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They should just call it what it is. Why couldn’t we do this? Now you just have to tell me what you are thinking while you are looking at Andy. I said, “Yes, mum, it’s me”. Throughout our phone interview — rather aptly and ironically all at the same time — Fromberg is entertaining her young daughter in the background. And they should stop this phoney intellectualisation about this, because that’s not true.

That must have got lost in translation. They were quite open to the idea behind the Blachman show. In short — there would be national outrage. They should just call it what it is. What kind of things did they say? I think he is so hot. But Thomas Blachman resolutely defends his six-episode series. Before the final episode goes out this evening, Emma Barnett speaks to Sofia Fromberg, the woman who commissioned it, in a bid to understand her rationale.

Danes pride themselves on being relaxed about sex and nudity, and opposed to censorship of any kind. Since before being broadcast, the TV programme had aroused very strong reactions blaachman debates.

But that requires a liberated man, which is, who don’t give a shit about what other people think of him. They must feel very under-stimulated, because where the hell is he? Episod you see why some women would be offended by a program which seems like a throw-back to the old days, where women were there to decorate rather than to have meaningful roles?

Get on your knees, Miss, and we will figure it out. That episdoe have got lost in translation. Slim legs and that build. Somebody told me that he was searching for women for a new program on Danish television about naked women, naked women in all ages from 18 to if possible. And they are very happy to do it.


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Highly popular Danish blogger, Lotte Hansen, has been one of the most vociferous critics of Blachman — demanding that DR cancel the show immediately. I actually couldn’t believe in it. Powered by Fusis Design: Research, however, have revealed the negative impact of the beauty standards presented in the media. Until now, Danes knew Thomas Blacbman as an award-winning jazz musician and as the ‘X-Factor’ judge that audiences loved or hated.

Can you twist your foot to the right? He also has this very feminine side to him.

Blachman (6:6)

Over six consecutive Tuesday evenings in April and May, Blachmam addressed his countrymen about a personal crisis. This site uses cookies. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

Thomas Blachman is hosting a party for the people who made his show possible. Has the female body become a taboo? For more info see our Cookies Policy Clear Message.

Today in society female bodies are portrayed in the media as perfect. Where did fulll go? But, as The Daily Telegraph columnist Emma Barnett points out, the conversation is made of only one point of view: Women today, where are they finding these men? Those blacgman, they also… were around during the Second World War.


To be fair, she has a point and I do think Britain can be very puritanical about the way it handles nudity.

Why couldn’t we do this? Probably not very nice things. However, I just cannot get on board with her vision.

Did this woman commission the most sexist TV programme ever? – Telegraph

I was surprised because the reaction came before the program had been broadcast. I saw first the trailers that were shown often in Danish television. We are heading for a dickless society that they have helped established, with the man hiding in the scenery, apologising for his erection, asking what to do with it. Where does your eye come to blzchman Why do women still sleep with their bosses?

Fromberg bullishly rejects this notion. Blachman describes his show as a mix of avant-garde art and social experiment. He wants to find out what the modern man wants. There would be countless column inches dedicated elisode how degrading the programme was to women, the woman in question would probably be sacked by her school and people would voice their outrage that this is how our tax-payer funded broadcaster had chosen to invest our hard-earned cash.

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