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Component with a transparent scratch-resistant protective gradient layer consisting of silicon, oxygen, hydrocarbon residues and a metal whose oxides absorb UV light. Apparatus with labyrinth heat exchanger for the sputtering depositionof thin films. Door girl movie next. College dorm sex vids. For the aforementioned embodiments Stainless was used. The required etching steps can be carried out wet-chemically or by ion bombardment back sputtering. Technical data prepared according to the invention, thin-film strain gauge systems: Kayitsiz porno olmadan filmler.

Rotatable substrate supporting mechanism with temperature sensing device for use in chemical vapor deposition equipment. Es kann auch auf der Plattenelektrode 3 ein Drehteller angeordnet werden nicht dargestellt. Japon cums online izle. Masaj dick porno izle bedava. This has the advantage that the device is very quick changeover with respect to different devices for introducing gaseous substances. Construction of the rotary plate located on the ring electrode: The present electrically insulating layers also show a particularly good chemical resistance to aggressive liquids and gases.

Moreover, the possibility to selectively adjust the thickness and composition of the layer, the creeping of the spring material substrate material opens to compensate. Phalos ile porno video lezbiyen. In the cathode sputtering sputteringthe material of the elektricsh of a target plate Target is removed by ion bombardment and deposited onto the substrate. The flange 43 serves as a connection to the RF generator system, and is vacuum-tight and electrically insulated on the bottom plate 37 fed out of the evacuable chamber.

The present electrically insulating layers also show a particularly good chemical resistance to aggressive liquids and gases. Date of ref document: Component with a transparent scratch-resistant protective gradient layer consisting fklm silicon, oxygen, hydrocarbon residues and a metal elejtrisch oxides absorb UV light. The electrical connections of the resistance bridge formed of four gold wires which are attached on the formed out of the layer 7 of gold contact pads by thermo-compression.

In the PCVD produced in the plant 9 high frequency plasma, the injected gas is split.

FR Ref legal event code: About the formed by the central bores 11,13 and 19 channel gases from the reaction chamber via a connected to a pump port 21 vacuum pump not shown sucked. Bedava porno kizi izle cezalandirildi.

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From DE-OS 30 41 Thin-film strain gauge systems are known in which inorganic layers of silicon oxide or silicon nitride by plasma chemical vapor deposition are attached. Construction of the rotary plate located on the ring electrode: X porno video dar kedi.


The material combination of the running surfaces is also bronze on hard chromium, also silicone oil can improve the sliding properties and heat conduction.

RF sputtering is also a known method of forming a material layer on a substrate. Kind code of ref document: Device according to claim 1, characterized in that the plate electrode 3 for displacement of the electrode drehheller the axial direction over an insulator with a vacuum-tight manner in the evacuatable chamber 1 in guided sliding bushing 55 is connected. By selecting a suitable anneal time, the influence of temperature on the resistance can be kept negligibly small.

Reference to the drawings, embodiments of the invention will be described and explained in its operation. The arrangement of substrates can be done in two electrodes.

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The layer located on the resist layer 5, 7 of electrically highly conductive material, such as gold, for the connection contact is also generated by RF sputtering. Thin film strain gauge systems are known from the European patent application 53, in which the electrically insulating layer of polyimide, polyamide, or epoxy-modified polyimides, the layer materials applied as a solution on the substrate, spun and are cured by an annealing treatment.

DE DEA1 en In known methods for depositing a layer of a polymer by sputtering, the polymer is itself prepared in the form of a plate or a sheet or a powder targets first. When the material to be sputtered is a non-conductor or an insulator, it is preferable to use a high frequency voltage to avoid the build-up of surface charges on the insulator and the resulting loss in accelerating voltage.

The layers can be in any suitable for the dehteller purpose thickness between 0,2pm and prepare 20um.

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The invention also relates to a prepared using the procedure outlined thin-film strain gauge system having an elastically deformable, flexible substrate, on which an elastic insulating elektgisch and on this a structured resistance layer and a highly electrically conductive layer with a structure for the electrical contacting are attached and a method for producing such a strain gauge system.

On this ring can as axially support roller brackets radially mounted on the turntable and place it with its end face against the surface which is also temperature-controlled via a Temperierlabyrinth plate electrode 3, so that on the one hand a good heat conduction takes place and on the other hand, the rotation is not hindered.


The invention has for its object to provide a device of the type mentioned, which can be used for both the deposition of layers by a plasma chemical vapor deposition process as well as by means of a RF sputtering process that allows a wide variability of the process control, which therefore can be easily converted to different desired process guides which can be easily dismantled, elektrizch is easy to clean and ensures a particularly good homogeneity of the thickness of the layers produced.

This is advantageous when considering the reliability and long-term stability of the measuring sensor.

This object is inventively achieved in that a fixed axial first electrode having a central bore ring electrode and a counter electrode plate electrode are arranged centrally in the evacuable chamber, wherein the ring electrode is disposed on a bipartite insulator block having an upper, at the ring electrode adjacent and provided with a central bore of the ring electrode corresponding central bore first portion and the second with an immediately adjacent to the first part, on the bottom plate of the evacuatable chamber via a connection piece required for the evacuation of the chamber vacuum pump rests, the connecting piece leaving clear Part.

Glimmentladungs-Polymerisation ist eine bekannte Technik zur Abscheidung einer Lage eines organischen oder anorganischen Polymers.

Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. With the introduction of the gaseous substances on the multichamber annular distributor has the advantage that a very good drehtellwr of the gas flow is ensured, which leads to an drfhteller good uniformity of layer thickness of the layers produced.

According to Figure 2, the central suction is interrupted. Porno zrklyh bayanlar izle.