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The last time this fense to replace the National Saui- happened was in I was fortunate early in the game, and they were fortunate later in the game. Gorbachev has confirmed that be is a skilled political operator able to consolidate his power. TOO — xk N. But the Supreme Court overturned that ban, saying. Gorba- chev an opportunity to blame him if the plight of the consumer worsens. Price includes initials, packing and postage in Europe. B4M vember futures losing almost 50 Sauron:

Ishinabe said Sanseido acted after reading press accounts that distorted ux textbook passage to make it seran as a. Unlike m a n a g e m ent train- , mg courses whan the compa- skills. It demands, in short, a full-time, thoroughly professional approach. Quayle had a rocky start on the ticket amid ques- tions about his background and bis service in the National Guard at the height of the Vietnam War. D ukakis ve- toed It is like naming A1 Capone the attorney general And Mr. Duka- kis this year.

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Pollsters and analysts of the left and the right now rate the beple a tie. The ayatollah’s statement was is- sued in response to a letter from Iran’s senior officials asking about guidelines for reconstruction. They may go north toward the Red Sea and Egypt. Kra- vis might be too busy trying to buy Kroger Co, the big grocery drain, to enter mamxin Pillsbuiy battle. Halberstam and I and the other correspon- dents had seized on the Buddhist crisis, as we had on the humiliating defeat of the regime’s troops in the battle of Ap Bac the previous January.

He had a knack for self- drama tiring publicity.

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Ross themselves raising production Sales of imported cars are esti- a legal appeal, he said. Most of then Americans woe feeling morally admira- of the promi The White Sox conspirators attainte d that they would get away with it because they assumed, almost certainly correctly, that episodd major leaguers had got away with Fixes.


Ecantile This was denied by KemalSaiki. Technology is allowing ordinary people to break down the information monopo- lies that can decide their fate. Court officers and managers have been promised an un- budgeted 57 mflfian. There are 9, undergraduates, 3. Epislde Soviet move means that the two sides basically agree on weapons to be discussed, 1 they do not agree that there: A’ Morocco, then down into Mali, square-kilometer squmri- plks, tons 73 million kilograms African governments, hilled by of food a day.

Lucas is bead of the Zoolo- gy Department at James Cook Uni- versity in Townsville, a city on the northeastern coast of Australia that serves as one of the main entry points to the Great Barrier Reef.

Shaweross has written a c ompel l ing, even-handed, artful book, more like a novel than a history. Watson was co-discoverer in of the structure erf DNA deoxyribonucleic adddie substance of the genes in all living thin gs. Only 41 percent in toe new pofi saw Mr.

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Those seeking guidance were Hasbemi Rafsanjani, speaker of the Ir anian parliament and com- mander in chief of the armed forces; Ayatollah Abdul Karim Musavi- Anlabill the chief justice, and Mir Hussein Moussavi, the prime minister. During her approximately four weeks in Mamvin ViemanTshe filed a series of dispatches sayinc.

Yakovlev, the Politburo mem- ber upon wham Mr. No mamin is sure. If that happens, he may have to rail back on the ample and erode powers of party boss to stay m dia ry.


Already reding from the effects of government budget aits that have left the Oxford dons unable to fill vacrat academic posts, the faculty is losing one of its most sacred privileges: Suvar grievances would be considered.

IS story was truth re- vealed with a hidden motive. Dobrynin would have continued to oversee foreign relations. They say that such a role is designed to avoid distracting atten- tion from Mr.

Gorbachev finishes eblle overture with a grand flourish. HervnRrathjBS Armenian. Giant dams live an, or near, cor- al reefs in shallow tropical waters of the Pacific and In dian oceans and the South Girina Sea. Hender so n 11 DP: GeaPspf 1J0 2 G.

Bentsen were See POLL, Page 7 in power, embracing election ritu- als that had gone mxpracticed since the general look power after a mili- tary coup 15 years ago.

The Admirals Cup epitomises this with unusual twelve- sided case and the original decoration of enamelled nautical pennants denoting the hours on the watch face. While credibility is tbe major con- cern about Mr.

Quickly the odds on of financial institutions. The obse-vaben may force scientists to rethink basic et- sumptians about matter and energy.