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Keiko Ozaki as Dalloway. The mayor is shortly informed of his own resignation. Rocky sees Canary in an army jeep. Kanda, Takeyuki Director, Storyboard. In a televised announcement, Von Stein declares that he has risen against years of oppression and is fighting for independence. As the head of this family, he wants the best for it. Masato Yamanouchi as Donan Narrator. At the airport, Daisy is searched as a possible suspect.

Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how often do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss? Hajime Yatate Character Design: The rebels set off across the desert once more, singing their song of the compass. Nanashi anticipates the attack when a school of fish is washed up by the surf. Increasingly irate, Donan orders the troops on standby at the pole to join the 8th, but Lacoque does not convey the order. In pursuit of vengeance, Garcia kills two Federation soldiers, stealing a helicopter and the Desert Gunner it carries, and forcing the pilot to work for him. A red-haired woman approaches.

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Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Rocky recaps how he and the others were partially paralysed by the poison, falling from the wall and into the sea, but escaping. The deserters describe the Ironfoot as a candidate for a new standard. The emotion suggests a nod to Space Runaway Ideon At the bar, Carmel meets with Destin, who pours tall drinks and promises peace talks. Back at the hotel, Daisy does meet Morea.


He steals a Soltic on its flatbed truck, smashing through the perimeter fence. Weirdly unhurt, the boy proceeds to escape from the numerous troops guarding the premises.

Federation soldiers take away the Dougram itself on a flatbed carrier. Crin sees the crackdown as the retribution that Donan promised would not come.

A lone, bearded man on a motorcycle delivers a briefing. Crin departs from Deloyer without contacting Daisy.

Eiji Yamaura Doigram Song Arrangement: Zana seeks to surrender to Samarin. As the highest political leader of Earth, he wants to protect all people from ecological disaster, saying humanity has devoured the Earth. Their enemies are never shown.

She is the only woman with a name at this dinner: While Samarin and Zana join forces, Samarin also leaks the news of the rebellion to Lartav at the APU press pool, circumventing the military gag order and rendering it moot.

Taiyou no Kiba Dougram (TV)

In the process, Reik and Daisy happen by. The next day, Huckle saves Festa from falling asleep at the handlebars.

Edit Related Anime Side story:. Von Stein will lead a provisional junta, and will therefore have the Council seat first, but there will no reprisals against the rebel epiwode. George is dismayed to hear that the rebel network around Kardinal City is now in tatters.


He was eavesdropping before Crin even met Rocky. Tomobuki, Ami Episode Director. After Basque is killed by a better-trained sniper, Crin is shocked to recognize the body.

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Lartav arrives, unprotected, taking several hits from artillery shells. He plans to rebuild it with Bux, but is hit in the government raid. He says his farewells and dies. Chico vougram that prison to make sure Samarin gets out with the rest. Neruoda confesses to his betrayal. Studying the aftermath in Doga, Reik learns that the rebels use weapons produced on Earth, with bogus Deloyeran branding.