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After having enjoyed these TV series one can get the feeling of having touched living water. On a filmic journey, award-winning Austrian wildlife filmmaker Michael Schlamberger shows Plitvice’s wonders of nature: Unfortunately, Kamchatka is far away and only few can afford a trip to this amazing land. Smoking causes serious health problems, not only to each individual, but also to the planet itself: Directly after, a member of the crew kills himself on air. Later they seek out the woman from the video, revealed to be Pat’s sister Janice M. It’s great seeing Netflix continue to invest in unique and original film properties but The Discovery will be marked down as one of their clear failures and while this intellectual thinking man’s Sci-Fi has moments of greatness, overall this emotionally void experience is one of the dominate companies worst original studio efforts this side of their Sandler “comedies”. Mats Sundin, Lars Normalm Producer:

Will drives her to the beach, where she reveals to him that she had a son and that he died while she was asleep. They travelled with the young birds, who, without their parents, found their way by instinct to Africa. Only together they can save the lake from disappearing. Iranian young cinema society Annotation: It was the message of the three videos of great public interest that have been shot by the Government Information Service and aired by all 3 national televisions and by almost all of the cable TV stations in Bulgaria. Audible Download Audio Books. Science has discovered, however, that memory is in fact not an accurate record of what one perceives but rather a distorted and malleable one, and Will, being a neurologist, must have been aware of this. Slovakia, , 63 min, DVD Category:

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Katherine Cheng, Eva Orner Distributor: Filmproductie van den Ende Distributor: All this, complemented by the magic of the authentic folk song and the Pirin exquisite gastronomy creates a feeling of having built a fire on the snow which warms up the filj and snow first and only then — the frozen fingers. On becoming pregnant, Ai vows to have her baby at a chemical-free maternity-center rather than an ordinary hospital, rampant as it would be with chemical substances.


Low to High Price: He runs after, barely saving her. Only together they can save the lake from disappearing.

The Discovery review: everyone but Jason Segel and Rooney Mara wants to die

An educational film about the nature of Bistrishko Branishte Biosphere Reserve. They and their families have to live all year on what the catch brings in Immobilized from her neck down, she has learnt to paint with her mouth.

Footprints On flim Water follows the personal quest of Nan Hauser as she journeys to some dokmuentalni the last unspoiled places on Earth. Filmkraft Filmproduktion Peter Heller Distributor: Retrieved May 3, — via Twitter. You, too, can dicovery the pleasure of following the thousands of storks, gliding on the thermals, as they journey to Morocco.

Many scientists say that by the year it will become more important to humans than oil. Pirin — Crime without Punishment was created to increase public awareness regarding the crimes in Pirin.

Only a few decades ago Posidonia meadows were widely distributed along the whole Istrian coast in Croatia. The Discovery received mixed reviews from film critics.

Mother was a French. Wetlands are of great importance for the biological diversity. The highest table mountain in the Amazon We come to know about child lifters in India and brutal wolf hunts in Russia.

He visits Prague, his native town, partly because of the fact that he feels homesick and also because he pursues various projects. This travel documentary film includes the most important places on Mount Bistra, in the nortwest part of the Republic of Macedonia.


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IFF Uherske Hradiste, 1st. Film about nature of West Siberia.

Besides birds it shows the life of other animals living in the mountain too. Their recycled products are often remarkably ingenious and creative.

They are unfinished chronicles, for the responsibility on how the final chapter is written will depend entirely on each one of us. In a worls which is steadily becoming more cramped, pristine land becomes ever more important and worthy of our consideration. Later, during a meeting, Thomas brings Lacey on stage and confronts her about telling other people in the mansion about the failed device and tells her to leave immediately. This reportage poses the question, who is the guiltiness for the ecological catastrophe in Galabovo.

A beautiful non-tiled bathroom; floors of clay and strawboard, and furniture in original Friland designs … and we watch the assembly of a unique kitchen made of bits from the scrap yard!

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Maybe it was this instinct that led a goat-herd child many centuries ago, to find the miraculous icon among the rocks. Traffic of animal species is one of the most profitable worldwide business.

Audience award – AtaraxSlovakia. After the revolution of and the U. In Akurana live next to one-another the three ethnic groups of Sri Lanka: Fear of the secretive wolf has given it almost mythical status.