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The New Year party is in progress with all the interns assembled there. Subhaankar makes another attempt at proposing to Keerti but the light in the concert area goes off plunging the entire place in darkness. Subhaankar is keeping a close eye on Riddhima and Armaan has to sound rude to her all the time. Furthermore, Dr Subhaankar too asks for Armaan advice in the matter of placating his love interest, Dr Kirti’s anger. The concert begins with Nikita acting as the MC. Report Detail Video contains prohibited content.

Atul’s still cannot find the courage to face the audience of the concert and has to be cajoled by Anjali. Abhimanyu also compliments Riddhima on her fancy dress attire much to the displeasure of Armaan who wants to take matters in his own hands but is stopped by the rest of the group. Riddhima is all shocked and starts walking on the road aimlessly. Armaan takes up tennis to impress Shashank but isn’t good at it and ends up making a fool of himself. The audience is in peals of laughter with the interns having assumed the roles of the character’s in the film. They decide to approach him and on doing so are intimated that they will have to do a skit based on the popular film, Sholay for his esteemed guests and then he would look into it.

At the dining table in Shashank’s house Armaan tries to impress Shashank but ends up irritating Riddhima by siding up against her. Armaan mikl to Shashank’s office to prevent him from opening peisode file but instead finds subhaankar ther.

Armaan is busy trying to get into the good books of Dr Shahshank, so that eventually he can impress him enough to be a good match for Riddhima. Nikita alerts them that everyone was coming to the terrace. This result’s in them improvising the skit and all of them begin to perform the skit.

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Armaan comes up with the idea of using doubles and hopes that Abhimanyu doesn’t find out. In a discussion between the interns Armaan comes up with the idea of doing a song and dance concert in place of the event as mentioned by the interns earlier, he however cannot dance and to fill his absence in the concert Anjali comes up with the option of having Abhimanyu dance with them.

Furthermore, Dr Subhaankar too asks for Armaan advice in the matter of placating his love interest, Dr Kirti’s anger. At Sanjeevani, Navneeta’s birthday is celebrated with fanfare, the party being organized personally by Keerti. Riddhima is shocked beyond measure seeing her gayys crash in the aforementioned manner. Armaan realizes that his new suri look is being loved by all except Riddhima.


Ridhima confronts armaan about his look change. Keerti tells Subhaankar that if he procrastinates telling her whatever it is that he wants to confide in her, she will no longer speak to him.

Atul in his excitement of the love letter bangs into Nikita causing the contents of her folder to spill revealing intimate college day’s pictures of Armaan and herself, causing commotion and awe within the group. Abhimanyu enters the scene and there is tension in the air.

Dill Mill Gayye Ep 245

Meanwhile Muskaan has decided to get over Rahul by immersing herself in books and her studies. The interns are coerced into the situation as the goons wield guns, they try to escape but cant. Riddhima is paired with Gappu, while Rahul and Muskaan are paired with each other.

Armaan keeps the letter in Riddhima’s file and this time the letter reaches Shashank as the file goes to him for consultation. We defreeze with the song getting over and the interns still dressed in their fancy dress outfits, carrying on their non-cooperation drive targeted against Abhimanyu. Episoce is displeased with their lack of sportsmanship and chides them resulting in Armaan declaring that they would all play fairly henceforth.

We defreeze with Armaan asking Nikita to tell him what is troubling her, Riddhima too joins in and Nikita is moved with Riddhima’s concern and can’t help but like her. Shashank has got the disc of a film to see with Riddhima. Rahul however doesn’t manage to illicit a response from Muskaan he however receives a call stating that his father is ailing gyye his condition is worsening.

This is seen by Dr Shashank and he feels that there is episodw going on between Riddhima and Atul. He even decides to ddill armaan as much as he can.

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Nikita is punished for having arrived late and is assigned rectal duties but manages to con Abhimanyu into doing it for by challenging him. Nikita is determined to win the challenge of being thrown out by Abhimanyu and deliberately tries to steal medicines from the lab only to come across Abhimanyu tries to bandage an old wound, both are surprised and another confrontation ensues. This romantic gesture is however noticed by Dr Shashank who calls out to them, his disapproval of this clear on his face.


The match is a very close one and on the final whistle a tie is declared. Armaan takes up tennis to impress Shashank but isn’t good at it and ends up making a fool of himself. Everyone is stunned; meanwhile Shashank is busy commenting on the film trying to put his viewpoint across and is also accompanied by Anjali.

Everybody is completely shocked when Armaan reveals that it is him. Shashank asks Riddhima to accompany him in the viewing of a film.

Atul has made another dish for Anjali and asks Riddhima to taste it, when she complies Shashank sees Atul feeding her episodde his doubt about them being romantically involved is gradually being strengthened.

Rahul enters Atul’s landlady’s house in error thinking it is Atul’s room and commotion follows with Epidode on the verge of loosing his accommodation too. Armaan has to choose between riddhima and shashank and follows the latter. Atul in sanjeevani is given a tough time as he has to do all the dirty work, he is bearing the brunt dlll Shashank’s wrath and is suffering with the punishment that Armaan was supposed to bear.

Armaan in his new getup arrives at sanjeevani but nobody recognizes him. Atul is gifted a cycle from his mystery admirer and in an attempt to hide it collides with Anjali, who convinces him to keep it till he finds the admirer.

All are shocked dilll this doesn’t seem possible. Atul gets cold feet as he sees the crowd and doesn’t want to perform the dance routine. Nikita consoles Armaan but his worry about his relationship gayyye Riddhima isn’t easily put to rest. Armaan is moping over the fact that Abhimanyu and Riddhima have been paired together and is consoled by Nikita. Meanwhile Subhaankar wants to propose to Keerti but is interrupted and hence doesn’t do so.