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The driver hears this and asks if her name is Kriya. This site uses cookies. Swayam tries to call Swayam as he was alone in the college. Reyaansh is the college heart-throb. Swayam tells him not to worry. In order to do it, he needed help from at least one person

Kriya was collecting her things from locker. S which is causing a rift between her and Rey’s relation as Rey thinks she left her friends for power and position. This site uses cookies. In the corridor, Swayam asks Rey does he want to have something from cafeteria. Also a rich kid, Rey is business tycoon Ranvijay Singhania’s son. She says how he talks about such intelligent things.

Rey is frustrated and tells her to go. I started watching D Kriya says you are so innocent, she says you kria I have great memories together and I have got used to you. It wents away until Kriya comes. He has feelings for Simi of his team.

Simmi coughs saying there is spice in it.

Rey helps Kriya to walk instructing her to walk as he says. In the cafeteria, Swayam says Kriya looked so happy. But in the recent episodes it has shown that Rey has developed feelings for Taani and becomes very disturbed and rather jealous seeing Shivam and Taani as a “couple”.

VP sir comes outside and calls Swayam to come to his office with their team. Jignesh offers her seat and tells her he will eat what she likes to.

She whistles telling Rilli that he is from Florida. He says I am from Florida. He goes to her and hugs her tightly.

He is the best friend of Kriya and Rey. Inside he asks her can she cook? She says it is very late and they must sleep.


Ray and Kriya chat on the stairs

HE explain she is special for the whole team, and thinks what he is dostl. Home Boys Cast Swayam Shekhawat. He takes her to college. Later, this misunderstanding got cleared.

Sharon runs after her. Recently, Taani spoke up against Shivam and he gets exposed showing his true colours. D3 behind the scenes part 9 kunwar08 mohanshakti shantanu. He tells him to let him go right now as she wants to confess his love to the girl. In order to do it, he needed help from at least one person He asks God to resolve the hacking issue.

While chatting, Shivam was about to mention Kriya’s awesome dance but Kriya secretly signals him not to tell her dance-hating mom about her dancing talent. She says he likes it when she gets annoyed and he has to make her mood up.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Initially he was not interested in rsy Kria’s team but after persuasion finally gave in. Rey says that with all respect we cant accept it. Rilli come across Jignesh in the college.

He tried to woo her but all his attempts were in vain until in RDX sir’s party in which he and Sharon spent a special time together,after which fey looked on the bright side for his and Sharon’s relationship which they name as trial relationship. Rey is angry, Swayam tells him to calm down and says he never say no to us. Sharon says had there been another boyfriend, he would have stopped her.

He agrees but tells them not to accept much. He asks her to accept his love; he will wait for her if she goes to New York after that. The role is played by Arzeez Gandhi. Sharon and Swayam xil packing; she brings a lot of clothes and asks do they look good.


She asks what for, he tells her that he wants to meet his girlfriend. She is ex-dazzler who boycotted from the group because she couldn’t pretend to worship Sharon. Rey recalls his dad is waiting. Rey is thinking about what Swayam told him about the contract and thinks why there is always a problem in life.

Rey-Kriya & Swayam-Sharon unite in Dil Dostii Dance end episode

He forces the gang to include Shivam in their team until the footloose competition is done with VP comes to take them along and introduces them to episodse board. She looks at him shocked. When all the boys go for a Boys Night out- he openly admits to them that he is love with Neha, after which he takes help of Rey and Swayam to impress Neha. Nilesh is the rap star of the college. His dad hugs him. Initially he was not interested in joining Kria’s team but after persuasion finally gave in.

Jignesh asks is he your boy friend. P1 d3forlife swaronmemories vrushanforever neverreplaced. Swayam gets a letter in the locker to come to store room to meet her. So decides to use Taani. Kriy asks is ery your boy friend.