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But in the 33rd verse of Surah Maryam, ‘Isa as ‘s death is referred to. This is the same with every single book and gospel. What is the Wisdom of Islam? Miryam Maidservant of Allah , is the only female character by name mentioned 34 times in the Quran and as a title of Chapter However, the closest thing to a reference of any executed figure in Jesus’ time period is the Talmudic entry: The Life of Jesus as Revealed to Mary. All the readers are encouraged to read Isaiah in order to see the context of this incident.

Jesus had to seek permission from GOD before performing any Miracle. Both had no known biological fathers. The Bible literally says that. Send page to a friend. He will pass through Judah, He will overflow and pass over, He will reach up to the neck; And the stretching out of his wings Will fill the breadth of Your land, O Immanuel. Even in Latin, it is Iesu , and in Greek it is Iesus.

Hazrat Essa Issa ( Jesus ) A.S ( IN URDU ISLAMIC MOVIE )

Isa Ibn Maryam Arabic: God announces that He has heard Abraham and his wife Hagar’s prayers and gives the name “Ishmael” to the baby, meaning that He had heard their prayers. At the same time, there is a very important message stated in the first verse, concerning the Last Day. Listen also to Jeremiah Archived from the original on 11 October Christian and Islamic view of the man on the cross.


As Bar-Kokhba was falsely assumed as the Messiah he was killed in battle against the Romans in the year A. The fact that this verse was in no way a prophecy to the coming of Jesus is that the child called Emmanuel ibbn born and referred to immediately after this verse.

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Hazrat Essa Issa ( Jesus ) A.S ( IN URDU ISLAMIC MOVIE ) – video dailymotion

The root Word is “Eloh”. When we refer to the Qur’an to iibn the real truth about the Prophet ‘Isa aswe see that:.

The Talmud was written between A. This conversation is further expanded on this website’s blog [ 1html backup ].

A msryam and an admonition to those who fear Allah. The true religion that the Prophet saas taught to humanity is Islam, to which ‘Isa as will be subject when he comes to the earth again.

One will find this quoted repeatedly in Christian polemics trying to prove the historicity of Jesus. Yet not as I will, but as you will. The film was played at the Philadelphia Film Festival.

Mary and Jesus in Islam

A servant is independent and has a free will. See the clear-cut proofs and images here.

Likewise, the Christian Missionary movement has only bred their own undoing: Naryam it may be to the horror of many, mentioning the name “Jesus” is to actually curse him.


We know that ‘Isa as knew the Torah and the Gospel during his lifetime, that is, approximately years ago. Finally, let us point out that there is a very important warning following these verses.

Miracle of Jesus Summarized in one verse in Quran: Another verse says that ‘Isa as did not die, but was taken from the human sphere into the presence of Allah. Mrayam word, likewise, means covered with hair.

Signs of the Last Day – Return to Earth

Allah gave his name as the Ubn, ‘Isa asson of Maryam as. There were two Jesuses with Pontus Pilot. In accordance with Title 17 U. The experiments carried out on the surface of the moon on July 20,may be hinting at the fulfilment of news given 1, years ago in Surat al-Qamar.

Marcus Maryxm 4. Jesus and his mother both thanked GOD for saving Jesus. But what does the “Star” have to do with Jesus? Having supposedly heard this disparaging epithet for Jesus from the Jews, the Christian Missionaries allege that he recorded it by accident in the Qur’an as the name of Jesus.