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Just let it go, let your brain float like a canned pear half in partially-set red jello Loved Pablo on the horse but AP shouldn’t jump on, could cause miscarriage. Arizona viewer, “Ana Brenda Contreras was on Sal y Pimienta last night along with Ivan Sanchez and she mentioned twice that she followed the comments made by the US viewers on social media. Unforgivable Episode 94 Emiliano watches them for a moment then tries to pick up a fight with Martin. Couldn’t they have just made him move on and fall for Gaby? AP pauses when the Padresito asks if she accepts Julio, which gives Pablo enough time to come inside the church, horse and all to stop the wedding. I agree about wrapping this up.

Martin reminds Crescencio that keeping Ana Perla lock up is a crime especially in her condition. I have been running errands all day, and need to get home to clean house and start bringing out Halloween decorations. Joaquin now stands up to OG and tells OG that he won’t allow him to speak to him like that. I just did a bullet point recap. I told you that fat guy is useless, he convinces Medel to accept the deal. I mean, come on, Woman, are you serious? Mother and daughter share a sweet comforting embrace and Vero cries over Mati while she calls Magda “mama” over and over again. If it’s any consolation, Telemundo tends to be an even worse offender.

I think it belongs in the Olympics. Road To Destiny Episode 1. Best way to start out because if there’s a second one, she’ll be nurturing to the little one rather than casually whacking it as she passes by. I want Fernando Colunga to take me in his arms, embrace me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

Crescencio still pretend he knows nothing about what Martin is talking about. To Free her heart soul, or some kinda crap she told him. The grandfather that was locked you up in a cave jail and was going to kill your baby?! Whenever you can darlin princess. Duplication of this material for use on any other site is strictly prohibited. Ridiculous but imperxonable satisfying. He limps around his cell and hates the rotting smell in his cell Clemente’s smell perhaps? I could be all wet here, but I just have the feeling that the original script and perhaps its filming was kmperdonable choppy than what has been shown.


Oh, and Onyx too. AP and Pablo are about to ride off together but AP wants to get down because she can’t leave with Pablo. I was afraid that I had broken it but fortunately I did not. Was that a Televisa trick to make us think that Pablo and the horse was covering a lot of ground? But AP tells Pablo that she can’t leave and has to go back. She tells Salma that she and Mati were arguing over Vero and Mati tripped and fell.

OG yells at Joaquin.

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I must admit episoe I was surprised that there wasn’t. Stone-cold Salma says that just because Mati died doesn’t hide the fact that she was a busy body in everyone’s business and episodr Vero’s protector. That’s the one she hid behind the virgin statue in her room because she planned to use it to really unmask Ginny, it was after that that Ginny pushed her down the stairs if my memory serves me correctly.

How could he be such a weenie as to be bullied by a rickety old goat weakly flailing his little green stick into performing a marriage ceremony where the equally weak-willed bride is so clearly being FORCED to marry?

People do die un-expectantly.

Why would julio want to marry someone he Clearly knows don’r love him? Just like Emiliano she also swear to not to let them be together.

Manny and Julio go after them. Emi will probably live in Mina Escondida with Nancy and just travel to the city on business. Julio is really close to Pablo and AP.


Unforgivable Episode 94

I want Barb to fall off a cliff. He wants his money. Vero says she feels so empty and doesn’t know why all this happened. We know they knew each other and the picture seems innocent enough. Blanquita assures him they all love him and tries to po him but he refuses and leaves. Virginia walks over to him and with her crocodile tears on her face she tells him that they’ve lost their beloved nanny. Tuesday, September 29, at 3: Joaquin informs Martin and Veronica that Gaby has already left town.

Actually it looked very modern and was featured in the Sunday paper but it did have multiple doors.

Unforgivable Episode 94

Meanwhile, Aaron is sick and tired of being caged. Here is a possible explanation. I just wanted to check in.

I loved Joaquin in last nights epi. Congratulations, Adriana and welcome, Clarita! Martin takes him to his room and Pablo updates him on Ana Perla condition. Tuesday, September o, at 9: That was so funnyok, not white but still.

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Will Pablo take AP and run away? Totally agree with Anon 2: J, I realize that at this point we are seeing what the Mexican audience saw. CarlosI was hoping that you might have known of a magic drug that the doctor could have used to save Mati but you sent my hopes crashing down when you said that there was no miracle drug and by the looks of the monitorwell we now know that it was the end for Matilde Friday night.