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You are commenting using your WordPress. Community Forum Software by IP. Another stupid thing is earth angle change, this almost impossible without apocalyptic impact, magnetic field wouldn’t survive after that so this means end of life due to radiation and atmosphere lose. There never has been regardless of what people might think reading past reviews that have seen me be quite critical. Every time I’ve tried using Fill from behind camera, I’ve been unhappy with the results. Taking the budget into account and knowing full well not to expect high art as it is not the type of film, ‘Earthfall’ is an example of a film that is so cheaply made you seriously question why they even tried. Good plot to start, good actors, good acting. On the rare occasions I’ve tried it, I’ve never been happy.

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Will very, very quickly repeat what was said for the equally awful ‘Destruction: Sprinkle weaponized anthrax on my pancakes, I’d be in a rush to griddle up my pancakes. As a member of this website for over 7 years, I am completely independent and honest about how I view and rate films. That’s how it felt watching ‘Earthfall’. This is one of the worst and most laughable movies currently on sale. This movie is just a waste of resources!

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Anybody fussy about continuity will have a field day spotting all the errors, ‘Earthfall’ is loaded with them. It’s just god awful. Edit Did You Know? The usual bunch of TV actors, down on their luck to a man, attempt to figure out a way to stop things.

It was intended as a subtle edge, but I turned it off just before we rolled The light from the roof behind the character on the left was natural daylight. I think that first wide is the strongest shot looks really dark, but without a heavy hand at all. Los Angeles’, as what is about to be said applies for ‘Earthfall’ too.

For a movie with such grandeur title, Earthfall is more like a local neighborhood watch or mall cops running around in random field. Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties? Photos Add Image Add an aerthfall Do you have any images for this title? When we scouted it had great shafts of sunlight throughout the lobby. We follow his perilous journey along with a well-realised wise-cracking sidekick across the now dangerous post-apocalyptic wastelands of the US of A.


Did you know that hackers like giving away random vital information? While we were shooting Mathew Libatique was scouting the lobby for a car commercial. Sprinkle kovie anthrax on my pancakes, I’d be in a rush to griddle up my pancakes.

The plot moves along and the story keeps you engaged enough as tension builds for the climatic finale. It’s a great shooting space. Sooooo much more could have come from this movie than just another “shoot-em- up-bang-bang” debacle.


Earthfall (2015)

However they get caught in a storm and they are forced to land in what is thought to be The music is intrusive and at odds with the mood and action with no exceptions.

I managed to sit through around 20 minutes of this film before the appalling script, rather poor budgt and unimpressive special effects proved too much for me. Remember me This is not recommended for earthfall computers. Start your free trial.

Needless to say, mentioning Matthew McConaughey is already an undeserving praise for them. So it makes difficult to accept that there is any believable aspect to this story in any form.

Michael Bay take note – you don’t need explosions every ten seconds, just when it’s necessary. Full Cast and Crew. Their entire production team walked through our set, while we were rolling The characters have no development to them and infuriate in how stupidly and obnoxiously, with no logic in sight, they behave throughout.

Any time you switch a lamp on you are adding ambience as well as direct light, because light bounces around, unless you are shooting in a totally black room. That’s how it felt watching ‘Earthfall’.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Nor is there bias against disaster earthdall, again there are some good ones, despite what has been said about some in the past. It’s not a right or wrong thing, just a personal taste thing. My summary heading is how my friend described budbet picture; spent a few dollars buying it on DVD and that is about how much it looks that the makers of this awful flick spent to make it.


Whomever gave it a 10 out of Nancy Lannon Denyse Tontz See the full gallery. Story is unsurprisingly mundane, there’s a planet out of orbit or the sort. I hope bjdget realise their names and affiliations can be traced, as I’ve seen reviews from people on here that have actually been tied down to directors, actors, and other frauds.

There never has been regardless of what people might think reading past reviews that have seen me be quite critical. Steven Lannon Michelle Stafford There were heaps of flaws in the movie, of course. Sign in to vote.

Guy James David Rich Well I had high hopes of a fun B Grade classic. Looks great, would you mind breaking down your lighting setup for the wide cabin interior Edit Details Release Date: There were a lot of other windows in this cabin, so much of the bbudget was in blocking the windows and using negative fill to shape what was naturally there.

I know you have and I bet the other movies with this type of plot were ten time better.

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When the end comes, Steve is determined that despite the odds he has to find both his wife and daughter. The movie should not exist! Tony is mostly there for comic relief — the dude is kind of drug-addled, but honestly Steve is a real dick to him, particularly since he is the one friend Steve has who is still alive.

Perhaps I should have said that the difference between the two is that fill is deliberately placed, whereas ambience just happens.