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The sixth season’s debut episode, All or Nothing , was dedicated in his memory. He is the nephew of Craig and cousin of Gabe, Jason and Burt. And in Florida, the Chapman crew is back to logging and desperate for green gold, but a huge storm threatens their efforts to keep the business afloat. He competes against himself, against the machine and against the weather. Based in Superior, Wisconsin , this company was formed in to salvage old-growth lumber structures so the material can be reused. According to Greg Hueckel, the DNR’s fish and wildlife habitat programs director, “Logs provide a key function for rivers in trapping sediment, harboring insects and other food for fish, and creating pools and riffles where fish can rest.

They specialize in “heli-logging”: The Louisiana Bayou has been home to many key moments in history, from early Native American settlements to the Civil War battles, and it’s up to Shelby and the Professor to uncover the evidence and preserve the Swamp’s history for generations to come. S 9 E 10 Every Log Has Its Day Aired on Jan 24, As Papac Alaska pushes deeper into their seven thousand acre site, Joe and Coatsy hike out into the harsh wilderness to devise a plan of attack for the next section of this massive project. Gustafson Logging Company is a clearcut logging company based out of Astoria, Oregon. Two new crews appear in this season: Gary Champagne and Eddie Frashier have lived, hunted, and fished in the Mississippi River delta for years.

Papac Alaska Logging is one of their clients. Two new crews appear in this season: The first six seasons have been released on DVDboth as individual volumes and as a box sets.

‘Ax Men’ Season 9 Cast

This company, owned by David Zitterkopf, harvests timber from remote areas in the western United States. Melvin has always succeeded where others have failed, though, and he’s hoping his freadknots will hold out on this job. This crew, headed by Clint Roberts, has been working to recover logs from the Withlacoochee for over four years. For job sites on islands, the Ketchikan, Alaska -based tugboat company Olson Marine hauls Papac’s seeason over the water to reach a collection point.

With only two weeks left in the season the Ax Men are sprinting to the finish line. His sons Gabe, Jason and Burt are his business partners. Dreadknots Logging and Wisconsin Woodchuck. S 9 E 5 Family Tree Aired on Dec 20, With Rygaard off to a tough start this season, Gabe is left with no choice but to call upon his son Aidan to step up and fill the family shoes.


One of the company’s support truckers is Todd Dewey, who is also an ice road trucker during winter. The company takes contracts to cut timber in Aeason ‘s second growth forests.

Rodney, mate Dale Willis and deckhand Robert Lucero live, work, eat, sleep and breathe Olson Marine—and they have all the harrowing stories to prove it. But the real challenge is navigating the massive haul through a maze of jagged islands, hidden deadheads, strong currents and unpredictable weather that often springs up on a moment’s notice—and making it to the mill all without losing a single log along the way.

Two new crew appears alongside these five:. Gary Champagne and Eddie Frashier have lived, hunted, and fished in the Mississippi River delta for years. List of Ax Men episodes. But finding the right logs will push them deeper and deeper into the gator-infested wilderness, and it’ll take everything they have to survive the swamp Chris was replaced by Katelyn Sims, who plays the role of Dave’s cousin, but in reality, the two are in fact unrelated, in Season 7.

Over in Wyoming, David Zitterkopf is limping to the finish line, so he puts out a desperate call to his brother for reinforcements. This company, owned by Greg Chapman, has been recovering logs from Florida’s rivers for 15 years and currently works the St.

The crew, which includes his sons Zane, Ethan, and Levi, camps on dread,nots job sites. Views Read Edit View history. And when logs need to get from the island on which they’re harvested to the island on which they’ll be processed, it’s Olson Marine to the rescue. Meanwhile at Rygaard, Gabe gives son Aiden a baptism of fire in the rigging, which pushes him to breaking point and raises doubts about his dreadknkts in the family business.


Gabe Rygaard was killed in an automobile accident on September 16, at the age of 45 years old. This job is about more than just cashing in–Shelby’s client needs top quality logs to build high-end furniture that will raise money for a local charity. S 9 E 8 Outdoors: They specialize in “heli-logging”: Based in Superior, Wisconsinthis company was formed in to salvage old-growth lumber structures so the material can be reused. There was an error!

dreadknogs And the Swampman calls upon his trusty Swamp Buggy in a desperate attempt to win over a new client.

Greg Chapman may have hit the jackpot when he pulls an extremely rare double barrel log from the St John’s River.

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In Florida, a mutiny forces Greg Chapman to get back to his roots and pull some logs to keep his company afloat, but the old pro may have lost his touch. Route in Port Angeles, Washington. One of the last remaining logging tug boat companies in America, Olson is a family-run business whose playground is some of the roughest water in southeast Alaska.

Meanwhile on the Mississippi, Delta Gary and Eddie blow up their business to cash in on green gold.

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He has recruited Patrick Swilley from Collins to work as his diver. Michael is working alongside his childhood buddies at Stump Branch, but lifelong friendship won’t get him anywhere when it comes to learning the logging business. He competes against himself, against the machine sseason against the weather.

Down on the Mississippi Delta, newcomers Gary and Eddie need to step up their game rdeadknots their venture goes belly up. To succeed, this greenhorn—an old face in a new place—will need to check his ego, prove he can keep up and win over the toughest critic of all… Captain Rodney.