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At least I can. Which from their POV is for no reason at all lol. Guy in Tommy Dream 5 episodes, Garrett Davis I want to love him, I want to kiss him!! Understood and completely agree. No wait, dont surprise me, give me what I want!! They start raging at Manager Park, who stands up and tells everyone that they should have their resignation letters ready.

Thank you so much for the recap, Koala, as we non-Korean viewers, with no Chinese either, rely on you recappers to go through the days waiting and waiting for the subs to come on. GJ had totally flipped over AJ. So can someone clarify something to me, would this should have been a book LTM fall under romance rather than rom com drama….? I just love your recaps which are witty ,funny and your comments is like a dessert to my morning breakfast. Ah Jung says that Jeju is just like mom. Interrogator 2 5 episodes, I am so biased.

Ki Joon ends up speaking on her behalf, and he can converse in French and Japanese with the members of those nationalities. Sinipsis ketika kondisi ekonomi Jae-hee memburuk ia kemudian menjadi putus asa untuk keluar dari kemiskinan. I LOVE that Ki Joon went to help Ah Jung, and that he spent the entire episode pretty much assisting her and watching her be awesome at her job and try so damn hard. Episofe, AJ and KJ are so freaking amazing together!

I agree with your comment that LTM plot is very flimsy when the writer conveniently forgets that KJ agrees to wait till the simpering YJ gets over him, but then he goes on awooing AJ with might and main. These two have the most illogical and dysfunctional relationship.

Anyone sniopsis that the fake hubby carries the marriage contract around in his pocket…. Everyone at the meeting thinks Ah Jung just volunteered for the Jeju assignment dramatied are happy none of them need to go.

Ki Joon takes Ah Jung to a hotel and hands her a schedule of the people she is here to meet. Ah Jung tries to call So Ran but her phone is turned off. Mwahahaha, oh Ince Joon, how can I ever take you seriously anymore when I can see that the real you is such a cut-up. The Last Chance Which, so far they are good. Gjy thing about KJ being capable and efficient yet dorky on the inside and AJ being ditzy yet strong and capable on the inside?


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Lie to Me Episode 11 Recap

OMO Doublesbubbles for real? Sang Hee was only five. Her boss finds out the person dining with the Minister is Hyun Ki Joon and wants to go say hello, but is stopped by Ah Jung who says that everyone looks busy over there discussing important matters. That is what you want? Maybe if she lets go, in the end she can get together with Sang hee. Thank you very much for thedetailed episode. Anyways, we still have out dear Ms. The nicce stupid nonsense, not showing their true feelings.

Eun-gi akhirnya menemukan fakta tentang rencana Ma-ru yang hanya memanfaatkannya dan akhirnya mereka pun putus. LTM is my temporary refuge to sanity and so loving it hahaha.

She thanks him and promises to repay him. I think we should not be bickering if this is a well written one or not. But back to our OTP, wow, these two really ignite.

kutudrama: Update Sinopsis Nice Guy Episode 13

Just watch whatever we enjoy. Can zinopsis salvage this with guuy 4 eps to go. I really wanna watch ep He is all geared up to rip the contract to pieces, to court AJ earnestly and to turn himself from fake to real hubby for her.

Ah Jung smiles and says thank you to Ki Joon. Finally some conversation that makes sense and has some finality! Of course not, couples meet, go to movies, hold hands, then kiss.

He tells her that he gets sea sick and to wait for a helicopter he chartered to arrive. Welcome to our world!


I bring the popcorn!!! He just gotta let Ki joon and Ah jung be together because it means ki Joon can be with his one true love and Sang hee does not make the same mistake with he did with Ki Joon and Yoon Joo. The plot have not have moved much but the scenes were coming fast and thick.

Floyd Degraw 5 episodes, Itu lho, lagunya Cakra Khan yang akhir-akhir ini lagi booming banget di dunia musik Indonesia. Ah Jung guu course flashes back to their Cola Kiss. Ki Joon tells Ah Jung that the contract is over between them and he never wants Ah Jung to lie for him anymore. Search for ” The Innocent Man ” on Amazon. The poor guy had to memorize so much. Romance novels get a bad rap because of their bosom-heaving covers, lol-tastic titles and some admittedly horrendous books in the lower-echelon ranks, but also remember that out of all genres dfamatized fiction, it is the best selling not sure about other countries, but romance in the US is a multi-billion dollar empire.

Thats to transport us into a fluffy paradise of dreamy heart-palpitating romances where smoochy kisses abound amidst ridiculously but oooh-so-delicious love gestures ,WITHOUT killing any leads off or worse,give us the anti-climax of not ending up together! Ah Jung and Ki Joon walk the members out to their car and make an appointment to meet tomorrow.

Audible Download Audio Books. GJ had totally flipped over AJ. Ki Joon comes out onto the balcony of his hotel room with a beer in hand. He shoves Ah Jung inside and they take off.