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Despite a few misgivings Feroz Khan has managed to impress in this debut role. I wish our film industry also gets fully evolved Kindly restore the crisp image of our drama industry. The story telling has been dragged with repeated scenes and I failed to understand why every other drama depicts brother in law lusting after her sister in law or vice versa and the wife being weak and blind. FATF chief criticised for failing to take action against Modi. When will Pakistan get its billion-dollar tech company? Even though Shiraz is well aware of what Numair is capable of doing, he accepts that Rameen must be at fault.

Everyone Rameen meets loves dressing her up just the way kids like dressing up their. Strategic realism stands on the concept of the authority of the state as an authoritative actor. For sure the drama industry has evolved quite remarkably in the last years. The star of the show though is without doubt Syed Jibran. There is no doubt about that our writers had played a big role in making our dramas globally hit. They are more superior in Quality and theme than the indian ones. This show might sound weird to many of us but the story they are trying to narrate forms a cruel part of our society, sadly.

War is not a picnic, former Indian spy chief warns BJP-led govt.

Chup Raho Episode 10 – Ary Digital Drama Series

This subject shouldn’t be touched at all if you can’t exactly portray the sadistic crime that was committed and all the evil family members from the mother to the sister and even the guy who supposedly loved the victim. Mar 06, It could have been used as an awareness message for the masses but poor direction and baseless dragging of episodes ruined the inherent message in it.

This show might sound weird to many of us but the story they are trying to narrate forms a cruel part of our society, sadly. This drama glorifies rape. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. When saved by Shiraz, she enters his house as little more than a maid but constantly challenges him, and for want of a better word almost flirts with him.


Her main concern is her husband. What happened to our Writers? Chup Raho has been directed by Yasir Nawaz, a master at building suspense and captivating his audience. Alvida — Episode 2 Fatima Awan February 18, Goodness what has television come to. Both India and Pakistan need a paradigm shift to move from covert warfare to strategic realism.

Most of the times Numair gets a chance to be alone with Rameen erama she has to go downstairs. This is excusable since there are very few professional acting schools in Pakistan unlike India.

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raoh Comments 15 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. I was very distracted while watching this episode. Chup Raho — Episode 04 admin September 9, I am not saying that but these words of wisdom were uttered by our heroine when she told Shiraz off for letting Numair use his apartment for. Numair has definitely not changed, there was a time when.

Pakistani dramas carry a message and a storyline. On a mobile phone?

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Now that I come to think of it. Similarly, Azar with all chupp promises of eternal love and devotion is bought off by Numair with a high-paying job, a car, perks and advantages.

What’s in a name: I hate to say this but Chup Raho is going downhill with every passing episode. This crap is garnering favorable reviews? Even though Shiraz is well aware of what Numair is capable of feruary, he accepts that Rameen must be at fault.

Whether chpu talk about Umera Ahmed or Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, their thought provoking stories had given drama industry a recognition. This drama has major drops. Our little heroine with a VERY BIG mouth seems to have forgotten all about her past that could be the only reason for her new-found annoying confidence!


In one swift turn, Samira Fazal twists the concept of the obedient, virtuous wife into making Manahil an accessory to the criminal act. Even erama everything that happened to her Rameen is still a naive and innocent girl who can be fooled very easily.

rdama This may take a second or two. People like Numair do exist in our society — Sometimes they come in our lives for few. I have a very difficult. Are we watching season 2 of Chup Raho as well because Numair and. Loathsome drama, and rather disappointing Review. A very good serial but dragged too much. Febrjary though they look weird. In an episode of Chup RahoNumair tells his confidant and business partner Shiraz Yasir Nawaz that he can no longer resist Rameen because she is flirting with him and even enticing him.

His chemistry with Sajal Ali is perfect and their scenes together are well balanced. The only thing that’s lacking a bit is better looking and professional actors and actresses. FATF chief criticised for failing to take action against Modi. A very good serial, and kudos to the director Yasir Nawaz for bringing it on from the actors as required by the roles, well done to writer too Main Bushra- Episode 22 Maryam February 6, She thinks that she can somehow manipulate the situation so the status quo is not altered.

Syed Jibran as Numair At times pure evil and a slave to his obsession, he never forces those around him to do anything. What else do you expect me to start this review with after an episode like the one we saw tonight?

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! A waste of talented actors. Chupp Raho promotional pictures are weirdly interesting… admin August 16,