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We had Dineez Ayesha Khan as his lady. Coming to my favorite scene, well it is hard to decide one single scene from larger-than-life serial but scene where Fariha put off her bangles and cries was top notch. He played role of Rohail quite satisfactorily and this time his lady was Neelum Muneer. What are your expectations from this serial? Will kids accept it and how? Promos are out and first teaser of play has on aired last night arising killing curiosity among audiences. Nasreen puts all blame of their miseries on Fariha.

What do you think of his acting so far now? Amma Jaan ko sirf aik pagal qabu kr skta hai! Behind the need to communicate is the need to share. Wish I could give ! This is the life we live and talk about. She blends Punjabi with Urdu so beautifully that I fell in love with Punjabi language.

Akbari Asghari Hum Tv was an interesting platform of different cultures and Fawad played role of Asghar intensely.

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People spent their whole lives in bringing themselves upright as an actor but this velvety chocolate hero, Fawad khan won the series wholly. Nasreen puts all blame of their miseries on Fariha.

While watching this episode I sensed that other than minute matters, two major issues of Class differences and double standards of education mhoallay Pakistan were being highlighted by the team. She takes care of Nasreen just like Raheel used to do by keeping water for her before going to sleep.

Pain of the characters.

The company has a long list mohaklay successes, since its inception in August by working with the best available talent. Music is essentially a form of language that allows people to communicate with each other and share experiences.


Confusing point is that kia Saad aur that guy who injects Fahim are brothers and adopted by Amma Jaan? Everybody reacts differently to the loss of someone close. Fariha is no doubt a loving and caring mother but acha hota agr wo bachon ko sikhatin k bags raat ko pack kr k sona hai. I laughed where daadi jaan mohallaj not allow herself to depart her grand children with prayers and best wishes but for her own son and daughters she is so humble and caring.

Dil Mohallay ki Haveli by Geo Tv – Episode 5

Mann Ke Havfli Episode 5: In terms of direction, episode was superb. Satrangi- meaning seven colors of rainbow Geo tv was again a super hit and Fawad played role of Behzaad who take his friends to Pakistan trip where they discover themselves and the world they lived in. In the morning when Fariha brings egg role for Guddu was heart touching positively!

She speaks via symbolism and body language; her characters do not allow you to forget them easily. Amma Jaan ko sirf aik pagal qabu kr skta hai! The thing that I liked a lot in this serial is that strong family bonding is being shown at djl moment when we need it the most. I hope I am not disappointed!

Mehnat sy jee churata hai aur nazar saari jaedaad py. Stay tune to Geo tv and keep visiting our face book official page for all latest updates. Sanam Baloch as Akbari hzveli my heart straight away and I loved the couple.


Dil Mohallay Ki Haveli By Geo TV Episode 5

Moving on, I hated Fyll for her extreme selfish behavior with innocent children and Fariha. Kifayat Rodani is the writer particularly episde for writing depressing plays that carry heavy weight of authenticity and ruthless realities of this world. Now that daadi has revealed her another color they are very much insecure about their future and about their mother as well. Archive for July Let us just hope that Raheel may live with his family but again he is justified too.

Dil sambhalny mein thorha waqt tou lgega! What are your views about plot of the play? Doing parental tasks and sharing havell responsibilities requires certain skills. Mann Ke Moti Episode 4: He lives with his widowed mother and two sisters and is responsible for their bread too after death of his father.

This play is said to be equal with Humsafar and changed many lives for sure. I love how the scenes are thorough but not dragged and the pace is very smooth as well. But one thing is clear Fawad is into something very serious this time as we already know play is on Vani issue.