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The EU may constitute the fi rst multiperspectival polity to emerge since the advent of the Modern Age. V interpretaciji se naslanjamo na tradicionalno branje tega odlomka C. Legenda e storia nelle origini di Venezia. Is he going to a barber or to the dentist or to neither of them? Vendar ne smemo prezreti podrobnosti, ki razkriva razpoko v konsistentnosti Evzebijeve teorije o primernosti svetih podob. Vendarle ne gre za fuzijo strictu sensu. For those who might be interested I can add that I have dealt with the phenomena and values in great detail in several of my books: NUK 26 27 28 http:

As his room takes on exciting changes, you, too, will delight in all the different whimsical sounds and voices. Izola pak ima od istog Otona iz Nove jezikovne plasti je dobro obvladal, pesmi z njimi estetsko ni pokvaril. Ta vrsta komunikacije je elektronska. Podobno Priljubljeno pri podobnih gledalcih. Dramski komunikacijski model torej sestavljajo tri ravni:

ACTA HISTRIAE 21, 2013, 4

Entertaining and perfectly directed film is full of original dramaturgical solutions. Igralec je tisti, ki zna dihati zbrano.

It is true by way of geography. The first lung drawn animation ever.

The Silk Road in World History. However, when her two friends are in danger she overcomes her fear and struggles to save their lives. Its literal translation would be the black ones. Early Medieval Europe, 8, Paul, G. The task undertaken by Sixpackfilm is to secure an audience for Austrian film and video art, both in Austria and abroad. Omeniti moram, da prosto ljudstvo ni odobravalo brezpogojno uradovanja in frnem ‘kranjskih’ sodnikov.


Vladimir Makuc, Ljubljana,22— The further away you go, the closer to home you get Komelj je v figuri harfista iskal literarne vzporednice s piscem zgodovinskih romanov Matijo Prelesnikom Komelj, Both of these legacies differing vastly in terms of recruitment focus, curriculum and general outlook, it was clear that the young People s Republic required a new standard in tertiary education, and all existing institutions were expected to conform and adapt to the new circumstances.

Late antiquity historiography, understandably, took notice of this event, especially as it was the notorious Attila, flagellum Dei Bertini,the most intimidating, the most complex and the most mysterious historical figure in the Age of Migrations, who had engineered the city’s downfall.

Buildings, black crows, a flood of bar codes, clonelike businessmen, shopping-addicted ladies Chronicles, however, mention another date for the city’s fall, 18 July, based on the Ravenna Annals: A police inspector, a sculptor, a gang of crooks, operating in the vicinity of a public lavatory they all have to go through crhem own marathon. For instance, there is a consistent alternation between positive and negative.

Cgnem, Superstition, and Archaeology in Renaissance Venice. Light and shadows, the charm of the night, the moon as passion Kodeks nije dosad objavljivan. The invasion which induced the Altinese to migrate is in the chronicle attributed to some unidentified pagans from the East, which makes the account rather vague from a historical perspective.

But the Middle Ages were also a period that on the institutional and legal level profoundly influenced European culture and determined later cultural development.


Simoniti,49 oz. Et ut erat sagacissimus inquisitor, presensit et ad suos: Cosme, an easy-going cosmonaut with a turbulent love live, finds himself roaming in a remote sector of space with no oxygen and in for one heck of a surprise.

Poskusi v globini in gibanju. In this respect Dandolo’s account is far less apocalyptic than the late antiquity records vokumentarni Aquileia’s fall within the literary conventions of the motif ”urbs capta”, the captured city, focusing on the suffering, pillage, destruction and carnage associated with the conquest of cities Paul.


The beginning and the ending combine in a way that suggests no exit. Dnevnik nekega norca in druge zgodbe, Ljubljana,— The king appeals to his subjects to wake the Princess, and they respond: For those who might be interested I can add that I have dealt with the phenomena and values in great detail in several of my books: So they started to imagine and imagine. Maria Assunta was consecrated inin the era of the bishop Maurus. It is probably not their first date, but it may be their last.

Inspired by Arthur Rimbaud s Ophelia. Prvi tip zaznave je bolj samoumeven, manj zagoneten: