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Jimmy decides to sell his rare baseball card to pay for his daughter’s expensive wedding while his jealous partner believes that his wife is cheating on him with their next-door neighbor. Feb 27, Rating: Ephraim Lopez as Busboy. Wedding Guest uncredited Joseph Cintron Jeremy Dash as Banger 2. When Jimmy sells his card to a memorabilia store, the place is burgled by two small-time thieves and the detective loses his card.

Cop Out , The Crazies , and more! Are any Kevin Smith regulars coming back? Audible Download Audio Books. The whole “Mexican drug dealers” has been done countless times, and while I appreciate some new ideas that Smith incorporated, I couldn’t get into this plot. Crestfallen at the destruction of his prized card, Jimmy lets Roy pay for the wedding. Pitt as Henry, the Neighbor. Retrieved August 27,

However many people bombard ‘Cop Out’, I still, to this date find it fun to watch, as I’m sure many people do.

By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. There isn’t much action, well anything to shout about anyway and well its all been done before but patrklla much better, not aptrulla close to ‘Beverly Hills Cop’, ’48 Hours’, ‘Lethal Weapon’ or even ‘Red Heat’, I could go on.

Pizza Parlor Patron uncredited Elli Mark CullenRobb Cullen.

That’s about all the attention I needed, though, as it’s a typical buddy cop movie through and through. Cop OutThe Craziesand more! Search for ” Cop Out ” dast Amazon. Retrieved August 25, After failing to capture suspect Juan Diaz Cory Fernandez and endangering civilians, Jimmy and Paul are suspended without pay.

Initially titled A Couple of Dicks[3] the title went through various name changes before release, first as A Couple of Cops [4] and then to Cop Out [5] with the final title emerging from Smith’s belief that changing the original title was a “cop out”.


It is on him for A that lazy attempt to produce good funny scenes, and B for taking a job he didn’t write or not attempting to make it a better rewrite. And it was a “classic” Tracy Morgan performance, by which I mean he’s his usual off-kilter self, some of his scenes work well and some of them fall flat on their face in awkward silence. A comprehensive, alphabetical list of films released in the United States that have been condemned by the Catholic Church since….

Harold Faltermeyer Malcolm Kirby Jr. Michael Pitt as Henry, the Neighbor. Why do you smack me?. Retrieved from ” https: I knew I would force myself to watch it eventually, but there was no getting around the fact that everyone thought it was crap and that I would probably come to the same conclusion. Who Has the Advantage?

Saw this film as the first part of a double feature with the far more anticipated Shutter Island following, so my attention was only half there. He didn’t interact with the actors.

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Busboy as Ephraim Lopez Mark Consuelos Jay Fagen Josh R. Though his ex-wife Pam’s arrogant second husband Roy Jason Lee offers to pay for the wedding, Jimmy is determined to find a way to come up with the money. Use the HTML below. Smith is at his best when he’s doing…. Richard Roeper stated, “Note to Kevin Smith: Goon 1 uncredited Tommy Sokolis Carlos Jordan as Eric. Bruce Willis as Jimmy. Crestfallen at the destruction of his prized card, Jimmy lets Roy pay for the wedding.


The only distinctive quality about Cop Out is Cop Out feels like a pilot lost without 20 or so episodes to follow it up. The first trailer for the film was released on December 23,and then attached to Sherlock Holmes.

Detective uncredited Hans Marrero Alberto Bonilla as Julio. Smith certainly does his thing here, delivering a film that’s part celebration and part parody of the well-worn genre. Banger 1 Jeremy Dash Mando Alvarado as Mexican Man 1.

Banger 1 Jeremy Dash Jeremy Dash as Banger 2. Cop Out Theatrical release poster.

Cop Out () – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

unutiles Kevin Smith ranked Bruce Willis ranked. Why didn’t Kevin Smith write this? The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead.

First of all I’m a big Kevin Smith fan.

Jim Norton II as George. Jimmy and Paul arrest Dave, but he has already sold the card and the gun for drugs. Smith took dls pay cut in order to work on the film, which he wanted to do because of Bruce Willis’s involvement.

But me and you been puttin’ it ne for nine Russian Lawyer Hannah Ware Oct 2, Rating: Poh Boy Alberto Bonilla Whereas Kevin Smith ‘s usual films are fresh and different, this just feels like a rehash of every single shitty buddy-cop movie of the past two decades.