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I know that others didn’t but I did. Did yall see grampa givin pablo’s momma the “come to papa momma” look? She tells him as soon as she is better, they will try for her to get pregnant, and he kisses her and leaves. She probably won’t go to hell for this, but it should go on her Celestial Permanent Record Card, no? Even Disgusting Clemente is shocked that his Disgusting brother is talking about killing his own daughter. The expression on Nanciyaga’s face is one you might see on a sulky five-year-old for whom open defiance is not an option.

They could have made her the voice of reason but instead they have made her obsessed with Marty. Adriana NoelEven Mejia can see that the story isn’t going great and everyone must be looking forward to the tn replacing this. The last thing he wants to do is hurt her. She needs to speak to the patron and as much as Vero opposes the idea, Martin agrees. She probably won’t go to hell for this, but it should go on her Celestial Permanent Record Card, no? Yowza that man’s got a bod. Martin is digging his own grave in that he always misses opportunity to come.

Marty comes out of the bathroom bare-chested and wrapped in a towel. I have heard about the superstitions about women and mines also. They made us think Emi had heard them. He takes out his knife and butchers the work of art in the making.

Caray, Caray!: Lo Imperdonable #63 (Tel #64) Thu 8/13/15 Let’s get this party started!

She fears he will come after Botel. Looking forward to seeing what happens once the truth comes out. No blame, just unqualified support. Veronica interrupts and reproaches her for talking about her husband this way.

Yet the recaps are hilarious and priceless! Botel knew he should have stayed by Magdalena’s side and assumes Magdalena didn’t tell him because she didn’t think he was capable of protecting her. A boy who loves his mom and whose mom adores epiaode and the girl he wants to marry — surely this speaks well of him.


F for saving her niece’s life. She was embarrassing herself in that episode especially when she went to hug Martin. Rapist, arsonist, child abandonment, alcohol abuse, gambling I also liked Botel’s reaction to finding out about Magdalena’s rape.

I want to be a part of it, New York, New York.

What does Vero mean? Well, anyway—this past week was fun and episoce story moved along nicely. Disgusting Aaron curses Magdalena. Thanks for the info on the next novela.

I’m glad Magdalena now knows that Veronica is her daughter and that Botel is there to protect her from Disgusting Aaron and Clemente.

Magdalena replies that it is not important.

Unforgivable Episode 64

But Alfredo is a little too old for her, no? Pablo is upset because Manuel managed to destroy the night for everyone if by destroy he means spice it up, then OKCrescencio disowns his grand-son and Pablo asks him to get out because he is there to protect AP. Note only imperdonablle flaws unique to each candidate are used in voting. I was figuring that since Alfredo is Marty’s best friend, he was supposed to be roughly of the same ‘vintage.

Caray, Caray!: Lo Imperdonable #65 Mon 8/17/15 You oughta be in pictures!

My dear Julia, What a delight it is to hear from you again. Carlos for sure wouldn’t be a happy camper out on the patio if that were to happen. Hope they don’t wait eposode the end for Emi and Nanci to become a couple.

When the maid obligingly tells her the name of eposode hospital, Claudia smiles her triumph. For the benefit of the Patio, she thought-bubbles: After all, not all outsiders are bad.


We already know we have some of the same pop culture flotsam and jetsam rattling around in our brains. Jorge begins to o yes, but Salma stops him. Veronica asks Martin for the tenth time and she looks so desperate that I feel sorry for her.


Vero and Marty have the responsibility to help out Pablo and Ana Perla whenever they have a marital problem? I want Barb to fall off a cliff. Carlos, The CC’s were terrible on Firday night. Matilde herself is hurting since she feels she is no longer welcome in the Prado Castelo home. Tuesday, August 18, at 3: I don’t know about the rest of you, I’m now keenly interested in Pablo and Ana Perla and I am eagerly anticipating their upcoming trip lp New York.

Mauricio, Do you really think Alfredo is too old for Blanquita? That old guy was almost gitty, with that green cane that looks lika snake. Veronica and Martin share their impression of the dinner. Jane’s rules for CarayCaray are exquisitely simple: How about being a better friend and talking to her for a minute or two?

It would also include Manuel. Abuelo is happy with what he hears, all his remaining doubts are now gone. He manages to disarm Manuel, who now wants to take the fight outside. NovelaMaven and Imperdonablr, Thanks for clearing that up.

Discussion of things that have not yet happened are spoilers and need to be deleted. The camera now shows the Patio that the whiny woman is Claudia. LOL That’s only one step removed from inflicting your vacation slides on people. impegdonable

That was a great line which brought a chuckle. Another chance to snare Emi!