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Syed Rizwan Wasti — was a Radio Pakistan, Karachi’s radio news broadcaster and a film and television actor. Babar Javed and Furqan Khan directed this remarkable serial. Member feedback about 1st Indus Drama Awards: YouTube 25 days ago. YouTube 10 years ago. Sadaf Haider Oct 24, If I may add my pennyworth of suggestion – enlighten us a little more with what were the criteria for each title to step up the ladder.

About Categories Privacy Policy Contact. Sophia Oct 22, Maybe pay attention to the storyline next time? This serial proved that budget should never be a limitation on quality because strong performances, a good script and great camera work can overcome anything. Being good is not good enough, you have to be exceptional. A really impressive list and I am totally with you on the payback for killing Afzal: Kiran Akhtar thanks Kiran..

They are now found in Pakistan and India.

Tahira Wasti

Kankar deserves to be on this list. Babar Javed and Furqan Khan directed this remarkable serial. Sadaf Haider Oct 24, This many-layered story explains in detail the fallout from such a tragedy and builds to a shocking climax, while pointing out the dpisode our society fails victims.

U forgot 2 dramas Mere qaatil mere dildaar, exceptional drama, everything looked as if it was real. Life isn’t that easy to overcome problems in quick successions. It takes time to settle in many years and the value of life that ‘Man Mayal showed was nowhere to real happenings – in an ordinary or a well-heeled person’s life. Umair its at number 3.


Meekal Zulfiqar and Vasay Chaudhry hosted the show second time, after hosting the 1st ceremony.

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Paari and David are good friends, deama are often shown to be hanging out with each other. Hamza Ali Abbasi shot to stardom with his wonderful performance under the expert guidance of director Nadeem Baig. For those who criticize the crying women theme, they are simply portraying the reality. Maria Wasti born on Aug 14, [1] is a Pakistani film, television actress and host. YouTube 6 years ago. It’s not easy being number 1. YouTube 10 years ago. So hold on to that diyaParo, there is dya oil in the lamp.

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Now, this list was not easy to compile. Naushad Ali gave fantastic music. Nishat Oct 21, Raga Sarang is today considered the flagship raga of raganga Sarang. Esrial Oct 23, But then Paari is not happy because Salman, Insanely Atheist hareem paternity was never an issue but asher’s lack of trust and communication. Also add the year they went on-air and also the channel that broadcast them. Adaptations The novel was dramatized by PTV in and was quite popular.


Safia loves Paari a lot. Adnan DhoolSanam Marvi Composer: Big fan of Pakistani serials here.

The ones that did make it to the Top 10 have these things in common: Some of those who stayed in Iraq settled in Wasit. MK Oct 21, Insanely Atheist Oct 21, Aunn Zara ,Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

Member feedback about Deaths in March Mohabbat Subah Ka Sitara Hai? How can even ignore khuda aur muhabbat the best drama in the history of Debleez Dramas.

Shehry Oct 21, Sadaf Haider Oct 21, Zayd ibn Ali was martyred in Kufa, Iraq; many of his descendants either srial to al-Hijaz or remained in Iraq. Kashkol TV series topic Kashkol Urdu: Zaidi or people belonging to this family can be found all over the world, especially in Iran and Indo-Pak subcontinent. Anon Oct 21, Dil, Diya, Dehleez Urdu: It was excellent drama. Member feedback about 1st Indus Drama Awards: MasoodHaider Oct 21,