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He says his friendship will not be there, it ends today. He was always sweaty, lean, panting and…. We all ur friends always wil be n exicted about the serial moving to rishikesh. Almost all the lights of the mansion were on. He took her face in his hands and whispered. She reluctantly nodded her head. Sam comes to Neil teary eyed.

Hey Ira afroz saw pics thanx yaar will miss u!!?? He was always sweaty, lean, panting and…. Arjun honked the car thrice. Where u saw the pictures? How many windows does it have? But I am also happy that this serial gave me good friends like u all:

To observe his senses and wash away his pain. He was an epitome of cool, calm, composed and collected while sitting there sipping tea, but his insides were creating up a storm, waiting for only a little glimpse of her. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Arjun Sir, was standing there near the entrence of fhll room. Its morning, Radhika wakes up and smiles seeing Arjun. Sindu 28th Aug – 9: Making me realise and think.

He was standing behind her, her back to his front plastered. Excited about the show stars going to rishikesh. It was pointless thinking. She gets up to leave.

Dosti, Yaariyan, Manmarziyan – 31 august – Full Episode Part 1 – video dailymotion

She could feel the weight of his drilling stare at her thighs,arms, chest and neck. His arms around her, he lifted the sindoor box with left hand, her body froze at the movement. It was kind of far away from near the iron gate, but it was cleary visible. She reluctantly nodded her head. He looked at her mouth and closed it with his forefinger. Sadness welling deep within her she stood frozen looking herself at the mirror. My net is slow and im making mistakes bud.


Arjun gave her a knowing side glance and she looked away instantly. May your life be blissfull…. She jerked back and rolled her eyes at the tinted glass window. Thank you soooo much dear…It means a lot to me…And I also hope your writing skills enhance and you get your deserving place. Radhika also confesses her love to Arjun.

Uh, oh, wrong thing to say, because his already hot look turned smouldering which also an amused quirk to his lips. On the other hand, Neil is broken down on thinking Sam still loves only Arjun but Sam confesses to him that she loved only her idot Neil always but realizes it now. He leaned eosti it and tilted his head to the side.

Her face had drastically changed. It was well past ten and Radhika had loads of pending work and assigments to complete. Where is ur review abt me?

Her bewildering thoughts shattered when he took a slow step towards her. Crap, how was she going to reach home from his place?

Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan – 28 august 2015 – Full Episode

Nandini tells Radhika that you won by making Arjun away from me. There seems to be endless grass cut trees and a long streched road. Radhika stopped dead but Arjun let go off her hand, he went and walked up to it. It was ancient looking and streched horizontally than vertically.

Thax though n hey only two days saaaaaaaaddd. Mandy 28th Aug – 9: Would u plz visit…. Her eyes shimmered, a sheen of wetness forming looking at his expressive eyes episodee blurring tears.

The show is going to end in two days?.


Dosti, Yaariyan, Manmarziyan – 31 august 2015 – Full Episode Part 1

She had brought a light of beautiful illumination, of love, of friendship, of the meaning of relationship, of meaning happiness that he lacked all his life. Radhika holds her hand and stops her. Hi Zara ur asom yaar I ll also miss u dear n thanx????

His eyes looked deep into hers. Welcome, Login to your account. It looked bigger gaariyan their business management block of the University. Radhika flustered up hot. Ira afroz 28th Aug auguet 4: He only grinned and shrugged his shoulders at her. The cameras at the gate zoomed in on the car. I looovvveeeddd it…waiting for d next update….

Manmarziyan 27th August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Nandini says its strange, you took the revenge I wanted to get, Samrat will feel the pain seeing you and Arjun, Sam will feel the pain knowing Arjun was never hers, I won at the end Radhika, you made me win, thanks, take care of my brother.

Nandini says it will be her big failure, she does not know heart breaking pain, she will know it when her life ends and pain does not lessen. Natasha 28th Aug – 2: I love you so much that it hurts. Were her eyes acting up, has she finally gone crazy. He says his friendship will not be there, it ends today.