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I have thought long and hard about what a bio of mine should include The festival is held inParis,Francesince and is at the center of discovery and promotion of the best independent film making talent fromEuropeand beyond. What were my dreams? I can see this film being around for a long time and becoming the subject of women’s studies classes here in the US my major. I found it honest, almost to a fault, candid, and rather selfless as I believe that these women took a large risk speaking out. Mainly women, but men too.

Throughout my life I have known many sex workers. At the same time, it reveals the diversity in backgrounds, histories, and perspectives of the participants. I found the voices of these women to be empowering, and admire them for taking this stand. There is no attempt to sway the viewer or manipulate sentiments. The instructions on password recovery will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. Added by Tommy Ross 0 Comments 0 Likes.

It traverses the terrain of their lives, and gives a human face to the industry. As such, we are the perfect venue for bold and visionary filmmakers to present their work to the cinema-loving public who are actively seeking alternatives to commercial-hungry major studio projects. This is a film that speaks to people, and, more specifically, it speaks to women. I found myself thinking back over my life and my struggles and relating to efu these women face.

It is a film that definitely makes you think and re-evaluate our take on Sex Workers. The escorts in the film were smart and articulate and their stories aamerican more interesting than fiction. Sounds like an interesting job, Lew. To be eligible for the short film competitions films must be 30 minutes or less. Our post-production was done just as fast. Where did I travel?

Posted on May 30, at This unique opportunity gives a chance to the public to get into film making and to the enthusiasts to improve their craft. courtewans


It portrayed the good and bad regarding the industry. This film taught me a lot, and started me thinking. I went home that night, and scenes I saw in the film keep replaying in my head unsettling me. Jury members come ccourtesans all around the globe and have a variety of backgrounds.

This film, in part, helps one understand some of these constraints. The film showed the audience this.

Amercian Courtesans by ECU | Trailers

Learn what it was like to make this heart wrenching, phenomenal documentary and live life with no regrets. Les Miserables – Ladi Ly France. Our editor Bobby Poirier worked with James Johnson, our director, and together they worked magic with this film. I would encourage and recommend viewing of festiva Coutesans” to anyone with preconceived notions about erotic services and the people who provide that work.

Eho – Selman Jusufi Germany. She was able to gain trust from her interviewee subjects in a genuine manner. It showed the women for who they are; their failures and their successes.

What was the process like of making the film?

Y – Marie Petiot France. For myself and many of the women, the film was both empowering and cathartic. Was this review helpful? I simply wanted others to see what I did. Our annual festival showcases films that demonstrate quality, innovation, and creativity in both form and content. I found myself connecting with the women because I could see their faces.

Films will be returned during the week following the close of the festival. It was refreshing to see a film about the industry that doesn’t have the slant of either conservative or liberal media.

I enjoyed the film for it’s candidness and the remarkable vourtesans these women had for agreeing to be interviewed for the film.


ECU Film Festival

So, my opinion is go see this film. Hey Kristen, Thanks for adding me to your friends list. Sign Up or Sign In. Powerful bella 7 January All the best, Charles. I found a mistake! Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! I attended The Women’s International Film and Arts Festival in Miami, Fl for the third year and once again saw so many great films and this year it was “American Courtesans” that caught my attention.

The last novel I wrote is Selling Flesh about the porn industry – The tag line is “Killing Dreams One Girl At A Time” – The public is oblivious to the issues and most often just consider it dirty without knowing how many lives are lost to make billions of dollars for organized crime. I can see this film being around for a long time and becoming the subject of women’s studies classes here in the US my major.

These individuals are some of the most intelligent, honest and compassionate people I have ever met. We questioned them for so long that Pearl almost missed her plane.

Keep up the good work, each life saved because of your work is your reward, it is worth it. At other times, the stories take a surprisingly humorous turn. How wonderful that you are doing American Courtesans about the sex trades. I needed to make enough to continue supporting myself, but at the same time, I needed to work fewer hours with less stress.