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Sign in Get started. One interesting thing about the script is that the characters never announce their plan to kill Guy, they just do it. Filming took place in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What about the dive in the pool in the middle of the night? Diabolique Theatrical release poster. Diabolique The bitch-off national finals. Movies CAN inspire wonder.

Even her name associates her with her Christian faith. As realistic as the entire film tries to be, Clouzot switched to low-key lighting for the finale, giving the school an almost ethereal appearance as Christina runs through its halls, trying to find out who or what is creeping around. Posted by Jennifer Garlen at 2: Or is there another reason they just have not thought about as a possibility? Because Nicole, you see, has grown a heart over the course of this film, and cannot stand to see poor Mia, whom she loves so very much, die. It could be worse.

She keeps staring out the window at the pool during her classes and fainting and this and that until you just want to bludgeon her. In my favorite dialogue those elements are combined with an added note of surprise. Clouzot, being the renegade that he was, made Diabolique as an antithesis to these ideals, opting to make it as minimalistic as possible; one camera, one primary location and a small cast.

Looking for more volunteers, your chance to memorialize your favorite international movie and yourself as a contributor to our ongoing blog series on classic movies. E — via Google News. Each time someone speaks spokler either furthers the plot, furthers our understanding of the dibolique, or is foreshadowing. The screenwriters have a startling way of contrasting humor with dark subject matter along with a sense of foreboding.

Swallow it for once in your life. Unfortunately, life does imitate art sometimes, and Clouzot died five years later from the same thing that ailed her character: The screenwriters leave us no doubt the world would be a better place without him.

Those who I put in bold have already sent me their posts. With the successful execution of the plan, Nicole and Christina will have an alibi of being away for the weekend when he would have died by accidentally drowning in the pool. The final shot is of Shirley triumphantly smoking a cigarette, as she gazes at the pool, as though she too had scored a victory.


Film critics speculate Clouzot inspired Alfred Hitchcock to raise the level of thrills found in his movies. Films by Don Roos. In a French provincial town, Michel Delassalle, a sadistic headmaster of a school belonging to his wife Christina, a fragile young woman with a weak heart, carries on an affair with Nicole Horner, a strong, forceful teacher who has been his mistress from the day she arrived.

I wish I could recall the circumstances surrounding the moment when I suddenly got possessed to see this, but those memories are lost to time. Only once do we see Michel initiate a sexual encounter with Christina, and this scene plays out as a sopiler that cuts away as Christina pathetically protests. Her hair is cut short, her clothes are tailored to accentuate her shoulders, to give off diaboliqke vibe of womanly dominance.

Classic International Movie: “Diabolique” – Go Into The Story

I knew a good chunk of the information presented here prior to watching the interview, but Newman is a delight to watch and many of his observations are worth discussing at greater lengths. Michel and Nicole are caught and punished for their actions, which gives us a sense of justice in this world for Christina, but the anecdotal account of her return suggests spiritual justice, too.

This movie’s got cruel intentions!

After several days, his body fails to float up to the surface and when the pool is drained, his body is nowhere to be found. Retrieved May 30, Diaholique has a great reaction as she realizes that she has been out-bitched!

The wife and mistress of a sadistic boarding school headmaster plot to kill him. I should also mention that in this scene and the next, Nicole is wearing skin tight diabokique red hot pants and a tight white leopard-print shirt. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! When his body fails to rise to the surface after several days, Nicole has the pool drained, but Guy’s body diaboliqque nowhere to be found.

Guy is abusive to the weak Mia, a former nun who suffers from cardiomyopathy ; ploot mistress, Nicole Horner, a fellow teacher at the school, is protective of Mia. Interestingly, however, the screenplay is by Don Roos, who went on to become the writer-director of the hilarious and delightful The Opposite of Sexamong lesser successes.


Are their minds playing tricks on them?

Classic International Movie: “Diabolique”

As she looks around the closet door slowly squeaks open, seemingly of its own accord. The set-up misleads us by suggesting that the two women are the titular fiends for plotting the murder of the man both of them seem to hate. Films directed by Jeremiah S.

Later, while investigating the school’s basement, Shirley is attacked and knocked unconscious. You may freely link to any page on this website, but reproduction in any other form must be authorized by the copyright holder. In each of the three sections SetupAdditional Cluesand The Finaleshe gives a lot of scene-specific production info, along with just generally explaining the narrative in accordance with themes explored throughout the film.

Nicole is resistant, and Shirley quickly becomes suspicious of the women.


After reading about the discovery of a John Doe in a nearby river, Mia goes to view the body at the sheriff’s station, but finds it is not Guy. There are many dialogues that stand out throughout Diabolique: This is directed by Jeremiah S. As Nicole attempts to revive Mia, Guy pulls her into the pool and tries to drown her. Chazz Palminteri as her husband Guy wakes up and finds her there.

Cristina is shown as frail and subjugated but the character is given just enough pluck to make her a worthy protagonist.

They wrap his body in a shower curtain and place it in a wicker box. That night, Mia finds Guy floating in her bathtub, and witnesses him rise from the water. This essay discusses the ending of the film at length. But, perhaps the most memorable thing about Diabolique is its legendary ending, which was mind-blowing at the time but has since been copied more times than anyone would care to count.

Diaboliqe is classic international movies month. Christina, who has a serious condition, is terrified especially after one of the students says he saw him. FredH FredH 6, 22 Or is there another reason they just have not thought about as a possibility?