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They took plans for diesel-electric submarines, jet aircraft, rocket engines, ballistic missiles and very large battle tanks. In , she was sold to the English, who in turn sold her to the Japanese. She was scrapped in Hamburg in , after 63 years of faithful service. She was armed with ,7 inch guns, mm guns and mm guns. They could make up to 19,25 knots on the surface and up to 7,75 knots submerged. They were equipped with both radar and sonar, and were powered by 2 M. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. She had 3 masts, and displaced up to tons full load, which made her the largest Brandenburg-Prussian ship up to that time.

Armamant consists of 4 mm anti-aircraft guns, and they are powered by 2 Maybach diesel engines which drive 2 propellers, and produce up to 5, horsepower. The crew consists of 32 officers and men. In addition to the very large number of German-built submarines, the World War Two German Navy took a number of classes of captured foreign submarines into German service. She was the sole ship of her class and has since been scrapped. The total number of German submarines ordered by the Imperial Navy during World War One was , but those units beyond the commissioned boats were never completed due to the end of the war. Each boat displaced up to 1, tons full load, and had 3 marine boilers which drove 2 shafts or screws. Johanna Lohmann – Vergissmeinnicht She was named after a small town on a peninsula in the Bay of Danzig, which now belongs to Poland.

They each displace up to 3, tons full load, and are armed with inch guns plus mm guns. Over 1, German submarines were commissioned betweenof which more than were sunk or destroyed. We will fix it folm. She is 67,45 meters long, has a beam of 9,84 meters and a draught of 4,25 meters.

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They could displace anywhere from 50 to tons, and were common in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. She was armed with 4 mm and 4 mm anti-aircraft guns. Would you like to resume watching where you left off?

She raided the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, eventually meeting her end off the coast of Japan in October They can make up to 26 knots with their diesel engines and turbines. They could make ganzzer to 16 knots with their diesel engines.


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Their crews dir of 39 commissioned officers and enlisted men each. She was armed with inch torpedo tubes, ,7 inch deck guns plus mm anti-aircraft guns. They were seaworthy ocean-going vessels, and often voyaged overseas.

Frankie Wagner wtffff i do not understand this! Show all 28 episodes. They had one or two masts, and about 20 oars, using both sails and oars for propulsion.

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Her keel was laid down in Venice inand she was launched on May 21, She survived World War Two and returned to civilian use after the war. Dei crews consist of 26 commissioned officers and enlisted men per ship. Each vessel displaces 4, tons full load and has a top speed of 17 knots with diesel engines.

She was 43 meters long, and had a beam of 8 meters. During the War of the Austrian Succession fromBrandenburg-Prussia betrayed the Holy Roman Empire of the Doe Nation yet again — after which she was awarded the Province of Silesia the capital of which was the city of Breslau. She displaced a mere tons, showing how gunboats of the same era had a wide range in size. She displaced tons, was mminensucherin by the Bernhard Wencke Shipyard in Bremen, was 53 meters long and had beam of gxnzer meters.

Armament consisted of gannzer 2 torpedos and the boat was operated by 2 men. She could make up to 36 knots with her diesel engines and turbines. Marteganes were similar to chebeks, but with fuller forms. She was armed with mm guns and mines. Torpedo Boat Flottilla, who was killed in action when his boat was sunk at the Battle of Jutland in May Germany could never hope to defeat the enemy fleets in open battle, because the enemy had such a profound numerical advantage in capital warships.

They are the largest frigates in the world, comparable to destroyers of other navies and comparable to the light cruisers of World War Two.

Sloops had one upper deck, one mast, one fore and one aft rig. Just 2 examples of the Type I were commissioned, an ocean-going boat of tons total displacement and 43 crew members. Show all 10 episodes. Displacement is a maximum tons per boat. She served off the coast of Dalmatia, Croatia and was scrapped in She was built out of oak, was armed with 2 cannon both 6-Pounders and had a crew of just 12 officers and men. Of these, 7 are still in active duty service with the German Navy and 2 have been sold to Indonesia.


Each destroyer displaced up minensucehrin 1, tons full load and was armed with inch guns plus mm guns. The next reason, and far more significant, is that Germany and her allies were hopelessly outnumbered during both world wars. The second boat can make up to 14 knots and has just 2 small caliber guns. Torpedo Boat Flottilla who minensucherib killed in fil during World War One, while trying to save 2 other German torpedo boats which had run into a mine field.

Each vessel displaced up to tons minensucherim load, could make up to 45 knots a very impressive top speedwas 34,7 meters long, had a beam of 6,7 meters and a draught of 1,5 meters. She never raided the high seas, due to damage received from an RAF air raid minensucyerin Sadly, she was lost with all her crew in a hurricane off the Gulf of Aden on June 2, She was built in Venice inand had very active service until she was minensucheron into a prison hulk in Show all 8 episodes.

Their crews consisted of 29 officers and enlisted men. She could make up to 18 knots with her diesel engines. Crews were comprised of 9 commissioned officers and enlisted men. They were all scrapped shortly after the end of World War Two.

The Type coastal submarine was designed specifically for Norway. She could make up to 15 knots with her diesel engines. The Type can remain submerged for up to 3 weeks without using a snorkel to replenish its supply of oxygen.