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As other students have also been interviewed, some statements have been made by other students that Mike is homosexual, which doesn’t tally up for the investigating officers. And at some point , I even felt close to him, like I could relate to what he was sayin’. The premise was intriguing, but I didn’t really like the book from the first chapter. Then there is the ancient university. Emotionally detached, superbly gifted as an observer and intellectually ruthless he is able to shed a cold, piercing light on the machinations of evil. In fact he never once mentions studying, but assumes a First is going to drop into his lap as easily as the FO job. Any feelings of familiarity with his thought processes should immediately be followed up with a visit to a therapist!

Nov 26, Jeff rated it it was amazing. A definite acquired taste of a reading material. But then I felt irritation too. If you enjoy reading about the minute and boring details of a character’s daily activity you will like this book. We can read it for you wholesale. No trivia or quizzes yet. There are a lot of rock music references. I began to think it was taking place in the early 70s, and sure enough my suspicions were eventually confirmed.

The trouble is it shines too late. The change in perspective in wrenching and enlightening.

Against all expectations, and rather reluctantly, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Probably nearer to 3. He is, we come to realise, a weirdo, a gatecrasher, a ‘loner’ – and we all know what that means. Sebastian Faulks was awarded the CBE in Meanwhile, we are supposed to believe that he has a university career, and a real career about to fall into his lap at the Foreign Office.


Liked the first half – about school, college and the start of journalistic career – VERY much, then it got sort of pointless, and the last quarter was just meh. It’s Engleby’s stunted, nonchalant cleverness about all this that makes the book.

Written in the first person, it sees Mike Engleby tell the story of his time at university, the disappearance of the girl he admired from afar and his life from then onwards.

The wizard of odd

Mike Engleby’s life story emerges gradually from the s when he was an abused student to the s when he is a successful journalist.

There is a short rant about the Iraq war at the end that takes the stance that everyone already knows and embraces. It’s a leap of the imagination, and perhaps for the first time Suummary manages to get a grip on those previously invisible to him undercurrents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Mike Engleby, according to his diary, was a victim of child abuse and a misfit.

Engleby by Sebastian Faulks

Want to Read saving…. The narration is from the perspective of Engleby himself, and he often obscures or misrepresents the events around him.

The story builds towards the disappearance of Jennifer, a college student who Mike has become obsessed with. What therefore is there to fear in it?

We lost the past. Enleby pleads limited responsibility and after analysis by psychiatrist Dr. He is never released but eventually attains a sense of peace, teaching many of the other patients various basic skills. At the same time he is gripped by nostalgia for a notional past of ‘authentic’ Englishness.


Engleby – Sebastian Faulks

Fairly well written, but, much like its eponymous protagonist, lacked soul or charm or something along those lines. My college was founded sum,arywhich englebj it’s viewed here as modern. I was quite captured by this character’s voice and perspective. It is after all a “diary”a bare-all account of Mike Engleby’s life. Jul 15, Colin rated it really liked it Shelves: That it happens too late and only inside his head is the part that breaks your heart.

A past and present that don’t add up – Telegraph

He is adrift and freezing in a place where weather and politics both seem to come from Russia the dons are all Stalinists, Trotskyists or Mensheviks.

He may be odd, but you want to hear what he thinks about nearly everything.

As a portrait it digs deeply into the mental furrows of a character that is desperate to understand the smmary of its own convoluted mind. Suffering from some sort what we would now call personality disorder, I prefer this book to Faulks other work because it has a stronger voice.

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