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She tries to frame Urmi in her trap but instead gets trapped herself by Urmi. Samrat speaks about Shaurya’s swimming classes at the dining table and Urmi gets tensed when he mentions that he will be coming for the classes. Will Samrat see the rose and the letter? Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 25, Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – July 4, Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 03, Samrat catches Urmi dancing and gets furious with her.

But, Shashi wants Samrat to go to the swimming classes today itself as she wants Samrat to know about Urmi’s dance class. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 04, Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 24, The whole family gets upset with Gaurav’s grandmother. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 12, Overview Doli Armaanon Ki is a story of Urmi, a young girl, who gets married to Samrat, an abusive man, thus making her life a living hell. Divakar is extremely upset with Samrat’s rude behaviour towards him and expresses his sorrow in front of his wife. Later, Urmi gets shocked when Manish comes to her house to meet her.

She tells ‘tauji’ about it and ‘tauji’ suspects Shashi’s intentions. Urmi cries in front of the family and tries to prove her innocence but none of the family members agree to her.

Anu tries to convince Shaurya to spend time doing something else as he does not have his swimming glasses now. Samrat speaks about Shaurya’s swimming classes at the dining table and Urmi gets tensed when he mentions that he will be coming for the classes. Samrat’s mother and Amrit come to the police station to free him, but the police say that the only way to free Samrat is to make Urmi take back her complaint. With tauji on her side, will Urmi gain success this time as well?


Watch as Urmi puts up a brave stand in front of an arrogant Samrat.

Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – July 02, Later, Asha and her mother arrive at Gaurav’s place and clarify that they have not lied or hid the matter episkde Asha being illiterate and also reveal that Gaurav’s grandmother was given all the information. Samrat stops them from going amaanon the police station and decides to handle the situation himself. Watch here to know more. Samrat enters the room and lies that he was working until late in the office.

Doli Armaanon Ki – Hindi Tv Serial – Episode 70 – Zee Tv Serial – Best Scene | Music Jinni

Later Samrat meets Manish outside the house. Urmi gains consciousness and starts yelling and pleading for forgiveness from Samrat.

Urmi and rest of the family try to stop Samrat’s father Rudra from leaving the house, but Dolo is admanat and wants to leave the house with his wife.

Urmi’s parents try to compel her to take back her complaint, but Urmi rejects. Urmi decides to take back the complaint.

The whole family gets shocked. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episodes Hearing this, Shashi asks Rudra to go to the police station to free him from the jail, episoed Rudra refuses. Meanwhile, one of Urmi’s colleagues tries to apologize to Urmi by giving her a rose and a letter. Samrat and Urmi kiss each other on the cheeks. Meanwhile, Gaurav is angry and does not go to Asha’s house to receive her.

Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 24, Urmi tries to tell him the positive points of dancing but Samrat only gets more angry. Later she relaxes when Samrat postpones his visit to Shaurya’s classes. What will Urmi’s steps be to get her revenge? Ishaan falls in love with Urmi, and they get married.


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Urmi dolii like she is speaking to Manish and hearing this Samarat gets confused. Watch further to know what happens next. Samrat calls Manish and threatens him to never call home again. Will Samrat catch her dancing? When Samrat returns home, Urmi comes running towards him and informs him that she had seen Manish. Urmi’s sister Anu meanwhile is against marriage at the present and wants to start doing a job.

Samrat gets furious hearing this. Samrat’s mother Shashi calls and inform him about Urmi going out with boys during her dance classes but Samrat gets angry with his mother and asks her to cut the phone. Meanwhile, Samrat gets angry when his brother Divakar tells him about the enquiry that he had conducted in the hotel room.

Samrat’s deal gets cancelled as the documents do not arrive on time.

Urmi feels relieved and is very happy when she learns that even Samrat’s father Rudra is on her side and is supporting her against the tortures that Samrat and his mother are making her go through.

Samrat gets more furious with Urmi and decides to teach her a lesson. Later, Gaurav’s marriage gets fixed and Urmi stops her parents from inviting Samrat and her parents. The entire family gets surprised when Manish reveals his love for Urmi in front of them. Meanwhile, Shashi gets a call from Urmi’s parents and Shashi lies to her and says that Urmi is completely fine.