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Sooo I need just regular downloads, not torrents. I want to know if someone can tell me where I can get some direct download of dubbed anime with out having to sign up with the dam site. I thought so first, but its actually in an urban environment. I am Seriously looking for Xenosaga: I cant find hardly any complete series on youtube because they all get banned. Like now they are really being punks and charging us to pay 5 bucks US to login and watch movies episodes just for that…before they didnt…. BBCode Modified by windy, Oct 23, 1: This site has everything, from unique styles, to downloads, to videos and much more.

That would be very nice. I dun like subtitles very much T. Hope this helps, animesuki and anidb give links to torrents, the other two are anime databases. Here you will find nearly every episode shown on Cartoon Network but are not yet available to purchase. There are only twelve episodes. Does anyone know whaere I can download full naruto episodes without installing anyting like bit torrent? But at your site cant. To watch them, get the VLC player from videolan.

Just go to Animecrav. I aint interested in your info I just wanna check out the new site behind the scenes. So, please help me. And, also, one of the main girl characters has an arrow as her special power.

Anyone knows where can i download the full trigun opening theme? For fooly cooly go to animenuke. But, any anilinkx, I need dubbed anime for the reason that, no, I am not 2 lazy to read it, I just cant.


The best anime site, no ads, free anime, wallpapers, and more! Conqueror of Shambala movie subbed? Good search engine for anime http: Otaku4Life, that site isnt that good as you wrote…look!

Does anyone know where to find Saiyuki anime in rm or rmvb format? Does anyone know any sites where you can direct download NO crummy bittorrent!

You are something special huh? All who have ben waiting! How do you play mp4 files…? These are a couple of my fave anime torrent sites… http: Fam, the Silver Wing 24 Last Exile: Dang it… it was in Japanese… oh well… next site! Seems Tenshi na Konamaiki I’ve just witnessed the impossible happen!!!

Notify me of new posts by email. Of course, the best scenario is to just DL a dual-audio version of it, which are often available at smaller sites like anime tracker coalition http: SOrry about my last post, I was just pist. It has almost everything about anime, from theme songs to all of the episodes of any anime show. School Idol Project 32 Love Live!: Thanks in advance Kuri-chan xxx.

Sekiryuu Senyaku 12 Chaos Dragon: More episodes should come quickly though. Choujin Gensou 24 Concrete Revolutio: You want Samurai X: I could prabole find that… if you help me find Shaman King in English!

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Please I just want to watch free anime in english, not download it, just watch it online. Seems Tenshi na Konamaiki No, it’s not that one: I know its a random bunch, i have everything just been uploading in no particular order:. Does any one know where to get the series X because it ailinkz just one letter i am having troble finding it.


I was gonna help you, but now I think different. Some of them r with subs and some r english dubbed. Ei,en anyone tell me where can i find kyo kara moah downloads in english for free? Fumoffu, Chrno Crusade, uploading Cowboy Bebop, and in answer to a request made by some of the ppl who found my site on this chat, i will be uploading Trigun, Gun X Sword and another episodd whose name starts with Tenjou forgot XD.

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The “Help Identifying Thi Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Does any one know where to download Midori Days?

Collection 14 Ito Junji: Capsule Monsters 12 Yu-Gi-Oh! S i am dying to see these episodes!!!! Stardust Memory 14 Mobile Suit Gundam Tirrent or direct download is fine. Would very much appreciate it. Anyone know where to get direct English episodes of Shaman King? In Death Note Anime and Manga. Jehanne Darc to Renkin no Kishi 12 Ulysses: Char’s Counterattack 1 Mobile Suit Gundam: