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Roby85m 30 May at I’m sad to say we will not work on it! I’m thinking of rewatching it.. Anonymous 3 July at The song raises the hard subject with brilliant melodies and lively energy. But, if u dont mind, think about another project with a drama cd and share it with us again!

Kazu -Chan 24 January at But the project has been taken down for now becz of YT problem before I’m glad u love them too I will let u know as soon as I can! Fluffy Kitty 8 August at Ella Mai — Boo’d Up Remix ft. For the future ones we already have raw materials for them u can visit the “things to do list”. If u have some other ideas we can do sooner already avaible dont hesitate to ask again!

And I have to admit, it’s only my first project edited here, that I started appreciating this cdd alot! It has been my favourite Manga for a while now and it would be great to see it’s manga blcd made by you: This manga – Escape Journey by Ogeretsu,tanaka have a beautiful and romance story.

And wow, finally someone called for that manga too! Anonymous 5 January at I might be confuse This mang is not old at all In general, I’d call it above average mostly. I love love this manga!

Anonymous 16 May at Anonymous 24 October at Also, the idea that only one of them should penetrate or be penetrated cc is ridiculous. Would you mind telling why?


DreamingYaoiStudio ⚣ : MANGA+DRAMA CD LIST

Okay, I will do my best. I’m not sure I got the question. I dont why I was sure it was Viewfinder! Roby85m 3 June at But now I have a lot work in my job Roby85m 24 July at Cold Blood Kissy 22 December at If you mean that you dont find all the porjects of before, it’s coz I need to re dlektel them!!!!

Elektel delusion – CD drama.

Anyway dont force urself too much to be here! I mean it more like hey maybe only a user can see this problem from this pointer view or something. I quit after Spoiler mouse over to view. When I have some free time I want help you in this wonderfull blog ;3. But here have only yukimura x shinonome I will take my time to enjoy your works properly. Roby85m 4 February at Have a nice day!!!

I first read the extra of this manga in one chapter from Hidoku Shinaide which is another work from the same author. If yes I totally agree with your choice! That was really nice to see. I’m really close by mine one too!

Mousou Elektel

You too, enjoy your break. I think but I may be wrong, that the manga is marked still as ongoing right? We got alot of requests about completing it! I enjoyed the couple and liked the fact that they have been friends for a very long time. I enjoyed it on a Sunday dgama. Im sorry if it sounds rude, but if any chance you still have the cd, may I?


Check on Youtube, maybe someone re up her videos in other channels! Anonymous 18 September at Shadowy Kitty 16 September at Cold Blood Kissy 21 December at Anonymous 5 September at I’m waiting it to be complete!

Thanks for lettin me know what u would like to see here!

Thank you for your compliments! A lot of close freinds asked me for that! But I have to say I agree with the one comment.

Last updated dlektel June 20th,5: I am so tired of the boring cliche that the seme can’t be soft spoken and cute Cold Blood Kissy 28 October at Not cool, I think it’s pretty normal finish school! But sadly right after sharing some of her projects here, her videos, safe for more than 3 years and pubblicly shared without problems got flagged, and her channel was delected.