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In the end, I wonder if the wife should keep her hubby as her little brother instead. Comments by nienna [Rating: Just run of the mill people put in dumb situations, being annoying, and the supposed endearing thing of all this is the family shows their love because they feel sorry for each other. I’ve Been Married To Hell! Comments by JackClark [Rating: A nice and warm drama that is pleasant to watch, but you won’t really find the urge to watch the next episode, which is a problem for me because I watch dramas very slowly, one episode per day. They’re spinning in the same mediocre circle, episode after episode.

From the title you might guess that the mother is so evil that Kimiko Nakama does not want to be near with, but just in opposite, she is very nice and adorable that if you can’t say no. The downside is that there are also A LOT of cheesy moments eeuck. Comments by williu [Rating: The writing is subpar and the actors basically have nowhere to go. It just shows his versatility as an actor, ne? There is close to zero character development, and you just don’t identify or like any of them.

The plot is pretty predictable and the characterizations overly cliche. Reviewed by mikomiko on 17 July Comments by shozen [Rating: Comments by Reira [Rating: I love this comedy. In that aspect, I tohsuide the drama succeeded. Comments by onigiriman [Rating: They’re spinning in the same mediocre circle, episode after episode. I wasnt so hooked to it but surprised i watched it all the way through.


The thing that I found most interesting about this drama is the Japanese traditions that frai imposed onto Yukie’s character by the mother versus her very modern self.

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And I like the way the series showed the clash and merging of traditional and modern japanese. Comments by nienna [Rating: You can’t get bored watching it!! Nakama Yukie is her typical self in this drama about a woman who gets married and has to adapt to her husband’s very traditional family.

Nakama Yukie was shimatha and the supporting cast were hilarious. The story had lots of potential, but didn’t even come close.

Comments by donna [Rating: I’ve Been Married To Hell! Kimiko on the other hand is sloppy, a bad cook unless it happens to be microwavable, and couldn’t tell a shamisen from a bagpipe if her life depended on it. Comments by sadacori [Rating: Comments by loveaomori [Rating: Toloro should feel sorry for the viewer.

Erai Tokoro Ni Totsuide Shimatta! DVD Box

Nakama Yukie’s charisma alone isn’t enough to make a drama worth watching. In fact, after watching a few episodes I found that all of the characters began to grate on my nerves a bit. Comments by digitalcoconut [Rating: Similar to “double kitchen” but in much drams worse.


Must be because i like Nakama Yukie alot. Comments by JackClark [Rating: Comments by Jeanxi [Rating: Comments by xxhiroxx [Rating: Comments by yurifly [Rating: It tries hard to be funny, but only occasionally succeeds.

Erai Tokoro Ni Totsuide Shimatta! DVD Box

I thought the neighbourhood shimata so Kyoto. Reviewed by ichigo23 on 4 July The downside is that there are also A LOT of cheesy moments eeuck.

But Nakama Yukie’s character just lets him be the wuss he is. Comments by marspeach [Rating: However, ehimatta turned out to be extremely hilarous right from the very first minute. This section may contain spoilers!

Comments by williu [Rating: Totxuide by ishikumi on 10 April Comments by victhortuazon [Rating: Comments by tetsukei [Rating: This is supposed to be a comedy but I don’t find it funny at all. Could be repetitive at times.