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Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 13, Samrat goes to Manish’s house and beats him up and orders him to leave the city forever. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 02, Shaurya enters the room and sees his parents fighting. Asha is upset as Gaurav does not show any interest in her. Anu’s parents meet Karan’s parents to talk about the marriage proposal and are pleased to meet Karan.

Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 04, Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Meanwhile, the police arrive at Gaurav’s house and accuse Asha of stealing a baby from the temple. Hearing this, Shashi asks Rudra to go to the police station to free him from the jail, but Rudra refuses. Meanwhile, Asha tries to impress Gaurav and tries to do some work for him but only ends up ruining everything including his office bag. Meanwhile, one of Urmi’s colleagues tries to apologize to Urmi by giving her a rose and a letter.

What will their plan be? Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 03, Samrat gets shocked when his father too tells about Manish being in front of the house. Meanwhile, Shashi gets a call from Urmi’s parents and Shashi lies to her and says that Urmi is completely fine.

Watch the episode to know more. Watch here to know more. Araano Armaanon Ki – Episode – July 02, Divakar realizes that a four star hotel room is being booked for certain guests and does not understand why the rooms are being booked. Samrat and Urmi reach their house, there he continue to behave rudely with Urmi. Samrat tries to divert Divakar’s attention from this case and asks him to concentrate on other lasr. Anu tries to convince Shaurya to epsode time doing something else as he does not have his swimming glasses now.

Meanwhile, Anu’s family is thinking of getting her married somehow. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 09, Doli Armaanon Ki – Armaao – July 01, Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 19, Urmi pretends like she is speaking to Manish and hearing this Samarat gets confused.


Just then Urmi enters and advises Divakar to leave Samrat’s job and not compromise with his self-respect. More Videos of Doli Armaanon Ki. But ‘tauji’ asks her to sit and watch the drama. Meanwhile, Samrat enters the swimming club with new pair of swimming glasses for Shaurya.

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The whole family sees this and get shocked. Watch further to know what happens next. Shaurya comes crying and looking for his mother, his ‘bua’ takes him to Urmi’s room but she gets a huge shock when she see Urmi lying unconscious on the ground.

Doli Armaanon Ki – Dolk – June 13, Will Samrat’s parents leave the house?

Doli Armaano Ki – Samrat meets with an accident – video dailymotion

Urmi expresses her desire to dance and hearing this Samrat advises her to stop thinking about her desire to dance as she is now a mother. Samrat’s mother Shashi calls and inform him about Urmi going out with boys during her dance classes but Samrat gets angry with his mother and asks her to cut the phone. Doli Armaanon Afmaano – Episode – June 04, Urmi meanwhile is busy with her dance classes and does not see her epissode.

Later, Samrat tries to threaten Urmi and holds her arms tightly to hurt her, but Urmi does not keep quiet. Will Urmi find out the truth about Samarat? The media and various social groups collect outside the police station to show their support to Urmi. Later, ‘tauji’ advices Urmi to take revenge for the injustice episodr on her.

Samrat stops them from going to the police station and decides to handle the situation himself. Samrat searches Urmi’s bag and the whole family sees the card and the roses in Urmi’s bag.


Doli Armaanon Ki

kast Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 24, Will this plan of Urmi and tauji work? Anu’s parents meet Karan’s parents to talk about the marriage proposal and are pleased to meet Karan.

At the police station, Samrat continues to threaten Urmi in front of the police but Urmi is not affected. The whole family watches as Urmi continues to shout at Samrat and express her disgust for his behaviour. Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 06, Samrat returns to take revenge on Urmi.

Doli Armaano Ki – Samrat meets with an accident

Doli Armaanon Ki – Episode – June 05, What will Samrat do to make truth come out of Urmi? Just then Anu calls her mother and informs them that she will not be coming. Later, Gaurav’s marriage gets fixed and Urmi stops her parents from inviting Samrat and her parents. Later, Asha and her mother arrive at Gaurav’s place and clarify that they have not lied or hid the matter about Asha being illiterate and also reveal that Gaurav’s grandmother was given all the information.

Meanwhile, Gaurav is angry and does not go to Asha’s house to receive her. Samrat arrives home and is surprised to see Urmi lying to him about her whereabouts during Shaurya’s swimming classes.

Samrat orders Urmi to stay away from Divakar and his family and asks her to not share anything with them. Gaurav’s mother asks her to think before doing things and wants her to impress Gaurav.