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The pair surrenders to Taha in order to gain access to his base, where they find the bomb has been set up on a missile launcher aimed at Paris, with Lola handcuffed to it. For other uses, see District 13 disambiguation. Archived from the original on June 15, Retrieved March 14, Retrieved September 5, The menu is clearly organized, if unimaginative. A Look at District

I found no disturbing artifacts and source print appears flawless. A Look at District Three years later, the district has become overrun with gangs. Magnet Magnolia Home Entertainment. I wouldn’t bring him into the movie until minutes into it, not until after the marvelous extended fight scene and escape by Damien Raffaelli , who is much more interesting in the sequel. Goo Ultra Grey Paint on Syntra.

Retrieved March 14, I could have used a few more chapters. Blacks are solid and colors, vivid. My earliest teacher in Aesthetics was Alexander Sesonske, who encouraged the comparison of unlike objects.

The minute Making-Of piece disrtict us through the choice of locations Serbia for the crumbling, futuristic District 13, Paris for the government and police buildings. Standard Blu-ray case Release date: Distrivt movie is hardly any better or any worse than the original.

A Look at Zubtitles My take on video, or audio for that matter — about which I feel more competent — is not particularly technical. Also it doesn’t go anywhere except to remind us who the character is and to witness how things have deteriorated in District 13 in the intervening three years.

District Ultimatum YIFY subtitles – details

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He opened my mind to the study of art in a broader sense, rather than of technique or the gratification of instantaneous events.


There is no narration here, but the footage is self-guiding. Cyril managed the combat stuntman, David, the action group, but Cyril is the overall stunt choreographer we learn that the Van Gogh idea was Luc’s. Retrieved August 11, Mail cheques, money orders, cash to: Rather it is aesthetic, perceptual, psychological and strongly influenced by temporal considerations in much the same way as music.

That said, this is one strange looking film: This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat There is also an HDNet piece that I didn’t check out. Ultimatum — in HD.

Insocial problems have overrun the poorer suburbs of Paris ; especially Banlieue 13, commonly referred to as B The LensView Home Theatre:.

This section needs expansion. The 16×9 SD music video looks pretty good as well. Unable servian control B13, the authorities surround the entire area with a high wall topped by barbed tapeforcing the inhabitants within to survive without education, proper utilities or police protection.

Subtitles for YIFY movie District 13: Ultimatum

I was expecting something about kickbacks but writer Serboan Besson sidestepped that motive for some reason. So if you’ve the seen the suvtitles, you should know that, except for Raffaelli, there is no really good reason to see the other unless you want to see more of the same — which is good reason enough.

Archived from the original on March 20, Three years later, the district has become overrun with gangs. Films directed by Pierre Morel. After fighting their way to the building, Damien calls his contact to receive the deactivation code.

District 13 – Wikipedia

Six months later, undercover policeman Damien Tomaso completes a successful operation at a casino in Paris. David talks a little about parkour, the action mind and body set that he more or less developed, and we get to see how most of the stunts are pulled off: Set in Detroit, it began pre-production in by EuropaCorp. Ultimatum Brick Mansions Freerunner Tracers.


You can tell I didn’t like the music, yeah? Retrieved April 7, The LensView Home Theatre: Retrieved July 13, The first number indicates a relative level of excellence compared to other Blu-ray video discs on a ten-point scale. After Damien gives them Taha’s bank account codes, they drain his funds. Perhaps I was more influenced by what I felt was a boring techno music track with little invention and practically no weight or authority that I couldn’t make a proper assessment of the effects.

I suspect this is the intent — and a clever subterfuge it is.

I hope you will find my musings entertaining and informative, ristrict, interactive and very much a work in progress. All of this is subtitled and the picture quality is very good standard definition. Archived from the original on July 11, You can help by adding to it. Luc Besson [1] Bibi Naceri [1]. Archived from the original on June 15, Add to this a heightened contrast and color that adds to the frenetic feel of the movie. He’s just some guy running.