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Obito sends the bone that would have hit Kakashi away with Kamui, while he himself is struck. Sasuke says he and Sakura have no reason to be in love but Kakashi retorts only hate needs a reason and Sakura loving him is making her suffer. Kakashi opens his eyes and becomes Kakashi of the Sharingan again, but this time with the Sharingan in both eyes. In the real world, Guy arrives in the knick of time, saving Kakashi from Madara’s attack. The season contains nine musical themes, including three openings and six endings. Archived from the original on March 2, Ashura notices something with strong chakra connected to her, but can’t heal her. Sage Mode Limit Reached” Transcription:

Indra asks why Hagoromo did not chose him. The battle between the two boys continues on until they are both so exhausted and injured that they can barely stand. Sasori collects intel on Orochimaru left to him by Kabuto. Team 10 is attacked by Yahiko, Konan, and Nagato. With Team 7 split up, Sakura, unwilling to lag behind Naruto and Sasuke, takes up the opportunity and requests to be trained by Tsunade who accepts. During the mission, Minato notices they’re being surrounded by enemies, and orders Rin and Kakashi to go on ahead, while he and Obito fall back to take care of the enemies.

She manages to contact him in his mind. The Ten-Tails’s technique causes massive destruction yet the shinobi survive thanks to Naruto.

Archived from the original on March 7, Anko reveals she is accompanied by an ink clone, while the other Anbu flies above them on an kaye bird. She gives him his certificate and tells him they were assigned to the same team. Itachi wonders about what it means to be a shinobi, and about the village.

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November 4, [14]. May 18, [14]. The two identify it as the Peak of Demise which their mother told them was off-limits, kabe Gamamaru reveals the land is weakening because the God Tree and the truth of a ritual practice Kaguya placed for the people to follow.


In the sky, Guy uses the Evening Elephant again and kicks Madara in the air in order to match his flight. February 10, [14]. Madara defends himself from Naruto’s punch with his remaining Truth-Seeking Ball, noticing an increase in Naruto’s power.

Outraged by Black Zetsu’s claims, Naruto frees himself and Sasuke, disagreeing with him about those who shape shinobi history and how mothers should feel about their children. The brothers later meet Gamamaru as he takes them to Kge Myoboku where he uses a Memory Stone to explain the origins of the God Tree and their mother’s arrival to the world.

Upon waking episodw, Kakashi relays the information to Hiruzen, Minato, and Tsunade, herself informing the others about Jiraiya’s intel regarding Orochimaru’s imminent need for a new vessel. Fugaku berates Sasuke for failing to stop his teammates from breaking the rules.

He responds he did the same as Ashura, giving the village water and destroying what was left of the God Tree, and that he did it alone. Unfortunately Naruto, worn out and injured, leaves Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and causes the cloaks of the alliance to fade away. Lee and Tenten are attacked with explosive tags, directing them towards the same location. Hagoromo says he is episdoe but believes Naruto can help save Sasuke.

Afterwards, Naruto asks Sasuke to return home and he agrees but says he will change the world in his own way. Archived from the original on February 27, Tsunade continues to read Jiraiya’s novel.

Odoru Kinoko Jigoku ” Japanese: Hagoromo explains to the four Hokage that Naruto and Sasuke are his sons’ reincarnations, and that they’re battling his mother.

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Soon after Orochimaru recollects information with Karin, she sees Sasuke again strolling through the room. Archived from the original on December 16, Izumi thanks Itachi for helping her. All the previous Kage have returned to fs Pure Land and the Tailed Beasts discuss what they plan to do now that they are free.


On their way back to Konoha, Shinko scolds Tenma for not thanking Itachi, and Itachi for just acting as if they were only on a mission, as they are friends. Complete Series 6 [DVD]”. On a gathering, Sasori informs Berwpa that Orochimaru is likely alive, as they were unable to find his corpse.

Fugaku’s support for Itachi taking on the mission angers Sasuke, who channels his frustration into his Chidori training. Tenten wakes up and finds herself at home about the alternate timeline, and sees her berpaa with different personalities she remembers.

They head down the tunnel.

She and Itachi go to a lake, where Izumi apologises for not giving him anything for his promotion. August 18, [14]. Naruto meets with Iruka and Kakashi at the Academy and Kakashi says he is considering on promoting Naruto to a jonin. Archived from the original on June 21, February 23, [14]. Upon his return to the village, Fugaku learns from the reports Sasuke became second only to Shisui, and when Sasuke declares he will also surpass Itachi, he promotes him in the Leaf Police Force, to see it Sasuke can back his claims up with action.

Tenma arrives and informs Itachi they have a mission. Though Hamura lied of his brother’s whereabouts, Kaguya soon caught on to her sons’ scheme. Minato and shinobi from the other hidden villages arrive to help seal away the puppets.

In North America, twelve single volumes and thirty box sets have been released.