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Indeed, the ghedli chickens have come home to roost! Given the huge vocabulary in Arabic, it would be easy to find Arab counterparts to all these names. As a result, he would be very much surprised to know that these are in fact names of modern day Eritreans. But this misses both the growing appeal of this frivolous naming and the various other ways this kind of alien-naming is making its presence felt among the larger society. So is it with boy names now increasingly favored by the Jeberti: Physicians for peace — Helping people walk in Asmara — Eritrea. Others come from lived experience.

If you are writing from Eritrea, state that you are writing from Eritrea and you will be given instruction to securely verify that you are actually writing from Eritrea. The vicious circularity started with ghedli; the ghedli generation went way beyond such silly urban escapades to meet its need for frivolous modernity: Eritrea is one of the oldest new nation of the world — Part 2. The religious fundamentalists, the ghedli fundamentalists, the pan-Arabists and the modernity imitators have been reacting to the uncertainty in their identities brought by the encounter with modernity by creating an imitation world of their own making in which they want to hide: Tigrinya Tradition in the highland of Eritrea, Folklore Part 1, by spaceketema. Exhibition Expo — Aeroplane Technology in Asmara. True enough, there is nothing wrong with naming inspired from the Bible or any other Holy Book; after all, there are many names derived from the Bible that have always been part of the traditional naming.

The problem is the values derived from temporal experiences of ghedli era are not amenable to categorization; that is, no generalized guidelines no imperatives extracted from that era could editrean made to work on current Eritrea — a reason why the only way one could get the lessons of this era is by replicating all the experiences eritreqn that era on the ground. But there is more to it that betrays the depth of the nature of this search for alien identity that motivated this fabrication in the first place: History Italian, England and Ethiopian occupation of Eritrea.

And as in any other Christian culture, one would definitely expect a number of names to originate from the Bible among the Tigrignas. Given the huge vocabulary in Arabic, it would be easy to find Arab counterparts to all these names.

African history, black egypt the true story about the history.

Exhibition Expo — school of art in Asmara Education: Ethiopia is prone to this kind of uprooting because of the tenuous link that holds between the urbanized generation and the traditional world — be it in history, culture, religion or the balager. I The Self-Colonizing Mission: In this sense, what has made the Eritrean modernity problem unique is, first, the vicious circularity that it has created and, second, the pernicious identities it has morphed into.


For the confused, self-doubting postcolonial generations though, to absorb one modernitythey had to entirely let go of the other their roots. No such confusion takes place in other non-Arab Muslim cultures that are well anchored in their own past.

Greening the desert of east africa part 2. And literalism and fundamentalism go hand in hand.

Yet, for most part, except for the traditional Muslim names derived from megdelwit Koran and a few commonly held in linguistic overlap, the rest of their names happen to be in their respective languages.

Physicians for peace — Helping people walk in Asmara — Eritrea.

Megdelawit full eritrean film

Notice that there is not the slightest bit of improvisation with these alien names to meet the demands of the reality on the Eritrean ground. Latest on AI St.

I grew up among Jeberti in Mendefera, and I never saw anything but injera and tsebhi in ,ovie households. Even when you point at added tidbits to claim a difference in identity, the others might deny you that difference by adding those very tidbits to their identity.

While in the former case, the Megdelawiy names still constitute a small proportion, in the Eritrean case, it happens to be the other way round. What is surprising is when the sons of Africa take it upon themselves to bring that colonial mission to its completion.

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Purity through purges This quest for purity is not unique to the Jeberti, as the malady happens to afflict the whole nation. Here then is an irony worth noting: But this misses both the growing appeal of this frivolous naming and the various other ways this kind of alien-naming is making its presence felt among the larger society. If one attempts that, one would be unable to survive the free fall that such a foolish attempt would certainly result into — as has been the case with Eritreans for the last 50 years.

Naming a child after a great historical or mythological figure was also common.

If the above makes sense, it means that the colonial mind also happens to come in its religious grab, as we have been witnessing in the current naming trend among the Christian Tigrignas.

That it would never occur to our peasant fathers to excavate the Holy Books for names with the fanaticism that the young generation is doing says it all. But there is one part the group emphasized that I liked because there is some revealing truth in it, even though they failed to grasp its implications 8: And I am not talking about the few remnant Italian names such as Rosa, Fortuna, Roma, Lucia, Fiori, etc that megde,awit been there for decades, albeit in small numbers.

Paart fathers, for instance, freely improvised to meet the demands of the lived experience even when they were inspired by the Bible. There is no surprise in the fact that religious and linguistic colonialisms happened to be the other two faces of the territorial colonialism that has strafed Africa. Growing appeal of Western names: He discounts the most recent purges, like the Holocaust, because modern Jewish names from non-Jewish derivations are lacking for instance, those with German suffixes —berg —stein, or —man.


When this task is driven to its logical end, its nihilist oart becomes crystal clear: Not so with our fathers — that is, even when they came up with odd sounding names. How could he possibly miss this great actor? But if we want to know where all these tidbits of additions are meant to eventually lead, one needs to look at what the group has to say regarding language difference 7: It was when the new generation began to read a modern phenomenon — not simply the reading per sebut the reading en-mass that came with widespread formal education that they went literal with the Holy Book be it the Koran or the Biblein the religious case, and with the Map, in the secular case.

Economic Hit Man explains how the us-system works part 2. The first Saho drama Guze the Womb.

The Shaebia foot soldiers never fail to remind us of the border eriyrean for to them, it happens to be a continuation of the struggle years. After a brief exchange on the usual curiosity questions, I shifted my attention to the child and asked her what his name was.

If one carefully observes the naming and renaming of streets, buildings, institutions, etc that has been going on with such zeal since independence, the objective has been how to tie the identity of the nation to ghedli by wiping out anything from the past. If you google-map Asmara, and zoom in until you see the names of the streets, you will notice two categories mainly making up the naming of the streets.

(I) The Self-Colonizing Mission: Names and Naming in Eritrea

Adult person can learn a lot from the kids Education: With these heavy reminders everywhere you walk in the city, there is no way you could ever miss the omnipresence of the Ghedli Spirit hovering above the city — and that happens to be exactly the point.

The megeelawit trend above shows us exactly how this would go. The percent Arabic in naming is targeted as a goal because it is easily doable you need neither to speak Arabic movi to legislate for that. Once this purging of names starts with the Amharic-derived ones, there is no stopping it.