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Dennis and his friends enter a contest to get Gnasher a new drum set. She makes Dennis deal with Harley and then starts living in Dennis’ tree house thus taking advantage of the situation when her foot heals by overstaying her welcome however Dennis isn’t happy about it! Inspired by the mayor’s call to make Beanotown Green-o-town, Dennis tries renewable fuel sources to launch his space mission. Dennis is consigned to a day of hard labour stacking logs as punishment for pranking the Colonel during the holidays. Dennis, his friends and Walter’s friends get marooned on a desert island when Dennis attempts to escape a boring field trip. Cartoonist Lew Stringer has refuted on his blog the political correctness claims made by some areas of the media, especially the reports that Dennis will no longer use catapults and Gnasher will no longer bite people.

This page was last edited on 12 February , at Dennis comes across a bundle of objects that inspire him to be a private investigator and begins searching for Gran’s lost teapot. But when he learns he has to tidy the lawn, things aren’t looking good. More importantly, how do Dennis and Walter get their furry friends back to their usual scruffy and sleek selves? Gnasher finds his mojo when he saves Beanotown for real. Views Read Edit View history. Dennis and Walter are both trying to get a press pass to see the cup final so Dennis tries to make his own news stories.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dennis and his friends enter a contest to get Gnasher a new drum set. The third book Rollercoaster Riot was released on 7 August Dennis and Gnasher are on a mission to find Walter’s pet rabbit after Gnasher scares it away. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. An Abyssinian Wire-Finned Piranha.

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There’s a new computer system which keeps data for the school which works using a memory stick. Dig Fhe The In Crowd. Retrieved November 23, But when Walter sabotages his plan, it looks like game over. For the production of series 2 it was decided that the series would change yet again. Dennis Jumps the Line; Operation Windbreaker.


Dennis’ parents hire Nanny Moonbeam, a hippy who has an unusual and peaceful way of curing Dennis’ bad behaviour. The Colonel’s greatest rival visits and transforms Dennis and his gang from organised mwnace into organised military menaces. Dennis uses curtains as a giant sail, not knowing its specially for the kitchen and loses it to the Colonel.

The fourth book Bash Street Bandit was menacs on 5 February Account Options Sign in. The famous actor Blake Midwinter arrives at the school to direct the school play and appoints Dennis the main role.

When a new pie shop owner challenges Pie face’s dad to pie contest and the loser has to close their pie shop, Dennis and Curly help Pie face and Pie face’s dad. After the end of term trip to the adventure playground is cancelled in favour of Angel Face’s prom, the gang menace it to make it msnace. However, Bea retaliates by stealing the volume knob off the dfnnis. Surely a result for Dennis and his trusty pals – substitute teachers are always a pushover but the principal has an trick up his sleeve.

Dennis _ Gnasher – Episode 1 – The Way of Den-Do

A bet for Gran to do stunts is on, but Walter secretly sabotages the trick, causing Gran to hang up her menacing shoes. A tiger escapes from the Beanotown Zoo. On Sports Day, Dennis is ‘leg-cuffed’ to Walter for the three legged race to keep him out of trouble.

The Hugglemonsters need to get the Huggleflower some sunlight before a big performance, Henry makes a ball of dough so big it rolls through Roarsville, and Henry and Summer get to meet Summer’s favorite singer! Gran is on a hour motorbike ride, Gnipper is forced to stay at the dogs home, but it is not as luxurious as it sounds.

Dennis gets a pet pal for Gnasher to keep him company while he’s at school: Eyes on the Prize; Bad Day. Walter applies for work experience at Scrimp Towers, where Dennis’ dad works. It’s up to Dennis, Gnasher and Angel Face to expose the truth and get Gran back to her wily self and to put Walter back in his place.


When Dennis breaks an ancient sarcophagus, Walter tricks the town into thinking he let loose ‘the curse of the menace’. After a prank misfires and puts the school cook out of action, Dennis and co.

Dennis’ Thank You’s; Fish Tale. Dennis is run ragged and decides he needs a day off – if only he could find a way to catch the cold too. When Dennis finds out that the school will have a cookie sale he isn’t botheredbut when it’s found out that the person with the most boxes of cookie sold will get a prize Dennis, Curly, Pie Face and Angel face must make sure that they get the prize and Walter doesn’t.

Still the town isn’t having him sneaking out of home. Will they beat rival candidate Walter so that Pie-Face and Dennis can both bring their pals to the playground? This gives Dennis a golden opportunity, but it makes Walter suspicious. To have Dennis be nice to him, Walter disguises as fortune teller Madam Gigi to warn Dennis that if Walter gets hurt, he “will get his just dessert.

Dennis hears a pest exterminator is inspecting the school and decides to have a little fun, menacing up a highly convincing Giant Ant costume for Gnasher – so convincing, in fact, that the exterminator shuts down the school for a whole day! Scrimp, called ‘The Menace Collection’. But Gran wants to set a new record, so the two compete, chasing havoc all over town.