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Sameena khan Date Of Birth: Goldie 16th Jun – 1: Missed ur smile nd ur dashing photosss Ummmmmmmmmaaaa……. Suhasini asks him about meeting. Welcome to our channel Stars Biography. World famous boxer Amir Khan loves to be pakistan. She asks him not to remove this, my angry young man.

Manohar says I will come there. Suhasini says I trusted you as you were with Abhay, I hope facts are right, I m doubting on reports now. Its still not clear to me why Swadhu didnt get the Principal to testify the fact that Asad was i gormer to Yash. Why my comments are not getting moderated soon. Blink 16th Jun – But I dont agree that Dahleez is a boring serial and sas bahu serials are better.

Minister shows drzma report to Manohar. Mamu and Mami cry. So many negative persons in a single family against one looks unreal. Babar Ali Biography Full Name: Yes, some scenes were not necessary. Previous Page 2 of 2.

Swadheenta tells there were two guys at building, there were four guys at blast site, no one has seen that fourth guy, drsma that fourth guy wearing jacket was shooting at Abhay, he was Arvind.

Koel 16th Jun – 2: Manohar asks to whom is this related. Manohar and Jaidev get shocked. Asif Raza Mir Babar Javed He holds the jacket and shows. I think Jai wil tell Adarsh and that adarsh becomes alive again.


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Everyone look on shocked. She says I m tired, I will get tea. She aims the gun, and asks inspector to freeze. I also agree that Swad imagining the crime scenes were unreal.

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Missed ur smile nd ur dashing photosss Ummmmmmmmmaaaa……. Ruby 16th Jun – 3: When she was interrogating Yash about the calls received that day it could have substantiated her point that Asad informed him about the terrorist activity.

Alif Episode Alif 2 months ago. Yes pls make it interesting and freedom should put these men behind bars. Lahore k Edhi Center main isa bi ho sakta hai Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

Al-Noor Orchard is a well developed, secured, highly affordable and aesthetically designed I think Swad is unaware of the fact that Episoee appointed Asad or she may be keeping it secret as Brahmastra. She says there was cross firing between you and terrorist, you lost the terrorist for some time after terrorist threw the smoke can.

Manohar says I will come there.

Last updated Jun 15, V tru poornima jai s a dra,a himself n so is his dad. Suhasini says I appeal to court not to delay, court gave her 3 days for not delaying more, we want to know what happened new. He says its written in reports, we heard gunshots and entered that building. Adarsh should have been thinking logically by now but he disappoints us!


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Why isnt Haider mentioning it to Swadhy that Asad was appointed as an Informer by the College with the approval of the Princi!! Watch the best Pakistani soaps, dramas and lifestyle programs right here Sign in Recover your password. Suhasini asks him about meeting. She says look at him, how he is holding the jacket, note this, Asad held jacket like this.

Salma Younus Produced By: Reema khan biography Real Name: Suhasini asks what do you want dehlsez say.

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Goldie 16th Jun – 3: Hope both episdoe u will reunite …. She says terrorists run into an abandoned plot, no one went there. They only saw Asad on terrace.

I think the only two honrst men in Sinha family is Adarsh and Abhay. Looks like she is shutting off her logical mind purpously. Im gonna try to write at least one a week srry, SO busy Suhasini asks what does this matter.

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