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The producer is Christian Duguay, and the main actor is Robert Carlyle. With these underlying principles in mind we have undertaken to develop certain possibilities of photography in the genetic study of infancy. This article is the revision of a paper written about two decades ago for the discussion of problems associated with the application of observational methods. Reduction of variation to, ideally, only one variable creates a situation easily to be observed and analyzed. The consumption of meaning is connected with a positive affect, the positive ending in an action cycle in the dialogue. What can be observed, however, is the exchange of emotions, degree of sensitive adaptation to the other’s intentions, ability to correct misunderstandings and the like. Consequently, such a shift in attention may contribute to loose the focus on family dynamics and relationship quality. The focus of the study was on the interplay of the second child’s development with the other family members’ already established interaction and communication patterns.

The depiction of phenomenal characteristics is usually characterized as “description”, the depiction of causal relationships as “explanation. A theory of interdependence. Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th April of the year in Braunau, Austria. This means that families were likened when they had to accomplish analogous tasks and to resolve common problems in their everyday lives while socializing their children, such as changing diapers or feeding during infancy, conveying rules and regulations during the second and third year, or, later, during the child’s adolescence, negotiating increasing demands for more autonomy and responsibilites. The possiblity to “freeze” the original situation, that is, to conserve the totality of aspects contained in the observed situation, has principally changed the discussion about the necessity to begin observation with a set of selected categories. Emerging achievements, current dilemmas, and future directions. Psychological Review , 75 ,

Not even in the visual arcana of the most eidetic cortex can permanent immutable images be stored for retrospective reference. Our long history of using film techniques for exploring development, manifest, for example, in the writings of Gesell or Lewin, seems almost forgotten. Observational data describing two interacting persons need categories which cover the dynamics between these two persons.

Single communication behaviors may be perceived as belonging to recurring sequences encountered at different occasions. This recursive-reflective process begins an interpretation of the observed material a social situation with more or less complex interaction and communication maneuvers of the observed participants which, after some cross comparisons with other situations, leads to an in-depth-analysis of observed phenomena.

Our thought is hard where facts are mobile; bunched and chunky where events are fluid, dissolving.

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Thiel has introduced the notion of reproductive or productive approach. In the end, this may help find a more structured categorical framework which covers a family’s specific mode to manage everyday life. Some Practical, Theoretical, and Methodological Issues. We intended to create categories covering aspects of family life and characterizing mainly differences in family interaction patterns. Our problem could be described as the problem to find adequate categories which describe complex interactional situations relevant for children who grow up in their families.


What remained were observers’ tallies in the notebooks indicating the occurrence of certain behaviors. The organization of emotional life in the early years. Whereas predetermined categories are mandatory in case of direct observation, the choice of categories can be delayed and adapted to the specific conditions encountered during the actual observations when the total situation has been conserved on film or videotape.

While observing everyday life in a family, observers might be struck by the impression that nothing of any importance is happening, interactions seem to be on a normative level, action-reaction cycles seem self-evident, seemingly providing no relevant information for the observer. For example, Spitz has emphasized in his work the role of affect for the construction of meaning in the mother-infant relationship.

Today, with the new possibilities to work with video material in a way we are used to work with our texts on the computer, we have to accomplish the task of driving observational methodology to a point where something like in-depth structures producing surface phenomenon labelled by Lewin as the conditional-genetic connections, could be revealed, or where, with the help of Gesell’s ideas about using montage techniques, new insights into the process of development could be created.

In order to produce a coherent interpretation of the scene, components that were previously either ignored or considered trivial may be included. Stimulus overload, action cycles, and the completion gradient.

Communication patterns and alliances between parents and adolescents during a structured problem-solving task. Development of a category system]. The Use of Video Technique for Describing Complex Interactional Situations After nearly two decades of erziehungsstioe in developmental research including family studies with both infants and adolescents, erziehungssstile of the following arguments can now be specified much better than when the first version of this paper was written in This procedure is a necessary step to guarantee at least a erziejungsstile degree of observers’ consent concerning the plausible use of a set of predefined categories.

Proposals for Extended Applications. A selection of categories based only on the criterion of interrater reliability is in danger to choose those phenomena as being relevant. However, these behavioral aspects could seldom be linked to some higher-order outcome variables like intelligence or social skill of the child in later development.


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Reactions to mothers’ stimulations. Without thorough links from both theoretical conception and concrete observed situation to the chosen categories, abstractions may become meaningless or, even worse, be taken for reality and in turn bias further observations. Reviewing observational studies applying advanced video techniques we still find too many traditional single-variable designs and linear cause and effect analyses in our field. The reflection of continuities and changes during this long period when reading the old text has produced three major results.

Observation and the longitudinal approach in infancy research. Therefore, the possibility emerged to create new categories adapted to the concrete observed situations. Later we began to note features of behaviour that recurred regularly. When our team began to observe entire families without preselected categories, three barriers arose which kept us for some time from defining meaningful classifications of social interactions and recurring patterns of interaction behavior.

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Newer research in families with both small and adolescent children has amply shown that, for example, relationship quality between parents is highly relevant for the children’s successful or unsuccessful mastering of developmental passages.

Aside from this are the questions asking for the why, for the cause and the effect, for the conditional-genetic interrelations. My thanks go to Prof. This is just what the camera can do for us. Das Referat ist in englischer Sprache verfasst. Dewey is one of the few who related to the difficulties to reify the categories that once have been deliberately chosen to classify human actions and reactions.

Observers can delegate the fixation to the technical process that can perform its task iconically and nonselectively with a completeness that surpasses the observers’ own capabilities. Moreover, even if we try to concentrate on the description of relationships, not persons, it is sometimes hard to discuss with others the various qualifications of a relationship, because we are just not used to appropriately specify relationships by common words or concepts as this is the case when we talk about persons.

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