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Yeah I saw Rie put pearl earrings on at Episode 4 or so: And she’s not a bad actress. I hope she doesn’t though because I really like the chemistry between the two. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. If it had offended anyone in the process, however, I apologize. Kim August 14, at 8:

And I don’t understand what’s with all the Mok Dan bashing at least in the viki comments. That was what Kang-to was begging Mok Dan and his father to confess. It’s brave to tackle such a sensitive topic, when the Japanese government is still denying what happened, to the point of omitting it from their history textbooks. I believe that Shunji will remain suspicious of him, but couldnt do anything yet since his accusation is baseless. She gets kicked in return, but breaks free and runs. The show had me screaming and pulling my hair and we’re just on the half way mark. Shunji walks with her a while, as Kang-to trails behind them.

I still believe, that what ultimately saved Kang-to, was those independence fighters not knowing that he is Gaksital. Kimura watches with wide eyes and Takayama also stands in the background. Can she call out the members of the circus to help save Gakistal?

Hanna August 9, at Okay, maybe not Clark Kent. I wonder if there are stunt doubles or the leads do their own stunts.

I identify more with my Japanese side, and to make it more complicated, I’m also married to a Korean. Shunji glares, no less hurt and betrayed than if Kang-to had donned the mask right then and there, and tells him to say it again. Of course, we could argue that he should really step up his game now that there’s more at stake, but it’s so easy to mess up when you’re under so much pressure, I guess. With your own hands. He cocks at gun at Gaksital, holding his father hostage.


Gaksital: Episode 21 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Thank damabeans 1n2d is schedule episodee air as usual even with Olympics. He cuts right to the heart: The dudes head over heels for you. Remember that during this time, Japan was one of the most powerful countries in terms of military strength.

Lee Kang To, our hero, is slowly discovering that there is a bigger reason to fight for, and Shunji, once the nice guy, is slowly becoming the monster we once feared that our hero will become.

Shunji also fucks with my brain, I think it’s his switching back and forth that actually sends shivers down my spine. Yeah it’s so horrifying. Yuhotarubi July 20, at 9: Awe July 13, at 8: I was waiting a whole week for the new ep! But i’m so glad that the badass Kang-To’s back!

Props to Shunji who managed to keep a straight face when he was looking at that photo! I want her to be bad ass. It was a 133 he rramabeans know? Oh also, I forgot to say something! The humiliated policemen trudge back into the station, where they tell Shunji that Gaksital showed up. Attendees shriek and take cover. Koiso smirks, the weasel. I read about a lot of freedom fighters in different countries like France, Korea, etc, and maybe you should read about them and understand their motives, take the Algerian history for example, when France colonized Algeria, and let me know what you think.

I mean, I read one comment saying Mok Dan need to eat dramabenas the words she said to Kang To in the episode. Does he even wear anything else, ever? Daddy and Son go to check it out immediately. This is not good.


I have to agree with you, the subject of comfort women is a sensitive one that I would rather discuss in a more serious tone and setting. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

There’s a cougar after your man. Thanks for the assurance! I’m invested in every aspect of this show.

Pray, tell me what do you suppose the Koreans should do when the Japanese occupied their land gaksigal commit all those atrocities? Every single actor delivered.

I am just curious OMG the drama didn’t end with Kangto -Shunji face-off. Probably the French cinema, which does not sell well in America for obvious, irreconcilable differences between Anglo and French dramatic philosophies. He really has to understand at least some of what his brother felt now. Page 1 Page 2 Next page.

Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

Yay for development of other characters. I’m not saying he should use samurai sword, just make that bamboo thingy longer so that it could protect him better. Because I love her! Maya July 12, at 8: MsB July 19, at 6: Notify me of new comments via email.

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How will I wait till next week?!!!!! Goodness, this is the definition of a skin crawling episode.