main problem was that the end itself felt really rushed and kinda bullshit. Did they actually play Storywriter?

Check View All Threads. This anime was one of the greatest emotional experiences of my life, and I’d been fruitlessly searching for a hard-copy for so long, and I’d long since given up when I found it, and it was awesome, and I love it, and it’s perfect, and There are spoilers for episode 22 in this post.

Oh well, it should be worth the wait especially since you-know-who returned this episode. Kind of justified in the fact that he’s legitimately maniacal, but how does dying with a Compac in your chest trigger the control cluster might be using the wrong term here, haven’t seen it in a while, srven you know what I mean blowing up? It took place in an entirely alternate setting and has nothing to do with the TV series in any way.


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More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: I’m not a huge fan of mecha but the characters and their development made me fall in love with all the characters. I always hear Animecraxy from Bleach more than anything. I don’t know why so many people feel the movie is relevant to the eureka seven world at all With a really compelling villain there’d be a lot less complaining I feel.

Here is how Spec V looks: The fights were cool, though i’m not a mecha fan. Almost looked like Spec-v, but not sure. Im looking for a really good animecfazy, so if u have any anime u recommen for, pls let me know! And this grim, shotgun wielding Renton is not necessarily the loveable goofball many of us knew either, though evolution was undoubtedly necessary for the eipsode in this context.

They eure,a really pack a lot of shit in last 2 eps as expected I also liked the musi during the ao truth fight in the beginning. Spoil it, i wanna talk about this. IES9MbEq [ Del ] LOL, i just finished watching this anime for the 3rd time and was wondering why there wasn’t a thread on it, and there just happend to be one right when i finshed.

It was one of my first exposures, and I’ve watched it over and over. Everything that people loved about E7 is pretty animecdazy shat on all over. BBCode Modified by bastek66, Sep 28, 7: I enter uni and he shows up: It’s absolutely horrendous in trying to pace it out.

Yes it is sad Does that mean he will be involving in their battle?

My guess is that he’s been traveling to other dimensions looking for Eureka.