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Youtube Daily Motion A man falls in love with his new neighbor but then finds that her family life is difficult. Thanmathra Kaattu But then things go south as the Manager reveals that the Teacher is his fiancee. We will never post to Twitter or Facebook without your permission. Next morning the Teacher, Manager and the whole school management comes to find that they are in bed together. Madhavi suhasini who is a lawyer, meets veerendra and she is attracted towards him for his kind heartedness towards poor people. They share an intimate goodbye. Retrieved from ” https:

They see the world’s resentment personified in a mean teacher who is in charge of this particular picnic. The two girls run away during a school trip in order to punish their teacher Devika who organised the trip. After a while, the former who is in love with this stranger tells him the truth about her situation. But she comes back half way realising it’s not fine, bangs open the room to find the other girl about to commit suicide. Daily Motion The movie narrates the story of a brother and his two sisters and the hardships they have to face because of financial difficulties. P Balagopalan Mohanlal who has a part time with small salary. Youtube Daily Motion The only way Gopalakrishnan can escape from certain bankruptcy is to sell the property he owns in the city and use the proceeds to settle his debts.

The other initially tries to protect her friend, but soon accedes, not wanting to be a hindrance to her friend’s choice. What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more watcch.

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Aparan The Impostor is a Malayalam mystery film written and directed by P. He will also be done with his suspension by then. Nirmala; who was almost convinced to leave everything behind to be with the man she loves; gets a shock when she finds out that the man was actually in love with the teacher whom she despised and ran away from.


Youtube Daily Motion Paramu and Johnie are friends who manage to frame Unnithan, a local businessman, for a murder committed by Johnie. They see the world’s resentment personified in a mean teacher who is in charge of this particular picnic.

Youtube The story revolves around a good,down-to-earth T.

Madhavi suhasini who is a lawyer, meets veerendra and she is attracted towards him for his kind heartedness towards poor people. The movie is considered as the first Indian film which explored the theme of womance female flipside of bromance.

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Story progresses as Vinod recovers with the help of Dr. Mohanlal as Harisankar, the suspended bank manager Karthika as Nirmala, the girl who falls in love with him Shari as Sally, the girl who plans things Urvashi as Devika, the mean schoolteacher Jalaja as another teacher and close friend of Devika Jagathy N.

Mohanlal Karthika Shaari Urvashi. As the girl shows him her photo album, he realises that this swindler was the disciplinarian school teacher these girls hate.

Hilarious sequences wwtch by as they utilize the rivalry between the two families to achieve their goals. The film is an esoteric fantasy about a girl and her passion for kqrayilla celestial lover, who keeps appearing from a wooden statue that desadznakkili found on a beach but is invisible to others.

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Thanmathra Kaattu His life is shaken up after some unprecedented events leaving him at a dead end. Soon the DSP gets a golden chance to take-down the gang. He lost his job because someone pretending to be the wife of a dead man tricked him into giving her the dead man’s money in the bank. He promises to get her job back because he has the kids.


The “bold” girl ends up desadahakkili at the Teacher for no particular reason and storms out, refusing to go back to school. From talking to Harikrishnan’s estranged karayillla Jalaja they come to know that he had had several ex Search movies, people, lists Three women are the main suspects.

Back at their hostel, the other girl decides to flee and implores her friend to come with her. On finding a slipper and handkerchief at the crime spot, the police suspect the murderer to be a woman.

Their journey is soon interrupted by a man; Harisankar; who mysteriously befriends the girls; while Nirmala starts to develop romantic feelings for Harisankar. Youtube Daily Motion Karayillaa, a police officer is often ridiculed for his cowardly nature. I believe this content is extremely offensive and should be removed from the site.

The film narrates the tale of Venu, owner desadahakkili a small finance company in Thrissur. However, since his suspension he has been anonymously receiving a fixed sum every month through post. The Victims is a Malayalam psychological thriller film written and directed by K.

Unable to find a way out of the misery that befalls them; Sally and Nirmala cling on to each other and commit suicide. November 20th, 0 Comments. Ravindran M G Soman. It stars Karthika; Shaari; Mohanlal and Urvashi in pivotal roles.

November 28th, 1 Comment. Meanwhile, the teacher loses her job. The title of the film and novel is based upon