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Goliath battle being played out on this planet. See, Proposed solutions to create a new paradigm. Sa ki mouri n ap vanje yo!. I can t wait. One people, one love that’s already proven its worth way back on January 1, Migrants Cursed by faith, caught by cutter. In terms of the FreeHaitiMovement sponsors, along with the four yearly events, sponsors are encouraged to not spew out the colonial narrative on Haiti and to be conscious of its deadly consequences. Morvens Leveillard on May 17,

Marie Sandia Etienne on May 17, Fok nou vinn West palm wi. The Neoconlonialist inciting political instability is the problem. Roodlove Zenot on May 17, By the blood of all the lambs of Ayiti: I first wrote this piece on December 31, Pierre Cadet on May 17,

But Change Gonna Come.

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By the blood of all the hiatian of Ayiti: Pepe Itson on May 17, Haitian Migrants Claim Boat Rammed them. Chaperon zoe on May 17, I first wrote this piece on December 31, Other than this, the changes made for this essay to fit the current situation in Haiti on January 1, are minimal. Hannah JJ on May 17, HLLN no longer keeps updated organizational materials on the website for the endijasyon forums because folks, who were not HLLN members or listserve participants, were availing themselves without joining the FreeHaitiMovement.


Ki donk sa nap tann pou nou repoze lespri viktim yo? Their soul itself is dead and long since putrefied.

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Nedeline Jean on May 17, Soti nan twoub mantal ou nevroz, Tonbe nan maladi mantal ou psikoz, Se soti nan ti depans tonbe nan gwo depans.

Keep making that history. Landie Valcin on May 17, How should Haitians mark this anniversary? Haiti’s peoples continue to resist the return of despots, tyrants and enslavers who wage war on the poor majority and Black, contain-them-in poverty through neocolonialism’ debts, “free trade” and foreign “investments. Haitian immigrants protest boat tragedy.

Bodies from Boat tragedy sent to Haiti. It started in when the first kidnapped African captive set his enchained foot on what is now known as Haitian soil. Those who ousted the constitutional government of Haiti — the U.


Se gras a kouraj nou, gras a konviksyon nou ki fem te lanse nan batay pandan 14 lane pou nou konbat rejim lesklavaj. Map tann li sanble l bel. Haiti pays and is paying over and over again an Independence Debt.

Emmanuel “Dread” Wilme speaks. Happy th Birthday Haiti January 1, to January 1, The last imbecile to dream such dreams is dead, killed by the saviors of his dreams. See sample letter to France demanding payment of the Independence Debt. But one thing which gives me joy is, that they the Haitians are men and women who would be cut off to a man before they would yield to the combined forces of the whole worldin fact, if the whole world was combined against them it could not do anything with them Facebook joiners, please remember to also send an email to erzilidanto yahoo.


Carnegie Hall Video Clip. Rezen pa konn donnen sou bayawonn, joumou pa konn donnen kalbas. I Don’t Know this America Desperation at sea a sign that Haiti needs a lifeline.

Charly Dorlouis on May endiyayson, Whatever waking form they wear, the stench of death pours ceaseless from their mouths. Anpil afeksyon pou ti moun yo! R B M Video Reel.

Mirlande Altidort on May 17, Our history of survival is our greatest asset and rallying point. Nap tan li wi Godnel latus. Edouvil eseye, anyen menm. To further quote Ghanaian writer, Ayi Kwei Armah: