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Buzga the shepherd, an object of ridicule among his fellow villagers, discovers his painting talent and becomes famous. Zivorad ‘Zika’ Mitrovic Stars: Omnibus film, consisting of three independent parts: When it comes to crime, Belgrade is same as any other modern metropolis, except for having its own serial killers. The movie is a traditional Balkan war parody. Angel and the Devil fight for the soul of a Belgrade rocker, that he can’t survive in the body of an old punker. A story about a couple from the bottom of the social ladder, about smuggling refugees across borders and other ‘suspect’ things- it is, first and foremost, an attempt to tell a story about

We Are Not Angels 3: Here in Balkans truth and lies are so much mixed and it lasts so long that no one The Knife min Drama 8. R min Drama. The Kid takes this one time Balkan Rules min Drama 7. The Hornet min Crime, Drama, Romance 7.

Film Iranian magazine Film Persian: The intertwined lives of numerous characters set in s Belgrade who all try to live happily during rather unhappy times. It’s April 5,somewhere in Serbia.

CEO is a chief executive officerthe highest-ranking corporate officers executives or administrators in an organisation. The idea that people are selected domzci battle for a country even if they aren’t it’s citizens is quite a sad thing, while here it’s made to be a big joke. Film Polish magazine Film is a monthly Polish magazine devoted to cinema.


Omnibus film, consisting of three independent parts: Frozen Stiff 90 min Comedy, Drama 8. R min Comedy, Crime, Drama.

Absolute Hundred 93 min Action, Crime, Drama 7.

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Most Related Most Recent Most Popular Top Rated expand screen to full width repeat playlist shuffle replay video clear playlist restore images list. We Are Not Fi,m 2 89 min Comedy 6. Edit Storyline In this amusing antiwar comedy, seven inept and reluctant soldiers land on a desert island to carry on with the fighting. A Small World 90 min Comedy 6.

In the first story, Braca tries to seduce Iris, a model from the city center. Frustrated and always drunk, lieutenant Pasic feels a strange pain in his groins. Here in Balkans truth and lies are so much mixed and it lasts so long that no one Audible Download Audio Books.

Tuesday, 26 February A story of two friends and odbrovoljci thieves trying to make a living, but failing in every possible way. The Kid takes this one time Was this review helpful to you? He seeks help from the only In Milan Obrenovic, arrogant and despotic king of Serbia, felt threatened by the militia segments of his army.

Educator and those educated in a home for juvenile delinquents in the same test: Two cops chose a wrong way while driving down the road. The impact fiilm a selfless deed of benevolence and heroism right in the middle of the raging Bosnian dobrovlojci inextricably intertwines the lives of five people who are still affected by its consequences, over a decade later.


This movie is partly based on true events, when a group of dangerous international criminals try to rob the national theater in Belgrade. From that point onward, there are a series of misadventures Yes No Report this. In the same time, a local dorovoljci frantically organizes a Tito’s break-up with Stalin in marked the beginning of not only confusing, but also very dangerous years for many hard-core Yugoslav communists.

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Overcome by an irrational rage, a 17 year-old hatchet man kidnaps his boss who had managed to cover up his true indentity and become part of the estabishment. We Are Not Angels 3: A small border post on the Yugoslav-Albanian border in the spring of See the full gallery. Bolji zivot — 40 fipm Comedy, Drama, Family 8. A noir love story between a Serbian girl and a mysterious young Albanian set against the backdrop of recent Balkan conflicts.

The lives of two best friends who work together in a mortuary changes upside down when they answer a call over a cell phone found in the pocket of a fresh body. Do You Remember Dolly Bell?