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See the three little kittens above and below? Cemburu Buta 1 day ago. I think it will remain to be like that for the rest of her life. I’ve been following the well known sinetron Putri Yang Ditukar since many months back. One ear from the father’s gene the other one from mother’s. Because of this, Luna reports Krisna to the police so that he gets arrested.

Bimo gets upset when Bayu accuses Luna of not being a nice girl. Luna goes to Bayu’s house and gets angry in front of all the family members because he called off the engagement. List of dog diseases This list of dog diseases is a continuously updated selection of diseases and other conditions found in the dog. When I first started to watch I told myself I must keep watching till the conclusion which will be aired in a few months time. Bimo is very shocked when Bayu says that Lia is not Bimo’s real mother. The first episode of the series aired on 2 April Home About Contact Log In.

I’ve been following the well e;isode sinetron Putri Yang Ditukar since many months back. Riska hits Krisna with a bottle. Bean Sprout Chicken 2. Bimo gets upset when Bayu accuses Luna of not being a nice girl. Epjsode nice or else i’ll kick out Retrieved from ” https: As time goes by, Bimo finally dares to show his real feelings.

I remember the first few words I said to him was “So nice to meet you.


Rahman’s sons, Bayu and Krishna are very close to Bimo, Imran’s son. Because of this, Luna reports Krisna to the police so that he gets arrested.

Bayu Cinta Luna

Series 3 consists of eight minute episodes. But shockingly, Bayu cancels the engagement. At one time, without anyone knowing, Lia reveals the secret about Bimo not being her real son.

What is happening to Elly – Elly throwing up yellow bile.

I wonder when will I have the opportunity to meet him again. My flight was supposed to be 1. First time I am seeing you”. Flying back on April 2 Bayu too starts to fall in love with Luna. WordPress designed by New WordPress Themes.

Yulia asks Krisna regarding the photographs of Bimo hugging Sonia because Yulia plans on showing the photos whilst the video of Rahman and Lia is being played.

She wants to make sure that Luna signs the divorce papers as soon as possible. My Eppisode, Hope And Love. Kenali kitaran haid dan waktu subur.!


Bimo is upset with Bayu for playing such cheap tricks by showing Sonia’s pictures in front of everyone. Mopped the living episore and the kitchen dry and wet. Luna bersenda gurau dengan Bayu tentang lamaran yang cintta fikir dilakukan oleh Bayu. I did not know why I was not upset at all due to the delay and I continue to wait patiently for the announcement to board.


April 2, is an unforgetable day for me.

Short synopsis of Bayu Cinta Luna Episode 19 on November 6,Friday Bimo is shocked when someone delivers a packet for him containing photographs of Luna and Bayu being intimate with each other.

They also work in the same office. It’s getting late now. After I bought a nice glass jar of flowers to take it there for the opening, I searched for the place again and this time I found it.

youtube sinetron bayu cinta luna episode 138

So I went to survey the place before going knowing that if I did the last minute searching for the place I would end up couldn’t find the place cints all. Luna attends the launching as Yulia invites her but she has no idea that it is actually a trap made by Yulia and Lia. Meanwhile, Bimo visits Sonia.

While waiting I ate some chocolate rolls biscuits that we bought from night market I finished the biscuits within minutes as I was getting very hungry already. Have enough view of them?