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The protests later spread to Amhara, with demands for an end to arbitrary arrests, as well as respect for regional autonomy rights enshrined in the constitution. Five different lineages were identified. Haste Ye Back 9. Thus, identification of strains circulating in a certain geographic region using molecular tools can contribute to 2 the TB control program of that region. Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of the Study Subjects. Thu Jun 23 –

Demand that the regime respect freedom of religion and stop interfering in religious affairs. All three strains seem to be specific for the Bahir Dar city and its surroundings since they were not reported previously from other sites in Ethiopia [3, 14, 17, 18]. Thu Jun 16 – Thu Jul 28 – In January, her husband was arrested, alongside three other men. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Rights groups are alarmed that the primary evidence used to convict Okello was a confession obtained while Okello was in solitary confinement. Leave your own Scottish problems in the comments below!

Therefore, we humbly request you to exert your energy and diplomatic skills to create conducive political environment for establishment of the rule of law in Ethiopia.

None of us hesitated to wear the t-shirts — they were fresh and clean and our souls were desperately looking beyond the centre and to getting back to our homes; we were exhausted and looking forward to resume the life we left. His friend survived the knife attack by running away. Ethiopia must probe and prosecute culprits of recent killings: There have been reports that Okello was beaten and tortured.

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Forty-five of the total 89 strains were identified as orphan strains in the present study and shown in Table 3. Oromia Parr, who were in charge of the interrogations, thrashed, kicked, and punched the detainees during interrogation.

Mon Oct 24 – This study was aimed to assess the types of isolates from patients with UTI and to determine their current an. Unknown proportions of tuberculosis cases remain undiagnosed and untreated as result of several factors which further increases the number of tuberculosis cases per index case. Research conducted by Amnesty International and the Open Observatory of Network Interference shows that between June and October this year during times of heightened tension and protests, access to WhatsApp and at least 16 news outlets was blocked, especially in the Oromia region.


Known strains of M. Mid last year, she watched as military officers shot dead her uncle for challenging their attacks and harassment at a village meeting.

Nearly one year on from the start parf a wave of protests that has left at least people dead at the hands of security forces, the Ethiopian government must take concrete steps to address grave human rights concerns in the moviee, Amnesty International said today. Sample and Data Collection. While about 4, refugees voluntarily returned home after the swearing in of the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the remaining 6, still fear for their safety if they return home.

Sun Oct 09 – Box Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Email: Thu Jul 28 – Sun Aug 21 – The Oromo, who constitute more than forty percent of the population of Ethiopia, have been the target of attack by the minority Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front TPLF dominating the Ethiopian regime for over two decades.

Slovenia 2 – https: Fri Jul 08 – Descriptive statistics were used to depict the demographic and clinical variables.

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Hypertension is one of the most common causes of premature death and morbidity and has a major impact on health care costs. Introduction The incidence of TB has continued to increase in many parts of the world [1].

On the other hand, it was lower than those reported by several other national studies [15, 16, 21] and international studies e. It can be hypothesized that East-African Indian ancestral strains spread back from Asia to Africa through India as a result of human migration [30].


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Once we reached the toilet pits, we had to sit side by side and do our business. Factors associated with patient’s delay in tuberculosis treatment in Bahir Dar City administration, Exstafro Ethiopia. Abebe Wakene remains in detention with no giwet charges against him. Fri Jun 17 – Additionally, identification of M.

Sat Jul 02 – These strains contributed Mon Oct 10 – Wed Jul 13 – However, prevalence and risk fact. We were all in it together and we all survived. Fri Dec 30 – These selections take us from the North East to South East as he guides us through the beautiful landscapes rich in history and culture and talks to the local people about how these areas have changed. In this note, he shares what he witnessed during his stay at Awash Sebat Military Training Centre, which was turned into a rehabilitation centre for people arrested during the State of Emergency.

America’s War in the Horn of Africa: I could hear them crying and begging their torturers to stop. Before our arrival, they had only one during breakfasts.

Tue Jun 21 – Police unit unlawfully killing people must be stopped Amnesty International31 May Thu Jun 16 – Cinderella performed by the Scottish Ballet: Wed Jul 27 – This study aimed to characterize MTBC clinical isolates circulating in parg.

By clicking register, I agree to your terms. They were triggered by attempts by the security forces to arrest Colonel Demeka Zewdu, one of the leaders of the Wolqait Identity and Self-Determination Committee, on alleged terrorism offences. This all paints a picture of a government intent on stifling expression and free exchange of information.