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Some commentors are questioning “Ainak wala jin”, it definitely belong in the list.. If you are the bazurg in this house act like it and stop following the advice of newly wed girl who is barely twenty. Sange Mar Mar…Episode 9 , OMG this article brings back such fond memories. What wonderful dramas PTV used to make. Naye Silsilay can be forgiven by the viewers, if they attempt a proper remake of the sequel. It will be interesting to see viewers from Lahore, Rawalpindi, Peshawar or Quetta put forth their top 10 and rank them

The bitter memories push her to be even curter with him and she does not miss a chance to snub him. The viewers eyes are kept firmly on the actors and the details of the story so a shout out to the DOP Ilyas Kashmiri for such great work. You are so right, Zaroon did realize soon enough that this was the same old Kashaf and yes about Kashaf not staying out till late lol so right!! Updated February 24, Dam fund disappointment The entire episode serves as a warning for leaders of institutions to avoid overstepping their domain. Another cult classic, this drama was aired multiple times over the years due to its popularity. Our society has regressed Big time.

Please someone bring back that old beautiful, peaceful, powerful and glorious Pakistan. No questions about the above list, however, Angan Tehra should have been in this list as well, maybe in place of Parchaiyan.

Aunn Zara Episode 14 Review :(Dis) Engagment

These are the assets kijaray Pakistan. This is soon turning out to be a triangle between the gentleman, a charmer with a chip on his shoulder and Miss Hoity Toity. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A time for restraint. Sort out your own relationship before acting as a matchmaker.

In fact, the cast was invited to perform in front of Princess Diana and the patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospital when she visited Pakistan in Oh man, I am a 90s kid. Our society has regressed Big time.


The scenes in the OST have me interested. Having said that Zara really does need to come and apologize to you. I just watched it and loved it.

Dhoop Kinare Part 14/22 – Classic PTV Drama Series Complete – video dailymotion

I was told that PTV does not even have print rpisode the original version and it had to be re-shot with different cast to re-telecast. I watched it in but the story and the characters are so relevant to the our present environment. The list of Pakistani top dramas will be incomplete with out Ashfaq Ahmed’s classic dramas! I just would like to add “Dhuwan” in this list too!!!

Dhoop Kinare Episode 14 | Rahat Kazmi | Marina Khan | Sajid Hassan | Qazi Wajid | Badar Khalil

The cast of Taleem-e-Balighan —Photo courtesy: Neeru, once again a wonderfully written piece with all my favourite portions mentioned. The first of its kind, Ainak Jinaray Jin was a wonderful mix of real life, fantasy and science fiction.

I love and agree with everything you have said.

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Treat to watch both the whole week…. The chemistry between this cast is phenomenal and it really felt like a family had been torn apart.

And thank you for choosing the name Talk Soap. In their helplessness, people in need of funds turn to Shylocks. To follow it up, the next morning he anxiously awaits her arrival. Undoubtedly all above drama serials are real gem of Pakistani TV history Now the point is. Zaroon is matured enough but a immature boy is still present in his character and this immature boy always wants a loving caring life partner unlike his mother.

Aangan Terha is a must to include in the list. Inspired klnaray AnkahiBollywood released the movie Chal Mere Bhai in with the same story line as the drama.

The camera work has somehow defused the need for big sets and interior fpisode. The Annual Status of Education Report Some commentors are questioning “Ainak wala jin”, it definitely belong in the list. After dhoop kinare and samundar, have not enjoyed any play so much. She calls him to put him in his place for pulling such a stunt on her but interestingly has no reply when he asks her why she has an issue about his girlfriends. Behtar hai aap mera naam itna casually na len!


I am sometimes amazed at the talent we had and still have, the subtlety at which we are masters, the dialogue, acting, music Dr S I H Zaidi. But we have to admit, out rightly lying to her about Sir Abrar not being at home was a half-cooked idea Zaroon tried to wing at the last minute to whisk her off for lunch. Naye Silsilay was an utter disappointment and should djoop have gone through to duoop the original.

Kashaf… Zaroon calls out to her in a familiar manner Snub 1: Iinaray India and Pakistan need a paradigm shift to move from covert warfare to strategic realism. Also since you mentioned a serial “Alif aur Noon” which was not a drama, Anwar Maqsood’s “Such Gup” was also as hugely popular. Thank you for sharing such wonderful dramas information. The fledgling romance between Nighat Parveen and Jamshed should have been left well alone to smolder on its own, when the moment of truth came Dhoip ran a mile.

Dewarain, jungle, jangloss, shama, kiran dhiop, shahzori, andhera ujala sure the list is endless. Is there any way to bring back those good old times? What wonderful dramas PTV used to make.