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During the fight Armaan looks for Riddhima, at that moment Abhimanyu takes the chance and punches him hard. But that has not been the story so far. Being a huge Federer fan one cannot ask for more than this in a single day. This is sad and I guess that is one of the reasons why the channel does not get high GRP. Rahul and Muskaan meet each other after a long time. While running for life Tamanna gets hurt. I my last post I did write about a lot of questions in my mind about what exactly is going to happen to the present interns. Further, the new track with the new interns in the first case had to be introduced mainly because the production house and channel were relying too much on Karan to give them dates.

Kumkum — Pyara Sa Bandhan. The Merv Griffin Show. In really shows aspect as well they have shown Great Indian Laughter Challenge, one of the concepts that are taken by a lot many other channels now. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. Shashank with marriage proposal and Shashank approves. What really is going to happen in this month will be something full of surprises.

So that means it replaces Dill Mill Gayye. Yuvi saves an old couple from an accident, the couple blesses him. He played one of his best tennis towards the end and the biggest of all held his nerve to clinch the title, something which he could not do last year.

Dill Mill Gayye – Ep. – Riddhima is leaving ( X ) – video dailymotion

Parvarrish — Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi. I hope that this bad period of his life ends soon and he comes back with flying colors soon. Patils residence in order to fulfil her challenge made to Dr.

Episore I think in about 60 posts 32 posts have received above ful hits is a very good sign for the blog. In the general ward, Abhimanyu warns Atul to maintain the decorum inside the hospital premise otherwise he will put a red mark on his record.

Streets of Broken Lights. All new interns come and sit for the orientation.

This is the first time Australians have lost their no1 spot and making it worse for them is that they have directly slipped from no1 to no4 position. Nikita seeks forgiveness from Armaan for the boxing fight, but Armaan tells her that he can do anything for his friend. Dr Keerti sees Rids and Arman not episoode on their work. We also tried calling Shraddha, and even sent her text messages.


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A web application consists of web components, static resource files such as images, and helper classes and libraries. But if the creative head is to be believed gayey will not happen for the next three months at least. It had everything that would hook a person to the screen.

Commissioner is wondering about the reason behind kidnapping. Well at the moment even i cannot answer this quiestion, but yes i definetly can talk over this as of now. Develop the web application deployment descriptor. Well the new interns are coming on screen today and the questions have not decreased but in fact they increased gaayye since yesterday.

Jennifer Winget and Karan Singh Grover.

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The people who have seen what happened yesterday in the show will know what I am talking about. Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. And Tennis is a funny game as Federer just broke one serve of Roddick in the complete match and still emerged the winner.

Too many questions, I guess we will need some television source to explain full of this.

But that has not been the story so far. Ridhima questions Rpisode as to why he was showing that ring to Bubbly. She is scared as they near her but before they could do anything to her Abhimanyu reaches there.

The channel has already shown two promos that of Dr. Fll that she is pregnant. Later on she asks Abhimanyu the reason as to why he chose her from all interns. October 8, by Shishir Gupta in Uncategorized Tags: They both are amazing personalities. Abhi waits for Nikki in the car, as he get a call from lawyer telling him that Jiya has refused to give divorce. What will happen to the AR love angle?


Double Dare — Original run. Does Armaan regain his memory again?

The story started with five interns Armaan, Riddhima, Anjali, Atul, Sapna later Muskaan and Rahul joined the show gayyd the tally to 7 interns. The misunderstanding between Abhi and Nikki fades off as Jiah gets angry overhearing their conversation. But yes I did find a very good piece of article.

Rahul tells eppisode that he is doing all this stuff so that he can overcome his impotency. Well I just received a comment about this on my previous post asking if this is true. On the other side Abhimanyu humiliates Nikita.

On her way to meet Abhimanyu, Nikita meets Armaan and he tells her to take care of herself. Rids comes in way to save Armaan from getting killed as the bullet hits her. Sid hits a six in the last eppisode of the game. Well just when the show script started suggesting that Armaan might come back to the show I came across this article at India forum. June 30, Radio: I was literally waiting for the break to get over.

It was difficult to maintain all the blogs and then updating all of them every month was not easy, I did try it for six long months. La Viuda de Blanco —Remake. We see that it has been 6 months down the line after the hostage drama. Anshul gets hyper and Armaan tries to stop him.

Armaan swears he will not create any problem for Rids from now onwards. Anjali cries to Atul and asks him to stop Riddhima. Now he has also done this, although taken the longest time more than 40 weeks but he achieved this feat yesterday and now is at the No.