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Just imagine how tough my semester will be while we undergo some courses that definitely pushing me up to my limit. This is officially the worst thing I’ve seen in a while “movie-wise”. I almost buy 1 set from teppanyakki but finally i made my choice on Sushi. Drama ini juga menyaksikan kerjasama secara profesional beliau bersama bekas teman lelaki Hairie setelah kali terakhir digandingkan dalam drama 5 Hari Raya. After the rather exciting first act all the audience get is expositions, a chase sequence, and then more boring expositions pertaining the legend of the crystal skulls. SOme unmanner foolish people destroyed the mother nature in the name of pleasant and comfort. They should just hand over the Oscar to him.

We are travelling for Batu Pahat tomorrow afternoon n I expect the weather will be damn hot and not sup…. Posted by maberik at 9: Add that with the on-going civil war in the region, there really seems to be no end in sight. Not only does Sunshine revived the space sci-fi genre, it’s also one of the most visually breathtaking films of the year. This is one film for the ages, though I think it would divide viewers considering it’s rather unconventional filmmaking. Yet I’m not pregnant coz I get several day of the so-called holiday for women for each Ramadhan.. Great character actors John Hurt and Ray Winstone are wastefully utilized, spurting one-dimensional lines and barely providing any weight to the overall film’s plot. By Farahanani Amhazali – August 20,

By Farahanani Amhazali – December 29, So then we’ll stop for a…. Pilihan Kami Robert Kuok kekal terkaya di Malaysia buat kali ke David Koepp’s script is overladen with heavy expositions and dull banters between the characters, with several jokes plugged in that drqma flat most of the time.

For my own experience, I never felt so khusyu’ while performing my prayer. I smiled right up to my ears. It happened last Monday 29 Sept just at front of Tangkak Exit at km Film lovers would marvel at it for years to come, but regular movie-goers may end up scratching their heads trying to catch the subtle display of ‘genius’ inherent in it. Witty script, perfect cast, and great action all add up to a wholesome, smart and just plain kick-ass movie that non-superhero lovers may also enjoy.


You like to be the best in everything you do. Aku seakan tak percaya ia bertempat di New York, yang selalu digambarkan dengan gah dan moden.

EdisiViral : Normah Damanhuri Tolak Tawaran Berlakon Kerana Bayaran Tidak Setimpal

Then the moment will pass. Posted by maberik at 4: Plus, it’s aided with amazing performances by the cast, particularly Javier Bardem. And what’s more commendable is the central theme of its ‘love story’.

Well its good to hear the number of people converted to Islam increasing year by year. Few days ago Jenna and Farahin and me had listing our old-crush list. Pada tahun beliau muncul dalam filem Bintang Hati bersama aktres komedi Amy Mastura.

Dah diorang jadi pilihan ramai untuk PRU tahun ni Bagi mencari wang saku Umie sering mengikuti Erma ke lokasi dan akhirnya berjinak-jinak rasid pelakon tambahan dengan bayaran minima. Sibr the day we prepared nasi dfama. People really packed overthere since it’s the last day of the Fair. We see the three of them work together to bring down Gotham’s organized crime families. That was my first ever visit to ant Draama Fair.

My ummi and abah’s anniversary la U got to expect the unexpected to happen then u’ll feel blessed to be able to breath the O2 surrounding us.

The 80th Academy Awards is on 24th Feb. In my opinion, Pixar’s best outing to date. A look of the world from the eyes of a ‘dead’ body, but a living soul. Sibid, maybe if he would have shot a different script.

Congrates and i really cant harly wait to watch Srahan Malam Bulan Mengambang even i dont know where to get the dvd. Umie juga menyanyikan lagu tema siri ini dengan judul serupa, lagu tersebut menjadi lagu pertama nyanyian beliau yang menjuarai Carta Era oleh Radio Era. The film seems to have lost a good part of the series’ old-fashioned vibe by going digital. Maksud aku, kebanyakan filem seram hanya nak menakutkan penonton saja tanpa arayan sokongan naratif yang merangsang otak.

Aku beri tepukan penutup tirai untuk abang Batman di bandar Gotham sana But I want 4 Wishes! Not only does Sunshine revived the space sci-fi genre, it’s also one of the most visually breathtaking films of the year.


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SOunds really funny since Johor also being flooded with water every year. Setelah sekian lama tertangguh akhirnya filem Puaka Tebing Biru menemui penonton pada 18 Februari There will be nothing to show that we were ever here The eid will be or scheduled to be or predicted to be on this Wednesday so my family and I had a ‘short’ shopping spree at Jalan TAR which the whole idea is totally objected by Abah actually.

Jose Padilha does not strive for simple ‘conclusion’ towards the issue, and it’s open for the audience’s own interpretation and judgement. Antara teater yang drams nama beliau adalah Lantai T. This is one film for the ages, though I think it would divide viewers considering it’s rather unconventional filmmaking.

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In basic term it’s kinda weird. Samada kita nak sebut BN kalah teruk or Pakatan Rakyat menang besar By Farahanani Amhazali – April 19, Satu penamat yang betul-betul melengkapkan filem ini. Kisah putus cinta Umie dan Hairie pernah menggemparkan media massa ketika itu dimana Aqasha dikaitkan sebagai punca. Her bf’s name is Hafiz By Farahanani Amhazali – September 09, It’s pretty much already a fact that the Coen Brothers’ latest offering is their best film since Fargo.

Suami saya yg x suka tgk dama melayu pun boleh tgk sampai abis. But that words forbidden by Mom AMor coz she said the word some how symbolize we’re giving up with our life.

Sejak mula menceburkan diri dalam bidang perfileman, nama Umie tidak lekang daripada gossip percintaan. So lots of things happened that I dont realized it already Thursday morning. Didahului oleh Erra Fazira menerusi Soal Hati.