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I cried when he said to Se yi, “Why is life so painful. Overall, Monstar was a good drama. I like open endings but this one has so many gaps for my taste Sure, I would have liked a bit more resolution on some aspects, but all in a satisfying finale. He appears all grown up on the outside, and because of his mother he has to be or at least thinks so but seriously, on the inside he is just as much a teenager as the rest of the bunch. Kim Min Young Supporting Cast. It’s not offending to my ears. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to hear much of Kim Min Young Shim Eun Ha , but from what we heard, she has a solid voice and definitely the presence.

Dhely Wasi Agung 30 December at Now that he has shown all other less favourable qualities, if she still likes him, they can start over. I agree with both Qua Trang and Pogo. I was counting on a lot more from a show that started out so creatively. Seolchan probably didn’t realise that by hiding from his mom cause more hurt to her than the actual trouble. I hurt for Seol-Chan I felt lie this drama started too mant different stories for its short run, and didn’t really provide a satisfying spending to most.

He silently sits next to her.

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Or that may just be my wishful thinking. Then Seol-chan drops Se-yi off at home. I had a really hard time reconciling his jerk-like behavior toward NaNa after he was so caring to the kids in the cancer ward and give in to his mother’s over-protectiveness as the result of his sister’s death.


He probably used the adoption secret to hide his fear of abandonment.

Fantasy happy-ever-afters are why I watch dramas in the first place. They sing together as a collective voice, a band united as one.

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It now makes sense that his biggest concern is to make her unhappy — the fear of her abandoning him again. This SW is such an ass Download the latest version here. My deranged mind wants me to believe that Joon Hee may have slightly, oh so very slighty, kinda maybe liked Se Yi. As a viewer, I wish we had gotten clearer answers to some of the questions from the very beginning vrama the series.

She knocks a moment later, and they sit together on the bed. That would be humiliating and demoralizing for any child, and shameful for any parent. It’d be interesting terakihr see something like that develop, if they decided to do a continuation of teraakhir sort. Thanks for your recapping, gummi! I felt lie this drama started too mant different stories for its short run, and didn’t really provide a satisfying spending to most.


Haha, actually I don’t have any kids — what a disaster that omnstar be. Overall, this drama showed me how awesome Junhyung is.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Saima August 6, at 3: Thanks Gummi for the recap – you’re right it was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I’m ok with that too.

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I would like to find out more about why Se Yi had been crying, presumably after talking with ajhussi. Thanks again, gummimochi, for all the time, energy, and love you put into these recaps– it’s much appreciated! Unlike other shows, Monstar maintains kogea stand to giving us a heartwarming drama about a group of high school students. I still disagree with your assessment Requiem and agree with Laura.


In life, sometimes people don’t come out and say how they’re feeling – they avoid conversations, they speak with their eyes, they say non-committal things that leave the other person hanging. For me, things need to be said and acted at a time when it would matter. I think the weakness was that they started focusing on SY and SC too much so that the rest of the story suffered a bit too much.

The boys stare in shock episkde the writer mondtar the gruesome details, and Se-yi finally makes a run for it.

Whatever it is, is it wise to have Byun PD as an enemy? We never really found out what it was that broke the friendship between SW and SC and they really never reconciled either. Eventually, Do Nam showed publicly that he didn’t resent Kyu Dong and the matter was dropped.

I really loved her humor, “just kidding. I will continue to believe that he started to like her because of this scene and the one where he tried to be nice to her and have her call him by his name instead of school president.