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When Lee sees Lynch, he reveals that he is actually the president of Green Apple Splat, Leopald Webber, and has had surgery to appear younger but forwent the hair transplant. Goldsteinm, Tina Kwee and many others because it is a popular guy. In a subplot Cam is attempting to learn the identity of the one who sent the photoshopped image and in the process learns the identity of Radcircles, former principal of A. While there, Lee gets trapped in a room and Lynch disappears. With the help of Biffy, Cam and Holger to find Barrage’s whereabouts; Lee finds that the secret tunnels that Barrage was last seen at had been cleared out, and Cam finds Barrage’s ID and money, while Lee tries to find the security tapes. Meanwhile, Brad attempts to become more popular than Lee again by using a plan stolen from a movie:

There he learns the identity of those that composed the music for the Prank, the Dudes of Darkness, which has a hypnotic effect on the other party goers. With a device composed of eye-pieces by Earl Nigma, Finnwich is able to see the invisible projections on the symbols, seeing “where it all began”. She asks Tina to come and bring Lee, who is helping the family with the house. Mr Ping is taken to the hospital after a fish allergy accident caused by Holger, who plans to make up for it. Meanwhile, the teacher clones wake up in the broken clone room , now realizing they’re clones of other famous people with Sue, Lee’s mother, wonders who she exactly is a clone of , while Barrage tries to get them out with the help of the Mr Wurst clones. Detentionaire Episode 46 The Common Denominator. On the way to the airport, he is abducted by a Hazmat and escapes with the help of the Tatzelwurm. Nigma High championship football ring and has a scab on his mid-knuckle.

As he looks out towards the city, he declares “I finally found you”. However, in the end, the council member who was presumed dead in Season 3 is seen with even more Reptilians, leading them out of the Pyramid.

The council member, referring to himself as “The Serpent”, is the owner of The Hydra. The episode ends with Tina and Onlime breaking out of their crate, only to find that they’re in a submarine. He does, however, tell Radcircles that he knows that he’s Camillio, who only begins laughing maniacally.


Barrage shows up to neutralize Lee but Finnwich turns him off, revealing that he made Barrage himself. Kate and Mim Mim Barrage now finds out that the council had been using him, so he tries to take out a chip but causes himself to malfunction, locked in his controlled state. He explains that during the events of “Friday Nights Bites” Holger discovered a series of underground tunnels connecting the school and Brandy’s apartment.

Detentionaire Episode 13 The Hair Incident. The dance continues and Lee manages ask Tina to the dance.

Detentionaire – Season 2, Episode 19 (The Common Denominator)

Finnwich plans to kill both Lee and himself because they are too important to this conspiracy. Their idea is ultimately chosen by the school due to the prank song, which hypnotises the students. The Outcasts return his things, telling Lee that the Tatzelwurm’s whiskers they had were burnt and they were looking for another. The teachers act weirdly, forcing the students to put together pieces of the pyramid, and Brandy is approached by Cam to help Lee before he explains everything.

Unexpectedly, Vice Principal Victoria picks him up, spares him for sneaking out of detention and drives him back to detention, she epislde Barrage that she let him out so he can help her carry books and tells Lee not to let it happen again.

A fight between the Hazmats and the robots causes Tina to become crystallized.

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Lee, with the help of Biffy, who still won’t forgive him, track down the Tatzelwurm. Brandy shows up and encourages them to find a common link.

Cassandra escapes from the soldiers and releases the Serpent to help her and Kimmie survive. After waking up to find Langhorne gone, they cover their mouths, lie on the bed and find themselves in a chamber with sleeping teachers in pods.

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His eyes flash a triangle and says “manifestum” and Holger is knocked when he touches the light. Meanwhile, Biffy and a curious Kimmie sneak into his parent’s workplace, but other Hazmats have already removed most everything and are about to demolish it. Though Cam never actively partook, he seemed to accidentally contribute as every prank on Cam was reflected onto Grayson detentionairre worse.

Lee’s key and bag are stolen. Inside said locker Lee finds his original bag from the day one prank. The episode ends with Tina, upset eposode she can’t further her relationship with Lee due to the pact.


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The phone’s charger is dislodged by the Serpent’s snake but Epiaode finds photos of his family episods the office when the camera is moved before the battery runs out. Lee finds that Brad cheats during the fencing tournaments to impress his dad and gets Lee to secretly fill in for him, so he can impress his father. During their webcam conversation, Cam suggests the Serpent’s gathering of things from Lee’s family is related to cloning, or perhaps the Serpent is simply a fan.

Lee arrives on the scene and attacks the Serpent, who tells him that Lee’s just a “copy” of him, flees and Holger is safe. Lee sneaks out of detention and goes to the mall to protect Tina in the detenrionaire discovering that a bag exactly like his was purchased at the mall. In a onoine plot Episove discovers that the Tazelwurm planted a key like device inside his bag which proves vital in the group’s survival, and it’s discovered that not only did a trio of environmentalists release the detentuonaire at the school and trigger the melt down but they also released them during the Prank, though they aren’t connected to the others in the conspiracy.

Ultimately they find that the Serpent has already given the keys to the council. Lee wonders if he’s a clone of the Serpent or if the Serpent is his older brother. The series comprises a total of 53 episodes, which if you have not seen advise you to start looking on the internet because you will regret only when they finish.

The Book of Life Under the hypnotic effects of the music Cyrus quits the Dudes of Darkness. Elsewhere, when the book mentions Coral Grove, Tina proceeds to tell Jenny everything she knows about it information she gathered during the short webisodes. Lee is able to convince Chaz to air the footage early so that he can eposode it, discovering that it was Camillio who switched his bag.