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Rajveer feels very angry while Gayatri continues lying. Nandini feels Rajveer is hiding something. Nandini married him because she loves him and she was told that Rajveer also loves her. She tries a lot to not tell anything to Rajveer, but in end she has to tell him the truth as he threatens to tell everything to Nandini. She tells him to be careful. Right then Gayatri calls them and asks them to come tomorrow and take Nandini with them for pag rasham ritual.

He asks her if she ate. Rajveer finally decides to tell her everything. Rajveer finally decides to tell her everything. Abhay calls Gayatri and tells his plan to send Nandini away from Rajveer. And now to add some more masala, the creatives have planned to bring in some suicide scenes. A source informs us that the bonding between the members of the Pandey family is worth the credit.

Rajvir take the call. After coming to home, Rajveer goes to the study room to talk to Gayatri. Gayatri says she had no other option and now at least she made sure Rajveer will be quiet for 4 days.

Rajveer asks her how can she stay there in that house after such betrayal. She runs on the stage to save Rajveer, but she is late by a second jnuary Rajveer gets shot by the assassination. When GD tells her if Nandini wants she can tell him truth about rally she tells her that she will not do it. At Inauguration…Nandini goes on to stage and says that she came there coz Rajveer is busy.

Nandini some how makes Rajveer to play piano.

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 6th January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

He asks her where she is going. Nandini says where else a girl would go after getting betrayed. Ritu says when someone has jiju like Rajveer, then nothing wrong can happen with them. Right then Gayatri calls them and asks them to desy tomorrow and take Nandini with them for pag rasham ritual.


Abhay says it was just his job and he had no other option.

Desh Ki Beti – Nandini 6th January 2014 Video Watch Online

Young girls are getting r Nandini looks around and sees an assassination. Rajveer storms in and takes his frustration out at Gayatri. Nandini tells her mother that there is no need to break their FD, and there is rupees in her savings account. Rajveer tries to tell the truth to Nandini at wedding, but on last moment he gets a call from Gayatri who tells him she will tell everything to Nandini once they reach home. Next morning, Rajveer finds out from Nandini that she has gone to her house as her brother, Sid, got fired by his boss and also accused of robbery.

If only he knew about his mom. Gayatri says she will take care of Nandini. GD drags Nandini to a side asks her about Rajveer. Gayatri says see they fought, but there is still same love between the two.

The bonding is so very warm that they almost seem like they are a part of a real family. Rajveer says everything is over between them now.

At Inauguration …someone asks GD about Rajveer and she says he will there. He asks her what they will do next. Nandini orders him to give her updates about Rajveer. Rajveer says this is ridiculous. He did whatever he wanted, now she will decide what needs to be done. Fan of the Week. They spend time with their on-screen family and can be seen chit-chatting during the breaks.

Jeena asks him to meet her and he will feel good. Well its rightly said that the family which works together, eats together, plays together-always stay together. Gayatri says no, after some time jandini will calm down, and then Rajveer go and get her back home.


GD and Abhay discuss about how Nandini has changed. The political leadership of the day is full of donkeys – Sujata Sehgal.

Desh Ki Beti Nandini 22nd January Sony Tv – Serials Episode

Rajveer nandoni and watches. I think it will be years before we can see a new dawn. Here we bring you the details. Jeena says there was just a misunderstanding which got clear.

She goes on saying that they are a middle class family, but they believe in hard earned money. Abhay tells her he warned GD twice about threats but she ignored. After that Nandini and Rajveer leave.

Nandini leaves from there. She asks her why she came there, Rajveer must be coming anytime. Nandini comes home and cries.

Rajveer says he has NP infact he wants to do something for her. Rajveer is heading back.

Sujata who has previously done shows such as Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai, Dekha Ek Khwaab, etc accepts that it would have been better, had Nandini focused on contemporary political happenings. At the rally, Rajveer is on the stage.

He almost falls down and Nandini comes and gives him support on the last moment. Then you end up looking not like a politician but a celebrity. And I must thank my mother for that, who has been an artist. He says he will go and tell everything to Jqnuary. She asks him to go and stop her. Abhay asks her what if Akansha is not ready to take that position.